The Penguin Handbooks began as Specials, providing useful information during wartime, before their popularity resulted in a separate series that ran into the ISBN era. As with much of Penguin’s catalog, the Handbooks lost their identity in the seventies, maintaining only the Helvetica of the Marber Grid and even then only sometimes. But the series hardly slowed down, taking on much of what had previously fallen under the domain of Pelican after its decline. The list ends with the dawn of the eighties, for now, but the series continued on.

PH1Soft Fruit GrowingRaymond Bush1942 
PH2Tree Fruit Growing 1: ApplesRaymond Bush1943 
PH3Tree Fruit Growing 2: PearsRaymond Bush1943 
PH4Rabbit FarmingClaude Goodchild, ed.1944 
PH5Poultry FarmingAlan Thompson, ed.1945 
PH6Trees and Shrubs and How to Grow ThemW.H. Rowe1945 
PH7The Vegetable Grower’s HandbookA.J. Simons1945 
PH8(Not Issued)   
PH9The Penguin HandymanFoster Wiseman1945 
PH10The Breeding of Farm AnimalsChapman Pincher1947 
PH11Common Sense in the NurserySydney Frankenberg1946 
PH12Preserves for All OccasionsAlice Crang1946 
PH13Your SmallholdingAlan Thompson, ed.1947 
PH14Keeping Poultry and Rabbits on ScrapsAlan Thompson, ed.1949 
PH15BeekeepingK.K. Clark1951 
PH16Successful LivingEustace Chesser1952 
PH17The Penguin Cookery BookBee Nilson1952 
PH18Grow Up and LiveEustace Chesser1949 
PH19The Flower GardenE.R. Janes1952 
PH20The Intelligent Parents’ ManualF. Powdermaker1953 
PH21DogsA. Croxton-Smith1953 
PH22Paint Your Own PicturesNorman Colquhoun1953 
PH23The Vegetable GardenE.R. Janes1954 
PH24The Game of ChessH. Golombek1954 
PH25Health and Beauty RecipesOlga Golbeck1957 
PH26Growing Vegetables for ShowE.R. Janes1956 
PH27A Book of Mediterranean FoodElizabeth David1953 
PH28CampingRex Hazelwood1960 
PH29Flower ArrangementBetty Massingham1957 
PH30CatsBrian Vesey-Fitzgerald1957 
PH31PhotographyEric de Mare1957 
PH32Plats du JourPatience Gray1957 
PH33The Penguin Knitting GroupJames Norbury1957 
PH34The Culture of the AbdomenF.A. Hornibrook1957 
PH35The Art of MarriageMary Macaulay1957 
PH36The Penguin HoyleHubert Phillips1958 
PH37RosesF. Fairbrother1958 
PH38The Art of LivingAndre Maurois1960 
PH39First Aid and Home LivingA.C. White Knox1961 
PH40Annual and Biennial FlowersA.P. Balfour1959 
PH41Health Culture for WomenF.A. Hornibrook1959 
PH42Flower-Growing for ShowsE.R. Janes1959 
PH43French Country CookingElizabeth David1959 
PH44Rock GardensE.B. Anderson1959 
PH45The Child’s WorldPhyllis Hostetler1959 
PH46The Child’s WorldGerald Abrahams1959 
PH47Adolescence to MaturityV.C. Chamberlain1959 
PH48CruisingPeter Heston1959 
PH49SailingPeter Heston1962 
PH50The New Vegetable Grower’s HandbookArthur J. Simons1961 
PH51Hardy Herbaceous PlantsLanning Roper1961 
PH52Cooking / The Grammar of CookeryPhilip Harben1961 
PH53The Physical Health of ChildrenAndrew Kelly1960 
PH54The Cool GreenhouseG.W. Robinson1960 
PH55The Penguin Car HandbookRobert Ireson1960 
PH56LawnsR.B. Dawson1960 
PH57ChrysanthemumsEdward Thistletwaite1960 
PH58Preparation for PaintingLynton Lamb1960 
PH59DahliasStuart Ogg1961 
PH60Journey through AdolescenceDoris Odlum1961 
