Penguin 60s Contemporary

1  God’s Dice  Martin Amis
2  The Emperor’s New Clothes  Hans Christian Andersen
3  Meditations  Marcus Aurelius
4  Sonny’s Blues  James Baldwin
5  An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge  Ambrose Bierce
6  from Le Pigeonnier  Dirk Bogarde
7  Killing Lizards  William Boyd
8  His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood  Poppy Z Brite
9  Ten Italian Folktales  Italo Calvino
10  Summer  Albert Camus
11  First and Last  Truman Capote
12  Goldfish  Raymond Chandler
13  The Black Monk  Anton Chekhov
14  Lamb to the Slaughter  Roald Dahl
15  I’ll be with you in the Squeezing of a Lemon  Elizabeth David
16  The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor Anonymous
17  The Dreaming Child  Karen Blixen
18  The Man with the Twisted Lip  Arthur Conan Doyle
19  Racing Classics  Dick Francis
20  Five Lectures on Psycho-Analysis  Sigmund Freud
21  Prophet – Madman – Wanderer  Kahlil Gibran
22  Ada,’s Navel  Stephen Jay Gould
23  Five Letters from the Eastern Empire  Alasdair Gray
24  Under the Garden  Graham Greene
25  Seven Yorkshire Tales  James Herriot
26  Little Tales of Misogyny  Patricia Highsmith
27  The Haunter Doll’s House -with The Body Snatcher and The Rose Garden  M.R. James and R.L. Stevenson
28  Baa Baa Black Sheep  Rudyard Kipling
29  A Long Night at Abu Simbel  Penelope Lively
30  The Escape  Katherine Mansfield
31  Bon Voyage Mr President  Gabriel Garcia Marquez
32  The Angel  Patrick McGrath
33  Bartleby the Scrivener  Herman Melville
34  Gunner Milligan 954024  Spike Milligan
35  Four Essays  Michel de Montaigne
36  from The Four Corners  Jan Morris
37  Rumpole and the Younger Generation  John Mortimer
38  Tales from Malgudi  R K Narayan
39  A Model  Anaïs Nin
40  The Genius  Frank O’Connor
41  Pages from a Scullion’s Diary  George Orwell
42  Sex and Violence or Nature and Art  Camille Paglia
43  A Taste of Life  Sara Paretsky
44  The Pit and the Pendulum  Edgar Allan Poe
45  Village Christmas  Miss Read
46  Let Them Call It Jazz  Jean Rhys
47  The Snatching of Bookie Bob  Damon Runyon
48  The Secret Sin of Septimus Brope  Saki
49  Scale  Will Self
50  Death of a Nobody  Georges Simenon
51  The Portobello Road  Muriel Spark
52  The Pavilion on the Links  Robert Louis Stevenson
53  Down the Yangtze  Paul Theroux
54  Matilda’s England  William Trevor
55  Ram Chander’s Story  Mark Tully
56  Friends from Philadelphia  John Updike
57  Why I Live at the PO  Eudora Welty
58  Madame de Treymes  Edith Wharton
59  The Happy Prince  Oscar Wilde
60  Killing the Angel in the House  Virginia Woolf

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