Pelican Main Series (501-1000)

A501Prehistoric CreteR.W. Hutchinson1962
A502The Pelican History of the Church 1Henry Chadwick1968
A503The Pelican History of the Church 2R.W. Southern1970
A504The Pelican History of the Church 3Owen Chadwick1964
A505The Pelican History of the Church 4Gerlad R. Cragg1960
A506The Pelican History of the Church 5Alex R. Vidler1961
A507The Common Sense of ScienceJ. Bronowski1960
A508The Greek Myths 1Robert Graves1960
A509The Greek Myths 2Robert Graves1960
A510Battle for the MindWilliam Sargent1961
A511Ancient Education and TodayErwin Fabian1961
A512The Evolution of LifeF.H.T. Rhodes1962
A513God in ActionF.A. Cockin1961
A514European Music in the Twentieth CenturyHoward Hartog1961
A515HinduismK.M. Sen1961
A516Know Your Own I.Q.H.J. Eysenk1962
A517StravinskyRobert Craft1962
A518The New Architecture of EuropeG.E. Kidder-Smith1962
A519Leonardo De VinciSigmund Freud1963
A520Culture and Society 1780-1950Ryamond Williams1961
A521William Morris: Selected Writings and DesignsWilliam Morris1963
A522Freud and the Post-FreudiansJ.A.C. Brown1961
A523Human HeredityC.O. Carter1962
A524Electronic ComputersS.H. Hollingdale & G.C. Tootill1965
A525A History of Modern France 2Alfred Cobban1961
A526The Living BrainW. Grey Walter1961
A527The Disinherited MindErich Hller1961
A528The Business of ManagementRoger Falk1961
A529The Making of Modern RussiaLionel Kochan1963
A530The Psychology of PerceptionM.D. Vernon1962
A531Childhood and AdolescenceJ.A. Hadfield1962
A532Mass, Length and TimeNorman Feather1961
A533Choral MusicArthur Jacobs1963
A534The Origins and Growth of Physical Science 1D.L. Hurd, & J.J. Kipling, ed.1964
A535The Origins and Growth of Physical Science 2D.L. Hurd, & J.J. Kipling, ed.1964
A536The Origins and Growth of BiologyArthur Rook, ed.1964
A537The Economic History of World PopulationCarlo M. Cipolla1962
A538The Organisation ManWhilliam H. Whyte1960
A539ElephantsRichard Carrington1962
A540The Great Crash 1929John Kenneth Galbraith1961
A541The Dark SunGraham Hough1961
A542Primitive GovernmentLucy Mair1962
A543Exploration in ManagementWilfred Brown1965
A544The Status SeekersVance Packard1962
A545The Affluent SocietyJohn Kenneth Galbraith1962
A546Middle Eastern MythologyS.H. Hooke1963
A547The Way of ZenAlan W. Watts1962
A548Georgraphy of World AffairsJ.P. Cole1963
A549CancerR.J.C. Harris1962
A550The Triple ThinkersEdmund Wilson1962
A551The Dead Sea Scrolls in EnglishG. Vermes1962
A552Diagnosis of ManKenneth Walker1962
A553The Literary CriticsGeorge Watson1962
A554The Complete Plain WordsSir Ernest Gowers1962
A555The Stagnant SocietyMichael Shanks1961
A556Sociology of NatureLeslie Ried1962
A557Aspects of the NovelE.M. Forster1962
A558Anatomy of PrisonsHugh J. Klare1962
A559Simplicity of ScienceStanley D. Beck1962
A560The Growth of PlantsG.E. Fogg1963
A561A Pictoral History of Nazi GermanyErwin Leiser1962
A562Introducing ScienceAlan Isaacs1963
A563Karl Marx: Selected Writings in Sociology and Social PhilosophyKarl Marx1963
A564Hitler: A Study in TyrannyAlan Bullock1962
A565Marx on EconomicsRobert Freedman1962
A566Educating the IntelligentMichael Hutchinson1962
A567The Future of LondonEdward Carter1962
A568MysticismF.C. Happold1963
A569Personal Values in the Modern WorldM.V.C Jeffreys1962
A570The World of OdysseusM.I. Finley1962
A571Two Short Accounts of Psycho-AnalysisSigmund Freud1962
A572Psychical Research TodayD.J. West1962
A573The Defeat of John HawkinsRayner Unwin1962
A574Georgian LondonJohn Summerson1962