PH61The Spare-Time BookTony Gibson1961 
PH62Interior DesignDiana Rowntree1965 
PH63Your Child’s RoomLena Larsson1965 
PH64ChildbirthW.C.W. Dixon1961 
PH65BridgeTerence Reese1961 
PH66Your Money’s WorthElizabeth Gundrey1962 
PH67Gardening the Modern WayRoy Hay1962 
PH68The Slimming BusinessJohn Yudkin1962 
PH69Change of LifeJohn Malleson1963 
PH70Farming for ProfitsKeith Dexter1961 
PH71DelphiniumsRonald Parrott1961 
PH72Retire and Enjoy ItCecil Chisholm1961 
PH73House PlantsMargaret Jones1962 
PH74Ski Holidays in the AlpsJames Riddell1961 
PH75The Alice B. Toklas Cook BookAlice B. Toklas1965 
PH76House Maintenance and RepairsJim Tanner1965 
PH77Introducing PsychologyR.F. Dossetor1962 
PH78He and SheKenneth Barnes1962 
PH79ScooteringJon Stevens1962 
PH80How to Cook and Eat in ChineseBuwai Yang Chao1962 
PH81The Penguin Book of DogsMargaret Flannery1962 
PH82Water GardensFrances Perry1962 
PH83Tree Fruit GrowingRaymond Bush1962 
PH84A Book of French WinesP. Morton Shand1964 
PH85Any Wife or Any HusbandJoan Malleson1962 
PH86Cooking in a BedsitterKatherine Whitehorn1963 
PH87Wines and SpiritsL.W. Marrison1962 
PH88Round the World in Eighty DishesLesley Blanch1962 
PH89Madame Prunier’s Fish Cook BookAmbrose Heath1963 
PH90The Complete Guide to InvestmentGordon Cummings1963 
PH91The Slimmer’s Cook BookJohn Yudkin1963 
PH92Thinking About MarriageJ.H. Wallis1963 
PH93Improve Your CricketTrevor Bailey1963 
PH94Improve Your GolfBill Cox1963 
PH95Cooking for Special DietsBee Nilson1964 
PH96Cacti and Other SucculentsR. Ginns1964 
PH97Penguin Cordon Bleu CookeryRosemary Hume1963 
PH98Italian FoodElizabeth David1963 
PH99French Provincial CookingElizabeth David1964 
PH100Summer CookingElizabeth David1965 
PH101The Penguin Salad BookElizabeth Craig, ed.19650140461019
PH102The Art of the Middle GamePaul Keres19640140461027
PH103MountaineeringAlan Blackshaw19660140461035
PH104Modern Vegetarian CookeryJenny Fliess19640140461043
PH105At Your ServiceElizabeth Gundry19640140461051
PH106The Penguin Book of PetsPhil Drabble1965014046106X
PH107Bidding at BridgeNorman Squire19650140461078
PH108Hardy Bulbs 1E.B. Anderson19640140461086
PH109Hardy Bulbs 2Cyril Coleman19640140461094
PH110Improve Your Athletics 1: Track EventsPeter Hildreth19640140461108
PH111Improve Your Athletics 2: Field EventsJohn Le Masurier19640140461116
PH112The Penguin Guide to FishingCollin, Willock, ed.19660140461124
PH113Robin McDouall’s Cookery Book for the GreedyRobin McDouall19650140461132
PH114Design to Fit the FamilyDorothy Meade19650140461140
PH115Play with a Purpose for the Under-SevensE.M. Matterson19650140461159
PH116The Penguin Guide to Travel in EuropeNigel Buxton19650140461167
PH117Ou est le Garlic?Len Deighton19650140461175
PH118Improve Your TennisTony Mottram19660140461183
PH119Mastering the Art of French CookingSimon Beck19660140461191
PH120A Wine PrimerAndre L. Simon19730140461205
PH121The Penguin Book of WinesAllan Sichel19650140461213
PH122Improve Your SoccerJimmy Hill19660140461221
PH124Chess Treasury of the AirTerence Tiller, ed.19660140461248
PH125The Penguin Dictionary of CookeryRosemary Hume, ed.19660140461256
