Another collection that grew out of the success of the Great Ideas series, the Penguin Epics were released in 2006 as a commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the first Penguin Classic, Rieu’s Odyssey. While the structure and size of the book matches the other “Great” series, the covers hold perhaps the closest bond with the second edition of the Penguin Classics, with their dark backgrounds and striking, artistic quality. The Epics were available worldwide and are organized by Roman, rather than Arabic, numerals.

1  The Epic of Gilgamesh Anonymous
2  Odysseus Returns Home Homer
3  Xerxes Invades Greece Herodotus
4  The Sea, The Sea Xenophon
5  The Abduction of Sita Anonymous
6  Jason and the Golden Fleece Apollonius
7  Exodus Anonymous
8  The Destruction of Troy Virgil
9  The Serpent’s Teeth Ovid
10  The Fall of Jerusalem Josephus
11  The Madness of Nero Tacitus
12  Cupid and Psyche Apuleius
13  The Legendary Adventures of Alexander the Great Anonymous
14  Beowulf Anonymous
15  Siegfried’s Mother Anonymous
16  Sagas and Myths of the Northmen Anonymous
17  The Sunjata Story Anonymous
18  The Descent Into Hell Dante
19  King Arthur’s Last Battle Malory
20  The Voyages of Sinbad Anonymous

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