Modern Painters


The Penguin Modern Painters series dates from the late forties, and has seen three designs, all oversized and containing color photographs of the artists’ works. The original series was hardbound with stapled bindings, but later series were converted to paperback. The MP prefix later the a four-issue “Penguin New Art,” numbered 21-24.

MP1Henry Moore Geoffrey Grigson1944
MP2Graham Sutherland Edward Sackville-West1944
MP3Duncan Grant Raymond Mortimer1944
MP4Paul Nash Sir Herbert Edward Read1944
MP5Matthew Smith Philip Hendy1944
MP6John Piper John Betjeman1944
MP7Edward Burra John Rothenstein1945
MP8Victor Pasmore Clive Bell1945
MP9Edward Bawden J. M. Richards1947
MP10Stanley Spencer Eric Newton1947
MP11Ben Shahn James Thrall Soby1947
MP12William Nicholson Robert Nichols1948
MP13Ben Nicholson John Summerson1948
MP14Frances Hodgkins Myfanwy Evans1948
MP15David Jones Robin Ironside1949
MP16Paul Klee Douglas Cooper1949
MP17Ivon Hitchens Patrick Heron1955
MP18(Not Issued)
MP19Edward Hopper Lloyd Goodrich1950
MP20Braque John Richardson1959
MP21Frank StellaRobert Rosenblum1971
MP22Patrick CaufieldChristopher Finch1971
MP23Robyn DennyDavid Thompson1971
MP24Claes OldenburgEllen Johnson1971

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