A575Male and FemaleMargaret Mead1962
A576A Short History of ReligionsE.E. Kellett1962
A577The Dancer’s HeritageIvor Guest1962
A578The Theory and Practice of CommunismR.N. Carew Hunt1963
A579Khrushchev’s RussiaEdward Crankshaw1962
A580The Meaning of BeautyEric Newton1962
A581The Greeks OverseasJohn Boradman1964
A582The Psychology of StudyC.A. Mace1962
A583G.B.S. on MusicGeorge Bernard Shaw1962
A584The CityPaul Ferris1962
A585The Hidden PersuadersVance Packard1962
A586The Defeat of the Spanish ArmadaGarrett Mattingly1962
A587The Strange Story of the QuantumBanesh Hoffman1963
A588The Shaking of the FoundationsPaul Tillich1962
A589The Waste MakersVance Packard1963
A590An Inquiry into Meaning and TruthBertrand Russell1962
A591MethodismRupert E. Davies1963
A592The Orthodox ChurchTimothy Ware1963
A593The Boundaries of ScienceMagnus Pyke1963
A594Mysticism in World ReligionSidney Spencer1963
A595Family and Kinship in East LondonMichael Young1962
A596The Sound of SurpriseWhitney Balliett1963
A597A Portrait of Lord NelsonOliver Warner1963
A598CarthageB.H. Warmington1964
A599Children of AshesRobert Jungk1963
A600Man and EnergyA.R. Ubbelohde1963
A601Wildlife in BritainRichard Fitter1963
A602The Daily ReadingG.W. Briggs1963
A603The Integrity of PersonalityAnthony Storr1963
A604The Techniques of PersuasionJames A.C. Brown1963
A605Le Corbusier: Architecture and FormPeter Blake1963
A606Mies ven der Rohe: Architecture and StructurePeter Blake1963
A607Frank Lloyd Wright: Architecture and StructurePeter Blake1963
A608The Insecure OffendersT.R. Fyvel1963
A609The Nature of the UniverseFred Hoyle1963
A610Roman CatholicismSebastian Bullough1963
A611The ImageDaniel J. Boorstein1963
A612The Fabric of the HeavensStephen Toulmin1963
A613The Comprehensive SchoolRobin Pedley1963
A614SchopenhauerA.J. Ayer1963
A615Careers in TechnologyMaurice Goldsmith1963
A616A History of British Trade UnionismHenry Pelling1963
A617Evolution in ActionJulian Huxley1963
A618The Destruction of Lord RaglanChristopher Hibbert1963
A619American CapitalismJohn Kenneth Galbraith1963
A620A History of Latin AmericaGeorge Pendle1963
A621Space in the SixtiesPatrick Moore1963
A622AnarchismGeorge Woodcock1963
A623Experimental Psychical ResearcgRobert H. Thouless1963
A624Enjoying PaintingsDavid Piper1964
A625Electricity Without DynamicsJohn W. Gardner1963
A626A History of London LifeR.J. Mitchell1963
A627The MarxistsC. Wright Mills1963
A628The Pelican History of the Church 6Stephen Neill1964
A629The Science of Animal BehaviourPeter Lovell Broadhurst1963
A630Introducing Mathematics 1W.W. Sawyer1964
A631The Western Intellectual TraditionJ. Bronowski1963
A632The Necessity of Art: A Marxist ApproachErnest Fischer1963
A633The Megalith Builders of Western EuropeSlyn Daniel1963
A634The Family Life of Old PeoplePeter Townsend1963
A635Literature and CriticismH. Coombes1963
A636The Contemporary CinemaPenelope Houston1963
A637The Gentle Art of MathematicsDan Pedoe1963
A638Voters, Parties, and LeadersJean Blondel1963
A639The Decline and Fall fo the Roman Empire (abridged)Edward Gibbon1964
A640Discrimination and Popular CultureDenys Thompson1965
A641Anger and AfterJohn Russell Taylor1963
A642The Life of ShakespareF.E. Halliday1963
A643The Liberal HourJohn Kenneth Galbraith1964
A644The Family and LawMargaret Puxon1963
A645Shakespare’s TragediesLaurence Lerner, ed.1964
A646Freedom, the Individual and the LawHarry Street1963
A647The Consumer, Society and the LawAubrey L. Diamond1963
A648Anthology of Islamic LiteratureJames Kritzeck, ed.1964
