Great Journeys

pgj1Penguin continues with its philosophy of striking, embossed covers and abbreviated texts. This series leans toward historical travel, with each book concentrating on a different part of the globe.

1  Snakes with Wings and Gold-digging Ants Herodotus
2  from The Meadows of Gold Masudi
3  The Customs of the Kingdoms of India Marco Polo
4  The Shipwrecked Men Cabeza De Vaca
5  Piracy, Turtles and Flying Foxes William Dampier
6  Life on the Golden Horn Mary Wortley Montagu
7  Hunt for the Southern Continent James Cook
8  Sold as a Slave Oludah Equiano
9  Jaguars and Electric Eels Alexander Von Humboldt
10  To the Holy Shrines Richard Burton
11  In the Heart of the Amazon Forest Walter Henry Bates
12  Borneo, Celebs, Aru Alfred Russel Wallace
13  Can-cans, Cats and Cities of Ash Mark Twain
14  Andventures in the Rocky Mountains Isabella Bird
15  A Journey to the End of the Russian Empire Anton Chekhov
16  The Congo and the Cameroons Mary Kingsley
17  Escape from the Antarctic Ernest Shackleton
18  Fighting in Spain George Orwell
19  Across the Empty Quarter Wilfred Thesiger
20  The Cobra’s Heart Ryszard Kapuscinski

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