PH126The Penguin Book of Herbs and SpicesRosemary Hemphill19660140461264
PH127Garden DesignKenneth Midgley19660140461272
PH128Danish CookiesNika Hazelton19670140461280
PH129Action Cook BookLen Deighton19670140461299
PH130Improve Your RugbyJ.T. Greenwood19670140461302
PH131Posh FoodAndre Launay19670140461310
PH132The Peacock Book of Careers for GirlsRuth Miller19660140461329
PH133Jewish CookeryFlorence Greenberg19670140461337
PH134How to Drive SafelyJohn Eldred Howard19670140461345
PH135The Play of the CardsTerence Reece19670140461353
PH136Colour PhotographyEric de Mare19680140461361
PH137Leave it to Cook: The Slow Cooking MethodStella Atterbury1968014046137X
PH138The American Heritage CookbookHelen McCully19670140461388
PH139Soups and Hors D’OeuvresMarika Tenison19690140461396
PH140Russian CookeryMarika Tenison1969014046140X
PH141Indian CookeryDharamjit Singh19700140461418
PH142The Joy of CampingRichard W. Langer19740140461426
PH143Entertaining Single-HandedDesmond Briggs19680140461434
PH144Soft Fruit GrowingE.G. Gilbert19700140461442
PH145Making PotteryJudith Christy19690140461450
PH146The Continental FlavourNika Hazelton19690140461469
PH147Good Food on a BudgetGeorgina Horley19690140461477
PH148Fresh from the FreezerMarye Cameron-Smith19690140461485
PH149The Penguin Book of SaucesAmbrose Heath19700140461493
PH150Cooking with WineRobin McDouall19690140461507
PH151South East Asian FoodRosemary Brissenden19700140461515
PH152The Complete Guide to Retail ManagementAlan Fiber19720140461523
PH153The Playgroup Book (American)Marie Winn19690140461531
PH154Penguin Guide to British ZoosGeoffrey Schombert1970014046154X
PH155Cruising: Sail or PowerPeter Heston19700140461558
PH156Bridge: Standard BiddingG.C.H. Fox19710140461566
PH157The Philosopher in the KitchenJean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin19700140461574
PH158Charcuterie and French Pork CookeryJane Grigson19700140461582
PH159A Book of Middle Eastern FoodClaudia Roden19700140461590
PH160Buying a HouseL.F. Vickers19700140461604
PH161A Stroke in the FamilyValerie Eaton Griffith19700140461612
PH162He and She: Approaching Love and Sex (American)Kenneth Barnes19700140461620
PH163English Cooking, Ancient and Modern 1Elizabeth David19700140461639
PH164The Pauper’s CookbookJacasta Innes19710140461647
PH165Left Over for TomorrowMarika Denison19710140461655
PH166The Wines of ItalyCyril Ray19710140461663
PH167SlimnasticsNottidge and Diana19800140461671
PH168Using LondonNancy Tuft1971014046168X
PH169Working at HomeJoanna Johnson19710140461698
PH170The Attic Cookbook (American)Gertrude Wilkinson19720140461701
PH171Chinese FoodKenneth Lo1972014046171X
PH172A Kitchen PrimerCraig Claiborne19730140461728
PH173The Shelter Cookery BookBetty Falk, ed.19710140461736
PH174Mediterranean SeafoodAlan Davidson19720140461744
PH175Japanese CookingPeter Martin19720140461752
PH176Eating Your Way to HealthKunz & Ruth Bircher-Benner19730140461760
PH177Divorce – and AfterGerald Sanctuary19720140461779
PH178Easy Cooking for One of TwoLouise Davies19720140461787
PH180Cook’s Quick Reference: Essential Information on CardsCatherine Storr19720140461809