A649Sexual DeviationAnthony Storr1964
A650The Idea of PrehistoryGlyn Daniel1964
A651Shakespare: A SurveyEdmund Kerchevar Chambers1964
A652What is History?Edward Hallett Carr1964
A653Economic PhilosophyJoan Robinson1964
A654Science and Human ValuesJacob Bronowski1964
A655In Defense of PoliticsBernard Crick1964
A656Check Your Own I.Q.Hans J. Eysenck1962
A657Tynan on TheaterKenneth Tynan1964
A658The Modern Writer and His WorldG.S. Fraser1964
A659Introducing MusicOtto Kerolyl1965
A660Soviet EducationNigel Grant1964
A661The Life and Work of Signmund FreudErnest Jones1964
A662A History of Jewish PeopleJames Parkes1964
A663Inventing the FutureDennis Gabor1964
A664Fundamentals of PsychologyC.J. Adcock1964
A665The Art of the AdvocateRichard Du Cann1964
A666Shakespare: A CelebrationT.J.B. Spencer, ed.1964
A667Brighter than a Thousand SunsRobert Jungk1964
A668The Child, the Family, and the Outside WorldD.W. Winnicott1964
A669The Curch of EnglandPaul Ferris1964
A670Gods and Myths of Northern EuropeHilda Davidson1964
A671A History of ScotlandJohn Duncan Mackie1964
A672Illustrated English Social History 1George Macaulay Trevelyan1964
A673Illustrated English Social History 2George Macaulay Trevelyan1964
A674Illustrated English Social History 3George Macaulay Trevelyan1964
A675Illustrated English Social History 4George Macaulay Trevelyan1964
A676Writing Technical ReportsBruce M. Cooper1964
A677The Cinema as ArtRalph Stevenson & Jean Debrix1966
A678The Daily Life of the AztecsJacques Soustelle1964
A679United Nations: Piety, Myth, and TruthAndrew Boyd1964
A680The Crown and the EstablishmentKingsley Martin1966
A681The Death and Life of Great American Cities: The Failure of Town PlanningJane Jacobs1965
A682The European Mind 1680-1715Paul Hazard1964
A683Sex in SocietyAlex Comfort1964
A684Victorian PeopleAsa Briggs1965
A685Law in a Changing SocietyWolgfang Friedmann1964
A686Film WorldIvor Montagu1964
A687The Gothic RevivalKenneth Clark1964
A688The Idea of LawDennis Lloyd1964
A689ScoreDarrell Huff1964
A690A Guide to English SchoolsTyrrell Burgess1964
A691A History of England 9David Thompson1965
A692Crime in a Changing SocietyHoward Jones1965
A693Vibrations and WavesNorman Feather1965
A694The Birth of Communist ChinaC.P. Fitzgerald1964
A695New Horizons in PsychiatryPeter Hays1964
A696Fact amd Fiction in PsychiatryH.J. Eysenck1965
A697Pakistan: Old Country / New NationIan Stephens1964
A698Crisis in the HumanitiesJ.H. Plumb1964
A699A History of MoneyE. Victor Morgan1965
A700Religious Faith and Twentieth-Century ManF.C. Happold1966
A701BerniniHoward Hibbard1965
A702The Greek WorldHugh Lloyd-Jones1965
A703The Car MakersGraham Tucker1964
A704Suicide and Attempted SuicideErwin Stengel1964
A705The Poem ItselfStanley Burnshaw1965
A706The Georgraphy of African AffairsPaul Fordham1965
A707Use and Abuse of StatisticsW.J. Reichmann1964
A708Painting in England 1500-1880David Piper1965
A709Battle for ManhattanBruce Bilven, Jr.1964
A710Modern EconomicsJ. Pen1965
A711A History of Modern France 3Alfred Cobban1965
A712The Scientific Analysis of PersonalityRaymond Cattell1965
A713Mathematical Puzzles and DiversionsMartin Gardner1965
A714The Architecture of MatterStephen Toulmin1965
A715British History in the Nineteenth Century and AfterGeorge Macaulay Trevelyan1965
A716Dark Strangers: A Study of West Indians in LondonSheila Patterson1965
A717On Justice in SocietyMorris Ginsberg1965
A718The Pyramid ClimbersVance Packard1965
A719Patterns of Infant Care in an Urban CommunityJohn & Elizabeth Newson1965
