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    • Australian Penguins are a troublesome series. I have a single book (To the Islands, by Randolph Stowe) in my collection, marked “AU1” on the spine. I also have other Stowe books from the era, but those are numbered in the traditional Penguin Book format. Because Penguin’s .au website mucks up the search engines, I haven’t had much luck finding anything more about them.

      • Yes I have that one plus several others. I am not certain how many were published but am accumulating them slowly with the rest of my collection. I will follow here and am wanting to completely reorganise my Penguin collection during the winter months. The main series I have is organised but not so much the other series of Penguins I have. Will eventually have all the lists up on my blog. Have three series up on it now. Pam

  1. Australian Penguins.

    How many? There were 72 or 74 published during WWII. All kind of facsimiles of Penguin UK books, but printed in Aust. All printed on very fragile paper. There was also another series where Penguin books had a new Aust cover put on them. (50s)

    The ones with AU on the spine and sometimes the lovely boomerangs, again a hard question. Up until ISNB started, AU27 is the last number but AU24 was not published. I have most, a fascinating little collection. There are a number of early ISBN Aust Penguins, then the series moves on to Colonial Facsimiles, copies of colonial books reprinted.

    Kel Boak

    • If you could supply me with a list of the AU/boomerang books in your collection, I’d love to add them to the list. They rarely show up Stateside.

      • I will send you the list of the AU Penguins I have also. I can do this during this next week. I do have a few Penguin books that do not say AU on the spine but the copyright page states first Australian edition. They may be some of what Kel mentions above. Pam

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