Penguin Sports Library

pslThe Penguin Sports Library is a rather odd series. It contains books on a variety of sports from baseball to boxing, with no numbering system (it came after the ISBN) and a looser graphical bond than most of Penguin’s branding. This is by no means a complete list, but is every book I can find that is definitely in the series. If you know of others, please e-mail them to me.

The Sweet Science A.J. Liebling
John McGraw Charles C. Alexander
Champion: Joe Louis Chris Mead
The Curse of the Bambino Dan Shaughnessy
The Short Season David Falkner
The Unforgettable Season G. H. Fleming
Open Net George Plimpton
Out of My League George Plimpton
Pitchers Do Get Lonely Ira Berkow
The Long Season Jim Brosnan
Pennant Race Jim Brosnan
Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game? Jimmy Breslin
The Game Ken Dryden
Streak Michael Seidel
Babe Robert Creamer
The Heart of the Order Thomas Boswell
Strokes of Genius Thomas Boswell
How Life Imitates the World Series Thomas Boswell
Why Time Begins on Opening Day Thomas Boswell
Buttercups and Strong Boys William Plummer



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