A720The World in 1984: 1Nigel Calder1965
A721The World in 1984: 2Nigel Calder1965
A722The Treasury Under the Tories 1951-1964Samuel Brittan1964
A723Fly and the Fly-BottleVed Mehta1965
A724Europe Since NapoleonDavid Thomson1966
A725Psychology for EverymanLarry S. Skurnik1964
A726The Laws of PhysicsMilton A. Rothman1966
A727The Americans 1: The Colonial ExperienceDaniel J. Boorstein1965
A728A Geography of the USSRJohn P. Cole1967
A729Engels: Selected WritingsFrederick Engels1967
A730Opportunities After O-LevelSonia Abrams, ed.1965
A731The New Cold War: Moscow v. PekingEdward Crankshaw1965
A732The Armed Society: Militarism in Modern America (USA only)Tristram Coffin1964
A733Government of EducationW.O. Lester Smith1965
A734The Divided SelfR.D. Laing1965
A735Your Growing Child and ReligionRoy Stuart Lee1965
A736The Nature of PoliticsJohn D.B. Miller1965
A737The UnattachedMary Morse1965
A738The Senses of Animals and MenLorus & Margery Milne1965
A739Historical Interpretation: Sources of English Medieval HistoryJohn J. Bagley1965
A740Read Better, Read FasterManya & Eric de Leeuw1965
A741Logic and Sexual MoralityJohn Wilson1965
A742Garibaldi and the ThousandGeorge Macaulay Trevelyan1965
A743SleepIan Oswald1966
A744How to Take a ChanceDarrell Huff1965
A745WitchcraftPennethorne Hughes1965
A746Tradition and DreamWalter Allen1965
A747The City in HistoryLewis Mumford1966
A748More Mathematical Puzzles and DiversionsMartin Gardner1966
A749The Bolshevik Revolution 1Edward Hallett Carr1966
A750The Bolshevik Revolution 2Edward Hallett Carr1966
A751The Bolshevik Revolution 3Edward Hallett Carr1966
A752European Thought in the Eighteenth CenturyPaul Hazard1965
A753A Social History of English LawAlan Harding1966
A754Childhood and SocietyErik H. Erikson1965
A755Guide to the British EconomyPeter Donaldson1965
A756The Worker and the LawK.W. Wedderburn1965
A757StalinIsaac Deutscher1966
A758Crystals, Diamonds and TransistorsL.W. Marrison1966
A759A History of English ArchitecturePeter Kidson1965
A760In a Few HandsEstes Kefauver1965
A761Technology and Economic DevelopmentScientific American1965
A762The Long RevolutionRaymond Williams1965
A763The Pacificist ConsciencePeter Mayer1966
A764The Book of the Acts of GodG. Ernest Wright1966
A765Objections to HumanismH.J. Blackham1965
A766Objections to Christian BeliefD.M. MacKinnon1965
A767A Documentary History of England 1John Bagley & Peter Rowley1966
A768A Documentary History of England 1E. Neville Williams1965
A769A History of India 1Romia Thapar1966
A770A History of India 2Percival Spear1965
A771Miseducation of American Teachers (USA only)James D. Koerner1965
A772The Symphony 1: Hayden to DvorakRobert Simpson, ed.1967
A773The Symphony 2: Elgar to Present DayRobert Simpson, ed.1967
A774AlcoholismNeil Kessel & Henry Walton1965
A775New Horizons in PsychologyBrian M. Goss1966
A776Birth Control in the Modern WorldElizabeth Draper1965
A777Under PressureA. Alvares1965
A778A History of Political Thought: The Middle AgesWalter Ullmann1965
A779The Family and Marriage in BritainRonald Fletcher1966
A780The Consumer Society: A History of American CapitalismPeter d’A. Jones1965
A781The Age of AutomationLeon Bagrit1966
A782Elites and SocietyT.B. Bottomore1966
A783Three Who Made a RevolutionBetram D. Wolfe1966
A784The Death of JesusJoel Carmichael1966
A785Essays of a HumanistJulian Huxley1966
A786World Religions: A DialogueNinian Smart1966
A787Empress JosephineErnest John Knapton 
