Pelican History of Art

As with the Buildings of England series, the Pelican History of Art belonged to one Nikolaus Pevsner, who led the project up until his death. The series, sold in boxed hardcovers, was a high-end, scholarly project written by experts in each field, and is well-esteemed. Like the Buildings, the Pelican History of Art was picked up by Yale University Press, and lives on.

Z1Painting in Britain: 1530-1790Ellis K. Waterhouse1953 
Z2The Art and Architecture of IndiaBenjamin Rowland1953 
Z3Architecture in Britain: 1530-1830John Summerson1953 
Z4Art and Architecture in France: 1500-1700Anthony Blunt1953 
Z5Painting in Britain: The Middle AgesMargaret Rickett1954 
Z6The Art and Architecture of RussiaGeorge Heard Hamilton1954 
Z7The Art and Architecture of the Ancient OrientHenri Frankfort1954 
Z8The Art and Architecture of JapanRobert Treat Paine1955 
Z9Sculpture in Britain: The Middle AgesLawrence Stone1955 
Z10The Art and Architecture of ChinaLaurence Sickman1956 
Z11Greek ArchitectureA.W. Lawrence1957 
Z12Architecture in Britain: The Middle AgesGeoffrey Webb1956 
Z13Carolingian and Romanesque ArchitectureKenneth Conant1959 
Z14The Art and Architecture of Ancient EgpytW. Stevenson Smith1958 
Z15Architecture: Nineteenth and Twentieth CenturiesHenry-Russell Hitchcock1958 
Z16The Art and Architecture of Italy: 1600-1750Rudolf Wittkower1958 
Z17Art and Architecture in Spain and PortugalGeorge Kubler & Martin Soria1959 
Z18Art and Architecture in Belgium: 1600-1800H. Gerson1960 
Z19Gothic ArchitecturePaul Frankl1963 
Z20Painting and Sculture in Europe: 1780-1880Fritz Novotny1960 
Z21The Art and Architecture of Ancient AmericaGeorge Kubler1962 
Z22Baroque Art and Architecture in Central EuropeEberhand Hempel1965 
Z23Sculpture in Britain: 1530-1830Margaret Whinney1964 
Z24Early Christian and Byzantine ArchitectureRichard Krautheimer1965 
Z25Sculpture in the Netherlands, Germany, France and SpainTheodor Muller1966 
Z26Sculpture in Italy: 1400-1500Charles Seymour Jnr1966 
Z27Dutch Art and Architecture: 1600-1800Jakob Rosenberg1966 
Z28Art and Architecture in Italy: 1250-1400John White1966 
Z29Painting and Sculture in Europe: 1880-1940George Heard Hamilton1967 
Z30Prehistoric Art in EuropeNancy Katharine Sandars1968 
Z31Painting and Sculture in Germany and the NetherlandsGert von der Osten1969 
Z32Etruscan and Roman ArchitectureAlex Boethius19700140560329
Z33Early Christian and Byzantine ArtJohn Beckwith19700140560335
Z34Painting in Europe: 800-1200C.R. Dodwell19710140560343
Z35Painting in Italy: 1500-1600S.J. Freedberg19710140560351
Z36Ars Sacra 800-1200Peter Lasko1972014056036X
Z37Art and Architecture of the Eighteenth Century in FranceWend Graf Kalnein19720140560378
Z38Architecture in Italy 1400-1600Ludwig H. Heydenreich19740140560386
Z39Roman ArtDonald Strong19760140560394
Z40American ArtJohn Wilmerding19760140560408
Z41(Not Issued) 1976 
Z42The Arts in Prehistoric GreeceSinclair Hood19780140560424
Z43Etruscan ArtOtto J. Brendel19780140560432
Z44Etruscan and Early Roman ArchitectureAlex Boethius197780140560440
Z45Roman Imperial ArchitectureJ.B. Ward-Perkins19810140560459

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