Penguin 60s Classics

1 Gilgamesh and Enkidu  Anonymous
2  Krishna’s Dialogue on the Soul  Anonymous
3 Two Viking Romances  Anonymous
4 Jason and the Argonauts  Apollonius of Rhodes
5 Lysistraia  Aristophanes
6 The Atheist’s Mass  Balzac
7 The Means and Manner of Obtaining Virtue  Ben Franklin
8 Anonymous  Beowulf and Grendel
9 The Betrayal of Montezuma  Bernal Díaz del Castillo
10 Ten Tales from the Decameron  Boccaccio
11 Anonymous  Buddha’s Teachings
12 Dream of the Red Chamber  Cao Xueqin
13 Etiquette for Renaissance Gentleman  Castiglione
14 The Jealous Extremaduran  Cervantes
15 The Galapagos Islands  Charles Darwin
16 Mina Laury  Charlotte Bronte
17 The Yellow Wallpaper  Charlotte Perkins Gilman
18  Tales of Cú Chulainn  Cú Chulainn
19 A Visitation of the Plague  Daniel Defoe
20 The First Three Circles of Hell  Dante
21 The Pleasures and Pains of Opium  De Quincey
22 The Gentle Spirit  Dostoyevsky
23 The Murders in the Rue Morgue  Edgar Allan Poe
24 Souls Belated  Edith Wharton
25 A Simple Heart  Flaubert
26 The Judgement and In the Penal Colony  Franz Kafka
27 The Education of Frederick Douglass  Frederick Douglass
28 The Lifted Veil  George Eliot
29 Reflections of the Fall of Rome  Gibbon
30 Letters from Italy  Goethe
31 The Marquise of O  Heinrich von Kleist
32 Civil Disobedience  Henry David Thoreau
33 The Lessons of the Master  Henry James
34 The Rage of Achilles  Homer
35 The Voyages of Odysseus  Homer
36 Meeting Dr. Johnson  James Boswell
37 The History of England  Jane Austen
38 Meditations of a Solitary Walker  Jean-Jacques Rousseau
39 The Secret Sharer  Joseph Conrad
40 The Kiss  Kate Chopin
41 Hannibal’s Crossing of the Alps  Livy
42 The Art of War  Machiavelli
43 The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg  Mark Twain
44 Haiku  Matsuo Bashō
45 Boule de Suif  Maupassant
46 Zarathustra’s Discourses  Nietzsche
47 The Portrait of Mr. W  Oscar Wilde
48 Orpheus in the Underworld  Ovid
49 Phaedrus  Plato
50 A Season in Hell  Rimbaud
51 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  Robert Louis Stevenson
52 Confessions of a Sinner  Saint Augustine
53 Nero and the Burning of Rome  Tacitus
54 Counsels on the Spiritual Life  Thomas à Kempis
55 On Great Men  Thomas Carlyle
56 The death of King Arthur  Thomas Malory
57 The Death of Ivan Ilyich  Tolstoy
58 Three Sketches from a Hunter’s Diary  Turgenev
59 Lives of Three Renaissance Artists  Vasari
60  Song of Myself  Walt Whitman

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