A788The Culture ConsumersAlvin Toffler1965
A789The American People: The History of a SocietyOscar Handlin1966
A790The Chemistry of LifeSteven Rose1966
A791Must the Bomb Spread?Leonard Beaton1966
A792The Pelican History of GreeceAndrew Robert Burn1966
A793De GaulleAlexander Werth1965
A794The Ensnared ShareholderAlex Rubner1966
A795The English Church: A New LookLeslie Hunter1966
A796Juvenile Courts, the Child and the LawW.E. Cavenagh1967
A797Economic Planning and DemocracyFirmin Oules1966
A798Communities in Britain: Social Life in Town and CountryRonald Frankenberg1966
A799South East Asia in TurmoilBrian Crozier1966
A800Genetics and ManCyril Dean Darlington1966
A801Into WorkMichael Carter1966
A802The Violent GangLewis Yablonsky1966
A803The Lean Years (USA only)Irving Bernstein1966
A804(Not Issued)  
A805(Not Issued)  
A806GothicGeorge Henderson1967
A807Pre-Classical: From Crete to Archaic GreeceJohn Boardman 
A808MannerismJohn Shearman1967
A809LeninDavid Shub1966
A810Approach to ArchaeologyStuart Piggott1966
A811Education and the Working ClassBrian Jackson & Dennis Marsden1966
A812The Ancient GreeksMoses I. Finley1966
A813Objections to Roman CatholicismVarious1966
A814The Origins and Growth of Modern EducationElizabeth Lawrence1970
A815The Treasury of Mathematics 1Henrietta Midonick1968
A816The Treasury of Mathematics 2Henrietta Midonick1968
A817The Brutal Friendship: Mussolini, Hitler, and the Fall of Italian FascismF.W. Deakin1966
A818The Last Days of MussoliniF.W. Deakin1966
A819Venereal DiseasesR.S. Morton1966
A820Accident Black SpotMichael Austin1966
A821Britain and the World EconomyJ.M. Livingstone1966
A822Industry in the U.S.A.Geoffrey Owen1966
A823The Science of ScienceMaurice Goldsmith, ed.1966
A824The Living World of ShakespeareJohn Wain1966
A825Attitude in British ManagementColin McIver, ed.1966
A826The Naked SocietyVance Packard1966
A827An Introduction to Contemporary HistoryGeoffrey Barraclough1967
A828Ancient IraqGeorges Roux1966
A829The Psychology of LearningRobert Borger1966
A830Men and PlacesJ.H. Plumb1966
A831CommunicationsRaymond Williams1968
A832Education for TomorrowJohn Vaizey1966
A833Mathematics in ManagementAlbert Battersby1967
A834The Radical TraditionR.H. Tawney1966
A835The SensesOtto Lowenstein1966
A836Victorian ArchitectureRobert Furneaux Jordan1966
A837Inside the Black RoomJack A. Vernon1966
A838Psychology: The Science of Mental LifeGeorge A. Miller1966
A839Inigo JonesJohn Summerson1966
A840Mao Tse-TungStuart R. Schram1966
A841Invitation to Sociology: A Humanistic PerspectivePeter L . Berger1966
A842University ChoiceKlaus Boehm, ed.1966
A843The Survival of God in the Scientific AgeAlan Isaacs1966
A844The Complete Guide to Pensions and SuperannuationG.D. Gilling-Smith1967
A845PalladioJames S. Ackerman1966
A846Black Nationalism: The Rise of the Black Muslims in the U.S.A.E.U. Essien-Udom1967
A847A Path to Modern MathematicsW.W. Sawyer1966
A848The Psychology of Human AgeingD.B. Bromley1966
A849Community and Privacy: Towards a New Architecture of HumanismSerge Chermayeff1966
A850The Structure of LifeRoyston Clowes1967
A851This Germany: The Story Since the Third ReichRudolf Walter Leonhardt1966
A852Water in the Service of ManH.R. Vallentine1967
A853The Psychology of Interpersonal BehaviourMichael Argyle1967
A854Understanding the EarthRonald Fraser1967
A855The Discovery of TimeStephen Toulmin1967
A856Before the Mayflower 1619-1964Lerone Bennett, Jr.1966
A857Confrontation: Black and WhiteLerone Bennett, Jr.1966
A858KhrushchevMark Frankland1966
