You could make the argument that Penguin owes its existence to the Specials, as the inexpensive books focusing on politics and current events kept the company afloat during the second World War. Today, you could argue that it’s the least collectible Penguin series, owing to the timeliness of its content and its disposable nature. Even so, the series continued for more than half a century, and was the breeding ground for other series, as Handbooks and Reference both got their start as Specials before rebranding.

S1Germany Puts the Clock BackEdgar Mowrer1937 
S2Moussolini’s Roman EmpireG.T. Garratt1938 
S3Blackmail of WarGenevieve Tabouis1938 
S4Searchlight on SpainDucess of Atholl1938 
S5BalletArnold Haskell1938 
S6Modern German ArtPeter Theone1938 
S7China Struggles for UnityJ.M.D. Pringle1939 
S8The Air Defence of BritainL.E.O. Charlton1938 
S9Europe and the CzechsS. Grant Duff1938 
S10The Jewish ProblemLouis Golding1938 
S11Literary TasteArnold Bennett1938 
S12The Mortal StormPhyllis Bottome1938 
S13What Hitler WantsE.O. Lorimer1939 
S14Mowrer in ChinaEdgar Mowrer1938 
S15One Man Against EuropeKonrad Heiden1939 
S16Blue Angels and WhalesRobert Gibbings1938 
S17Warning from the West IndiesW.M. MacMillan1938 
S18The Great Illusion – NowNorman Angell1938 
S19Britain by Mass-ObservationCharles Madge1939 
S20The PressWickham Steed1938 
S21Ourselves and GermanyThe Marquess on Londonberry1938 
S22DesignAnthony Bertram1938 
S23(Not Issued)   
S24They Betrayed CzechoslovakiaG.J. George1939 
S25I Was Hitler’s PrisonerStefan Lorant1939 
S26Between 2 Wars?K. Zillacus1939 
S27Britain’s HealthS. Mervyn Herbert1939 
S28Microbes by the MillionHugh Nicol1939 
S29You and the RefugeeNorman Angell1939 
S30Germany – What’s Next?Richard Keane, ed.1939 
S31Why War?C.E.M. Joad1939 
S32Our Food ProblemF. Le Gros Clark1939 
S33The New German EmpireDr. F. Borkenau1939 
S34PolandW.J. Rose1939 
S35A Hundred Years of PhotographyLucia Moholy1939 
S36The Attack from WithinElwyn Jones1393 
S37The Good Soldier SchweikJaroslav Hasek1939 
S38British AgricultureViscount Astor1939 
S39The Suez CanalHugh J. Schonfield1939 
S40OperaEdward J. Dent1940 
S41In Search of Hot WaterH.G. Wells1939 
S42(Not Issued)   
S43(Not Issued)   
S44Light on MoscowD.N. Pritt1939 
S45The Government Blue Book 1939 
S46The Case for Federal UnionW.B. Curry1939 
S47Why Britain is at WarHarold Nicolson1939 
S48The Penguin Political DictionaryWalter Theimer1940 
S49Europe Since VersaillesDavid Low1940 
S50The Rights of ManH.G. Wells1940 
S51Must the War Spread?D.N. Pritt1940 
S52(Not Issued)   
S53(Not Issued)   
S54Unser KampfSir Richard Acland1940 
S55Good GodJohn Hadham1940 
S56My Finnih DiarySir Walter Citrine1940 
S57Hitler’s War Before and AfterHugh Dalton1940 
S58The Problem of IndiaK.S. Shelvankar1940 
S59Stalin and HitlerLouis Fischer1940 
S60Warships at WorkA.C. Hardy1940 
S61(Not Issued)   
S62Why Freedom MattersNorman Angell1940 
S63Hydroponics: Food Without SoilIsabel Hilyer1940 
S64The Common Sense of War and PeaceH.G. Wells1940 
S65Christianity and World OrderG.K.A. Bell1940 
S66The Penguin Political AtlasS.C. Johnson1940 
S67(Not Issued)   
S68(Not Issued)   
S69(Not Issued)   
S70Organised Labour in the WarJohn Price1940 
S71(Not Issued)   
S72The Case for Family AllowancesEleanor Rathbone1940 
S73God in a World at WarJohn Hadham1940 
S74Science in WarAnonymous1940 
S75New Ways of WarTom Wintringham1940 
S76The Real Cost of the WarJ. Keiht Horsefield1940 
