Penguin Guides

G1 Kent Sussex and Surrey Winbolt S.E.
G2 Somerset Winbolt S.E.
G3 Cornwall Lambert J.W.
G4 Devon Loveridge F.L.
G5 Derbyshire & Peak District Mutton F.C.
G6 Lake District Palmer W.T.
G7 Suffolk & Cambridgeshire Messent C.J.W.
G8 Norfolk & Isle of Ely Harland E.M.
G9 Wilts & Dorset Muirhead, L. Russell 1949
G10 Hampshire & the Isle of Wight Winbolt S.E.
G11 Herts and Bucks Winbolt S.E. 1949
G12 North Wales Palmer W.T.
G13 Berkshire & Oxfordshire Jowitt R.L.P.
G14 Kent Banks F.R. 1955
G15 Surrey Banks F.R.
G16 Sussex
G17 London
G18 Warwickshire & the Shakespeare Country Banks F.R. 1960

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