A859Archeology: An Illustrated IntroductionLiam de Paor1967
A860English Social HistoryGeorge Macaulay Trevelyan1967
A861(Not Issued)  
A862Mental Illness and Social WorkEugene Heimler1967
A863Contrary Imaginations: A Psychological Study of the English SchoolboyLiam Hudson1968
A864The Identity of ManJ. Bronowski1967
A865Martin Luther and the Birth of ProtestantismJames Atkinson1968
A866DyingJohn Hinton1967
A867Waiting for the EndLeslie A. Fiedler1967
A868Report from a Chinese VillageJan Myrdal1967
A869The DoctorsPaul Ferris1967
A870Understanding SchoolsDavid Ayerst1967
A871Consumer’s Guide to the British Social ServicesPhyllis Willmott1967
A872The Young OffenderD.J. West1967
A873The Government of HousingDavid V. Donnison1967
A874Joan of Arc: By Herself and Her WitnessesRegine Pernoud1969
A875A Star Called the SunGeorge Gamow1967
A876The Deluge: British Society and the First World WarArthur Marwick1967
A877What Freud Really SaidDavid Stafford-Clark1967
A878Freud and ChristianityRoy Stuart Lee1967
A879The Future of Catholic ChristianityMichael de la Bedoyere, ed.1968
A880The Accidental CenturyMichael Harrington1967
A881Sex and the Significant AmericansPeggy B. Harroff1966
A882Mankind in the MakingWilliam Howells1967
A883Risinghill: Death of a Comprehensive SchoolLeila Berg1968
A884Kinship and MarriageRobin Fox1967
A885The Origins and Growth of ArchaeologyGlyn Daniel1967
A886Introducing BiologyJames F. Riley1967
A887(Not Issued)  
A888(Not Issued)  
A889Man and the Environment: Crisis and the Strategy of ChoiceRobert Arvill1967
A890A History of Economic ThoughtWilliam J. Barber1967
A891Synanon: The Tunnell Back (USA only)Lewis Yablonsky1967
A892CitiesScientific American1967
A893The Promise of America (USA only)John Morton Blum1967
A894The Formation of the American RepublicForrest McDonald1967
A895The City in the World EconomyWilliam M. Clarke1967
A896The Medieval Economy and SocietyM.M. Postan1969
A897Reformation to Industrial RevolutionChristopher Hill1969
A898Industry and EmpireEric J. Hobsbawn1969
A899The Pyschotic: Understanding MadnessAndrew Crowcroft1967
A900The Experience of ChildbirthSheila Kitzinger1967
A901Problems of the World EconomyRichard Bailey1967
A902The New Poetic: Yeats to EliotC.K. Stead1967
A903The Railway NavviesTerry Coleman1968
A904The Pelican History of PsychologyRobert Thomson1968
A905The Electronic RevolutionS. Handel1967
A906The new RadicalsPaul Jacobs & Saul Landau1967
A907Politics and Social ScienceW.J.M. Mackenzie1967
A908Keynes and AfterMichael Stewart1967
A909Europe: Grandeur and DeclineA.J.P. Taylor1967
A910Equitable PaymentElliott Jacques1967
A911The Psychology of Childhood and AdolescenceCarl Ivan Sandstrom1968
A912TabooFranz Bearmann Steiner1967
A913VerwoerdAlexander Hepple1967
A914Early RenaissanceMichael Levey1967
A915The Communist ManifestoKarl Marx & Friedrich Engels1967
A916Teaching Machines and Programmed InstructionHarry Kay1968
A917WorkRonald Fraser, ed.1968
A918The Race WarRonald Segal1967
A919Thought Reform and the Psychology of TotalismRobert Jay Lifton1967
A920The New Science of Strong MaterialsJames Edward Gordon1968
A921Introduction to Moral EducationJohn Wilson1968
A922China Readings 1: Imperial ChinaOrville Schell, ed.1968
A923China Readings 2: Nationalism, War, and the Rise of CommunismOrville Schell, ed.1968
A924China Readings 3: Communist ChinaOrville Schell, ed.1968
A925Experience and BehaviourPeter McKellar1968
A926Words and ThingsErnest Gellner1968