PH182The Beginner’s Cookery BookBetty Falk19770140461825
PH183The Single Woman’s Guide to Pregnancy and ParenthoodPatricia Ashdown-Sharp19750140461833
PH185Protuguese CookeryUrsula Bourne1973014046185X
PH186The Penguin Book of SewingJulian Robinson19740140461868
PH187Talking About CakesMargaret Bates19730140461876
PH188The Cookery of EnglandElisabeth Ayrton19770140461884
PH189Adventure PlaygroundsJack Lambert19740140461892
PH190The Penguin Book of Home Brewing and Wine-MakingW.H.T. Tayleur19730140461906
PH191Good ThingsJane Grigson19730140461914
PH192Whole Earth CookbookSharon Cadwallader19730140461922
PH194The Penguin Freezer CookbookHelge Rubinstein19730140461949
PH195Let’s Play MathsMichael Holt & Zoltan Dienes19740140461957
PH196The Penguin Book of Basic GardeningAlan Robertson Gemmell19750140461965
PH199The Penguin Book of Chess PositionsC. Alexander1974014046199X
PH200The Wines of BurgundyH.W. Yoxall19740140462007
PH201The Vegetarian EpicureAnna Thomas & Julie Maas19730140462015
PH202The Wines of BordeauxRoswell & Edmund Penning19740140462023
PH203The Massage BookGeorge Downing19720140462031
PH204The Penguin Book of PlaygroundsVivienne McKennell1974014046204X
PH205The Best of Eliza ActonElizabeth Ray, ed.19740140462058
PH206Children Growing UpEufron Gwynne Jones19730140462066
PH207Down to EarthWes Gorham19740140462074
PH209American Folk Toys: How to Make ThemDick Schnacke19740140462090
PH211Crime-FreeAlbert Lee19740140462112
PH212The Perfect Patchwork PrimerBeth Gutcheon19750140462120
PH213Cordon Bleu Desserts and PuddingsRosemary Hume19760140462139
PH214Self Help House Repairs ManualAndy Ingham19750140462147
PH215Caribbean CookingElisabeth Lambert Ortiz19770140462155
PH216Fish CookeryJane Grigson19750140462163
PH217Herbs for All SeasonsR. Hemphill & Claire Simpson19770140462171
PH218Cheap Eats in LondonSusan Campbell1975014046218X
PH219Easy Cooking for Three or MoreLouise Davies19750140462198
PH220Motor Yachting and BoatingPeter Heaton19760140462201
PH221Mastering the Art of French Cooking: 2Julia Child1978014046221X
PH222London Shopping GuideElsie Donald19780140462228
PH223The Penguin Stereo Record GuideEdward Greenfield19780140462236
PH224The Pauper’s Homemaking BookJocasta Innes19760140462244
PH227The Penguin Book of FishingTed Lamb19800140462279
PH228A Taste of the CountryPamela Westland19740140462287
PH229Grandmother’s SecretsJean Palaiseul19830140462295
PH230Spanish Regional CookeryAnna MacMiadhachain19760140462309
PH231Help Your Child to Read and Write, and MoreDavid Mackay19760140462317
PH233Everybody’s KnittingKirsten Hofstatter19780140462333
PH234Book of Children’s PartiesHelen Thomas19760140462341
PH237The Wines of FranceCyril Ray19780140462376
PH238The Penguin Book of Jams, Pickles and ChutneysDavid & Rose Mabey19760140462384
PH239Go for BeginnersIwamoto Kaoru19760140462392
PH240Hungarian CookeryFred MacNicol19780140462406
PH241Greenhouse GardeningRonald Menage19770140462414
PH242Cooking for CrowdsMerry White19760140462422
PH243English FoodJane Grigson19770140462430
PH244The Penguin Guide to Cheaper WinesPaul Breman19760140462449
PH246Organic GardeningLawrence D. Hills19770140462465
