4 comments on “The Penguin Checklist Project

  1. Hi there,
    Great to find this site. We are in the process of cataloguing an extensive Penguin collection of over 3000 volumes. We have most main series titles up to 1500 and complete runs of many of the other series. If you require any help with this project just let me know.

  2. Great site, thank you so much for all your work on this. I am trying to understand the publication history of the Penguin Classics series. What happened after the second edition? How do we refer to the post second edition ‘solid black spine’ era prior to the appearance of the coloured tabs at the top of the spines? Any pointers would be much appreciated.

  3. Penguin abandoned its numbering system (with a few modern exceptions, like the Great Ideas series) in the seventies once it began publishing each book with the ISBN on the spine. This happened in the middle of the second (black spine) Classic series, which is why most have ISBNs but a few have the original “L” designation.

    Now that I’m out of school I’m going to pick back up on development of this site, which includes adding new series, an illustrated guide to editions, and maybe, if I’m feeling ambitious, a catalog of the third edition (or rainbow tab) of Penguin Classics, sorted by ISBN.

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