S77The Psychology of Fear and CourageEdward Glover1940 
S78Where Do We Go From Here?Harold J. Laski1940 
S79The Internment of AliensF. Lafitte1940 
S80Europe in ChainsPaul Einzig1940 
S81RussiaBernard Pares1941 
S82Aircraft Recognition 1R.A. Saville-Sneath1941 
S83Europe at WarDavid Low1941 
S84The Truth about FranceLouis Levy1941 
S85Flight to VictoryRonald Walker1941 
S86(Not Issued)   
S87Food – The Deciding FactorFrank Wokes1941 
S88World ShippingA.C. Hardy1941 
S89The Catholic Church and International OrderA.C.F. Beales1941 
S90The Penguin Book of Food Growing, Storing and CookingF.W.P. Carter1941 
S91Signalling and Map-Reading for the Home GuardH.G. Stokes1942 
S92Generals and GeneralshipSir Archibald Wavell1941 
S93The Gospel for TomorrowJ.W. Hunkin1941 
S94The French Canadians TodayWilfred Bovey1942 
S95Nazis in NorwayAke Fen1943 
S96Planning the WarClive Garsia1941 
S97The Remaking of ItalyPentad1941 
S98A Diary of World AffairsMarcel Hoden1941 
S99Ley FarmingR. George Stapledon1942 
S100Reaching for the StarsNora Wain1942 
S101Keeping Poultry and Rabbits on ScrapsAlan Thompson1942 
S102Guerilla WarfareYank Levy1942 
S103Speed the PloughC.S. Orwin1942 
S104Christianity and Social OrderWilliam Temple1942 
S105The British Way in WarfareB.H. Liddell Hart1942 
S106The German LebensraumRobert E. Dickinson1943 
S107Health of the FutureAleck Bourne1942 
S108The Quest for Security in New ZealandW.B. Sutch1942 
S109Is Christ Divided?William Temple1943 
S110How Russia PreparedB.H. Liddell Hart1942 
S111A Dictionary of Science (later R1)E.B. Ivarov1943 
S112Aircraft Recognition 2R.A. Saville-Sneath1942 
S113Modern BattlePaul W. Thompson1942 
S114An A.B.C. o the PacificDorothy Woodman1942 
S115The World at WarDavid Low1942 
S116A Diary of World Affairs 2Dorothy Woodman1942 
S117People in ProductionMass Observation1942 
S118Warfare by WordsIvor Thomas1942 
S119Soft Fruit Growing (later PH1)Raymond Bush1942 
S120Young CitizenA.E. Morgan1943 
S121Science and World OrderJ.G. Crowther1942 
S122The Future of MedicineD. Stark Murray1943 
S123Is Tomorrow Hitler’s?H.R. Knickerbocker1942 
S124What About Business?John Gloag1943 
S125What the Church TeachesDr. Alfred Blunt1942 
S126People’s WarTom Wintringham1942 
S127Wartime “Good Housekeeping” Cookery BookGood Housekeeping1943 
S128Venereal Disease in BritainSydney Laird1943 
S129Crux AnsataH.G. Wells1943 
S130Argument of EmpireW.K. Hancock1943 
S131Soviet Light on the ColoniesLeonard Barnes1944 
S132Tree Fruit Growing: Apples (later PH2)Raymond Bush1943 
S133The Next GermanyAnonymous1943 
S134Our New Order – Or Hitler’s?Phyllis Bottome, ed.1944 
S135How the Jap(anese) Army FightsP.W. Thompson1943 
S136Why Not ProsperityA.J. Evans1943 
S137Preserves for All Occasions (later PH12)Alice Crang1944 
S138Tree Fruit Growing: Pears (later PH3)Raymond Bush1943 
S139Country and TownG.M. Young, ed.1943 
S140Rabbit FarmingClaude Goodchild1944 
S141God and Human ProgressJohn Hadham1944 
S142Our Settlement with GermanyH.N. Brailsford1944 
S143India Since CrippsHorace Alexander1944 
S144Poultry FarmingAlan Thompson1945 
S145Trees and Shrubs and How to Grow ThemW.H. Rowe1945 
S146The Vegetable Grower’s Handbook 1Arthur Simons1945 
S147The Vegetable Grower’s Handbook 2Arthur Simons1945 
S148A Plan of Economic Development for IndiaPurshotamdas Thakurdas1944 
S149Miners DayB.L. Coombes1945 
S150Lend-LeaseE.R. Stettinius, Jr.1944 
S151TVA: Democracy on the MarchDavid Lilienthal1944 
S152The Profumo AffairWayland Young1963 