PH248Game CookingLilli Gore19760140462481
PH249Stitchery, Needlepoint, Applique & PatchworkShirley Marein1976014046249X
PH250Trash Can ToysLeonard Todd19760140462503
PH252Town Gardens to Live InSusan Jellicoe1977014046252X
PH253Leaves from Our Tuscan KitchenMichael Ross19770140462538
PH255The Pip BookKeith Mossman 0140462554
PH258Gardening Indoors Under LightsF.L. Kranz19760140462589
PH259The Stanislavski SystemSonia Moore19760140462597
PH260The Backgammon BookJohn R. Crawford19760140462600
PH261Herbs, Spices and FlavouringsTom Stobart19770140462619
PH262Ms. Pinchpenny’s Book of Kitchen ManagementDorothy Parker19770140462627
PH263The Golden Book on WritingDavid Lambuth19760140462635
PH264BarbecuesJames Marks19770140462643
PH265Simple Clothes and How to Make ThemKerstin Lokrantz19780140462651
PH266Simple KnittingMaj-Britt Engstrom1978014046266X
PH267The Walker’s HandbookH.D. Westacott19780140462678
PH271Gymnastics for GirlsFrank Ryan19770140462716
PH272The Best of Bee NilsonBee Nilson19780140462724
PH273The Mushroom FeastJane Grigson19830140462732
PH275The Quickest Way to Draw WellFrederic Taubes19770140462759
PH279Buying a House or FlatL.E. Vickers19770140462791
PH280A Traveler’s Guide to El Dorado & the Inca EmpireLynn Meisch19770140462805
PH282Everything RawJennie Reekie19780140462821
PH283Women’s RightsAnna Coote1977014046283X
PH285Civil LibertyLarence Grant19780140462856
PH286The Penguin Book of KnittingPam Dawson19780140462864
PH287The Well-Tempered GardenChristopher Lloyd19780140462872
PH288The Complete Urban FarmerDavid Wickers19780140462880
PH292Mince MattersElaine Hallgarten19790140462929
PH293First Aid for Hill Walkers and ClimbersJane Renouf19780140462937
PH294The Vegetable Grower’s CalendarDavid Mabey19790140462945
PH295The Farmhouse KitchenMary Norwalk19790140462953
PH296Pots and PansGertrude Harris19800140462961
PH297The Penguin Encyclopedia of GardeningAnthony Huxley1983014046297X
PH298North Atlantic SeafoodAlan Davidson19800140462988
PH299English Bread and Yeast CookeryElizabeth David19790140462996
PH301Vegetable CookeryNika Hazelton19790140463011
PH302Friends of the Earth CookbookVeronica Sekules1980014046302X
PH303A Housing Rights HandbookMarion Cutting19790140463038
PH306An Invitation to Indian CookingMadhur Jaffrey19780140463062
PH307More Easy Cooking for One or TwoLouise Davies19790140463070
PH309Pasta and NoodlesMerry White19790140463097
PH312The Penguin Book of Chess OpeningsH. Golombok, ed.19810140463127
PH315The Wines of GermanyCyril Ray 0140463151
PH318The Penguin Book of PetsE.P. Dolenski19780140463186
PH322Fruit in SeasonMarian Denny19790140463224
PH323Picnic: The Complete Guide to Outdoor FoodClaudia Roden19820140463232
PH324Suzy CookstripSuzy Benghiat19780140463240
PH325The Runner’s HandbookBob Glover19780140463259
PH326The Penguin Guide to Ancient EgyptWilliam Murnane19830140463267
PH328The Penguin Guide to Real Draught BeerMichael Dunn19790140463283
PH329An Introduction to LetteringAlan Greer19780140463291
PH330Driving Made EasyKen Jolly19790140463305
PH331James Bead’s Theory and Practice of Good CookingJames Beard19810140463313

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