S153Russia and the PeaceBernard Pares1944 
S154Politics Made PlainT.L. Horabin1944 
S155France: The Birth of the Fourth RepublicMaurice Edelman1944 
S156The Case for CommunismWilliam Gallacher1949 
S157I Choose PeaceKonni Zillacus1949 
S158Policy for the WestBarnara Ward1951 
S159Attitude to AfricaW. Arthur Lewis1951 
S160The Communist Technique in BritainBob Darke1952 
S161The Kingship of ChristG.K.A. Bell1954 
S162Peaceful CoexistenceAndrew Rothstein1955 
S163Communism and ChristianityMartin C. D’Arcy1956 
S164Spotlight on AsiaGuy Wint1955 
S165Twentieth Centry SocialismSocialist Union1956 
S166Is Peace Possible?Kathleen Lonsdale1957 
S167Middle East CrisisGuy Wint1957 
S168Pattern of the Post-War WorldGordon Connell-Smith1957 
S169The Atom and the Energy RevolutionNorman Lansdell1958 
S170British Economic Policy Since the WarAndrew Shonfield1958 
S171Sixty Seasons of League FootballR.C. Churchill1958 
S172The Voyage of the Lucky DragonRalph E. Lapp1958 
S173HiroshimaJohn Hershey1958 
S174Georgraphy of World AffairsJ.P. Cole1959 
S175Disengagement in EuropeMichael Howard1958 
S176The Liberal CaseRoger Fulford1959 
S177The Labour CaseRoy Jenkins1959 
S178The Conservative CaseViscount Hailsham1959 
S179China: New Age and New OutlookPing-chai Kuo1960 
S180Why Nato?Paul-Henru Spaak1959 
S181Strategy for SurvivalWayland Young1959 
S182Khrushchev’s RussiaEdward Crankshaw1959 
S183Tenants in DangerAudrey Harvey1964 
S184Brighter than a Thousand SunsRobert Jungk1960 
S185The Hidden PersuadersVince Packard1960 
S186America the VincibleJohn Emmet Hughes1960 
S187The Organization ManWilliam H. Whyte1960 
S188Must Labour Lose?Mark Abrahams1960 
S189The Stagnant SocietyMichael Shanks1961 
S190The Jazz SceneFrancis Newton1961 
S191Congo DisasterColin Legum1961 
S192The Trial of Lady ChatterleyC.H. Rolph, ed.1961 
S193The Penguin Science Survey 1961 1Arthur Garrett, ed.1961 
S194The Penguin Science Survey 1961 2S.A. Barrett, ed.1961 
S195Life in the Twenty-First CenturyM. Vassiliev1961 
S196Hanged in ErrorLeslie Hale1961 
S197Hanged By the NeckArthur Koestler1961 
S198What’s Wrong with the Unions?Eric Wigham1961 
S199What’s Wrong with the ChurchBruce Robertson1961 
S200PersecutionPeter Benenson1961 
S201The General Says NoNora Beloff1963 
S202The Algerian ProblemEdward Behr1961 
S203Madison Avenue U.S.A.Martin Mayer1961 
S204Asia in the BalanceMichael Edwardes1962 
S205Guilty LandPatrick Van Rensberg1962 
S206Has Man a Future?Bertrand Russell1961 
S207Britain in the Sixties: CommunicationsRaymond Williams1962 
S208Britain in the Sixties: Education for TomorrowJohn Vaizey1962 
S209Berlin: Hostage for the WestJohn Mander1962 
S210Britain in the Sixties: The FamilyRonald Fletcher1962 
S211Britain in the Sixties: HousingStanley Alderson1962 
S212Sanctions Against South AfricaRonald Segal1964 
S213Common Sense about SmokingC.M. Fletcher1963 
S214United Nations: Piety, Myth, and TruthAndrew Boyd1962 
S215Torture: Cancer of DemocracyPierre Vidal-Naquet1963 
S216The A6 MurderLouis Blom-Cooper1963 
S217Britain in the Sixties: The Crown and the EstablishmentMartin Kingsley1963 
S218The New Cold War: Moscow v. PekinEdward Crankshaw1963 
S219Britain in the Sixties: VagrancyPhilip O’Connor1963 
S220Unarmed VictoryBertrand Russell1963 
S221What is Wrong with British Industry?Rex Malik1964 
S222Great Britain or Little EnglandJohn Mander1963 
S223The Other AmericaMichael Harrington1963 
S224Why Labour?Jim Northcott1964 
S225Why Conservative?Timothy Raison1964 
S226Nuclear DisasterTom Stonier1964 
S227An American TragedyRobert Scheer1964 
S228Traffic in TownsColin Buchanan1964 
S229The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Atomic RadiationMargot Bennett1964 
S230What’s Wrong with Parliament?Andrew Hill1964 
S231What’s Wrong with Hospitals?Gerda Cohen1964 
S232The PoliceBen Whitaker1964 
S233The Last ConfucianDennis Warner1964 
S234Sick Cities (U.S. only)Mitchell Gordon1965 
S235Why Liberal?Harry Cowie1964 
S236Legacy of StrifeCharles Foley1964 
S237The New Britain: Labour’s PlanHarold Wilson1964 
S238The Future of the Welfare StateDavid C. Marsh1964 
S239Britain in the Sixties: The Other EnglandGeoffrey Moorhouse1964 
S240South-East Asia in TurmoilBrian Crozier1965 
S241The Crisis of IndiaRonald Segal1965 
S242The Challenor CaseMary Grigg1965 
S243The Break-Up of the Soviet Empire in Eastern EuropeGhita Ionesco1965 
S244117 DaysRuth First1965 
S245Immigration and Race in British PoliticsPaul Foot1965 
S246VietnamMarvin Gettleman1966 
S247A New Look at Britain’s Economic PolicyJuliet Rhys-Williams1965 
S248Is There Any Choice? Britain Must Join EuropeEdward Beddington-Beherens1966 
S249DrugsPeter Laurie1967 
S250IndonesiaBruce Grant1967 
S251From Yalta to VietnamDavid Horowitz1967 
S252Arms Without EmpireNeville Brown1967 
S253The IncompatiblesRobin Blackburn1967 
S254A Suitable Case for TreatmentJohn Cooper1968 
S255Vietnam! Vietnam!Felix Greene1967 
S256Paying for RoadsGabriel Roth1967 
S257Racial Discrimination in EnglandW.W. Daniel1968 
S258After the Common MarketDouglas Jay1968 
S259VietnamMary McCarthy1968 
S260Why the Draft? (U.S. only)James C. Miller1968 
S261From Commonwealth to Common MarketPierre Uri1968 
S262May Day Mainfesto 1968Raymond Williams1968 
S263Israel and the ArabsMaxime Rodinson1968 
S264Science and Technology in EuropeEric & Jane Moonman, eds.1968 
S265The Politics of Harold WilsonPaul Foot1968 
S266Student PowerAlexander & Robin Blackburn1969 
S267Matters of PrincipleTyrell Burgess et al.1968 
S268Obsolete CommunismGabriel & Daniel Cohn-Bendit1969 
S269French Revolution 1968Maureen McConville1968 
S270The Devolution of PowerJ.P. Mackintosh1968 
S271Prague SpringZ.A.B. Zeman1969 
S272America: The Mixed CurseAndrew Kopkind1969 
S273The Atlantic CommonwealthGeorge E.G. Catlin1969 
S274Rights and WrongsChrostopher Hill, ed.1969 
S275Europe After De GaulleJohn Pinder & Roy Price1969 
S276The Biafra StoryFerederick Forsyth1969 
S277The Greek TragedyConstantine Tsoucalas1969 
S278The Invasion of the MoonPeter Ryan1969 
S279Tehe Rise of Enoch PowellPaul Foot1969 
S280Poverty: The Forgotten EnglishmanKen Coates19700140522808
S281Divided UlsterLiam De Paor19700140522816
S282Demonstrations and CommunicationJames D. Halloran et al.19700140522824
S283The Labour Government 1964-1970Brian Lapping19700140522832
S284Most Unnatural: An Inquiry into the Stafford CaseDavid Lewis19710140522840
S285Planning for LondonJudy Hillman19710140522859
S286America the Violent (U.S. only)Ovid Demaris19700140522867
S287Because They’re BlackGus Johnson19710140522875
S288September in Jordan (U.S. only)Daniel Lomax19710140522883
S289The Non-Medical Use of DrugsInformation Canada19710140522891
S290Teachers in TurmoilVincent Burke19710140522905
S291Civil Liberty: The NCCL GuideAnna Coote, ed.19720140522913
S292Indochina: Ecology of DevastationJohn Lewallen19710140522921
S293Our Conscience: The Plight of the ElderlyJack Shaw1971014052293X
S294Community DecayJon Rowland19730140522948
S295A Blueprint for SurvivalThe Ecologist19720140522956
S296UlsterSunday Times19720140522964
S297British Capitalism, Workers and the Profit SqueezeAndrew Glyn19720140522972
S298Thalidomide and the Power of Drug CompaniesHenning Sjostrom19720140522980
S299The Penguin Guide to Supplementary BenefitsTony Lynes19720140522999
S300The SquattersRon Bailey19730140523006
S301The New Militants: Crisis in the Trade UnionsPaul Ferris19720140523014
S302The New InflationAubrey Jones19730140523022
S303The Property MachinePeter J. Ambrose19750140523030
S304How to Play the Environment GameTheo Crosby19730140523049
S305Women’s Rights: A Practical GudieAnna Coote, ed.19740140523057
S306The Concorde FiascoAndrew Wilson19750140523065
S307War and an Irish TownEamonn McCann19740140523073
S308Political Murder in Northern IrelandMartin Dillon19730140523081
S309Passports and PoliticsDerek Humphry1974014052309X
S310The Guinea PigsJohn McGuffin19740140523103
S311Scream Quietly or the Neighbors Will HearErin Pezzey19740140523111
S312Civil Liberties in BritainBarry Cox1975014052312X
S314There’s Gold in Them Thar PillsAlan Klass19750140523146
S315How to Survive the SlumpGraham Bannock19750140523154
S316Fuel’s ParadiseP.F. Chapman19750140523162
S318The Fall of Scotland YardBarry Cox et al.19770140523189
S320From a Spanish JailEva Forest19750140523200
S321Operation ThunderYehunda Ofer19760140523219
S324The Homeless and the Empty HousesRon Bailey19770140523243
S325GrunwickJoe Rogaly19770140523251
S326Cambodia Year ZeroFrancios Ponchaud1978014052326X
S327Windscale FalloutIan Breach19780140523278
S328Law, Order and Politics in West GermanySebastian Cobler19780140523286
S329The Tory Party: Its Policies, Divisions and FutureTrevor Russel19780140523294
S330The European Parliament: A Guide to Direct ElectionsRobert Jackson19790140523308
S334Who Cares?Penelope Leach19790140523340
S336Seal CullJohn Lister-Kaye19790140523367
S337Beating the Terrorists?Peter Taylor19800140523375
S341Protest and SurviveE.P. Thompson, ed.19800140523413
S345Persecution East and WestCosmas Desmond19830140523456
S351RenewalGerald Kaufman19830140523510
S353The Animals ReportRichard North19830140523537
S354Crisis Over CruisePhilip Webber19830140523545
S355Scargill and the MinersMichael Crick19850140523553
S357Britain Without OilWilliam Keegan1985014052357X
S358Where’s the Justice?Tony Gifford19860140523588
S360Television Today and TomorrowChrostopher Dunkley1985014052360X
S361Debt and Danger: World Financial CrisisChristopher Lever19850140523618
S362Ireland: A Positive ProposalKevin Boyle19860140523626
S364Heroin: Chasing the DragonJustine Picardie19850140523642
S365An African WinterPreston King19870140523650
S367Arguing the ArtsTim Rowse19850140523677
S369Food AdditivesErik Millstone19860140523693
S370Apartheid’s Second FrontJoseph Hanlon19860140523707
S371Star WarsRip Bulkeley19850140523715
S372Gluttons for PunishmentJames Erlichman19860140523723
S374TobaccoJames Wilkinson1986014052374X
S375The Apartheid HandbookRoger Ormond19860140523758
S380Acid RainFred Pearce19870140523804
S382Prospectus for a Habitable PlanetDan Smith, ed.19870140523820
S383Bricks of Shame: Britain’s PrisonsVivien Stern19860140523839
S384Mission to South AfricaEminent Persons Group19860140523847
S386Behind the Mirror GlassBruce Jesson19870140523863
S388The Sanctions HandbookJoseph Hanlon1987014052388X
S389A Spy’s RevengeRichard V. Hall19870140523898
S391Under SiegeKeith Thompson1988014052391X

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