A927A Hundred Years of PhilosophyJohn Passmore1968
A928The Grammar SchoolRobin Davis1967
A929The Theatre of the AbsurdMartin Esslin1968
A930HumanismH.J. Blackham1968
A931The City of ManW. Warren Wagar1967
A932Corporate StrategyH. Igor Ansoff1968
A933A Parents’ Guide to EducationE.B. Castle1968
A934The Genesis of Modern ManagementSidney Pollard1968
A935The Art of AustraliaRobert Hughes1970
A936Imperialism and RevolutionDavid Horowitz1971
A937Psychoanalysis ObservedCharles Rycroft, ed.1968
A938The Australian-American AllianceH.G. Gelber1968
A939Sex in the Movies: The Celluloid SacrificeAlexander Walker1968
A940SummerhillA.S. Neill1968
A941The InnovatorsMichael Shanks1967
A942The History of ManCarleton S. Coon1967
A943Learning to PhilosophizeE.R. Emmet1968
A944Victorian CitiesAsa Briggs1968
A945The NamelessPaul Ferris1968
A946The Captive WifeHannah Gavron1968
A947The Theory of the Modern StageEric Bentley, ed.1968
A948Landmarks in Greek LiteratureC.M. Bowre1968
A949The True WildernessHenry Abbott Wilderness1968
A950The Birth of Indian CivilizationBridget & Raymond Allchin1968
A951Urban Choices: The City and Its Critics (USA cities)Roger Starr1967
A952God is No MoreWener and Lotte Pelz1968
A953A Reappraisal of Marxian Economics (USA only)Murray Wolfson1968
A954Monopoly CapitalPaul A. Baran & Paul Sweezy1968
A955The New TheologianVed Mehta1968
A956Social Psychiatry in PracticeMaxwell Jones1968
A957Radical Theology and the Death of GodThomas J.J. Altizer1968
A958Insdustrial Socety: Social Sciences in ManagementDenis Pym1968
A959Main Currents in Socioloical Thought 1Raymond Aron1968
A960Britain on Borrowed TimeGlyn Jones & Michael Barnes1967
A961The Relgious LifeSister Edna Mary1968
A962The UnivesitiesVivian H.H. Green1969
A963The Justice of PeaceEsther Moir1969
A964The Founding Fathers of Social ScienceTimothy Raison1969
A965Life in a Secondary Modern SchoolJohn Partridge1968
A966ChartresGeorge Henderson1968
A967A Quarter of Mankind: An Anatomy of China TodayDick Wilson1968
A968Mathematics and the ImaginationEdward Kasner & James Newman1968
A969Revolution in OpticsSamuel Tolansky1968
A970The Spanish Civil WarHugh Thomas1968
A971The Sexual Behaviour of Young PeopleMichael Schofield1968
A972The SleepwalkersArthur Koetler1968
A973A Book of ScriptsAlfred Fairbank1969
A974The Psychology of PlaySusanna Millar1968
A975The Secular CityHarvey Cox1968
A976Plenty and WantJohn Burnett1968
A977The Australian and the LawGeoffrey Sawer1968
A978Neo-ClassicismHugh Honour1968
A979The NavyOliver Warner1968
A980(Not Issued)  
A981Asian Drama 1Gunnar Myrdal1969
A982Asian Drama 2Gunnar Myrdal1969
A983Asian Drama 3Gunnar Myrdal1969
A984Macmillan: A Study in AmbiguityAnthony Sampson1968
A985The Nervous SystemPeter Nathan1969
A986One Million VolunteersArthur Gillette1968
A987The Anatomy of JudgmentM.L. Johnson Abercrombie1969
A988On Escalation: Metaphors and Scenarios (USA only)Herman Hakn1968
A989Black Power U.S.A.: The Human Side of ReconstructionLerone Bennett, Jr.1969
A990The Secular Meaning of the GospelPaul van Buren1968
A991Generation on Trial: U.S.A. vs. Alger Hiss (USA only)Alistair Cooke1968
A992Later Life: Geriatrics Today and TomorrowIvor Felstein1969
A993The Safety of the Unborn ChildGeoffrey Chamberlain1969
A994Science in History 1: The Emergence of ScienceJ.D. Bernal1969
A995Science in History 2: the Scientific and Industrial RevolutionJ.D. Bernal1969
A996Science in History 2: the Natural Sciences in Our TimeJ.D. Bernal1969
A997Science in History 2: The Social Sciences: ConclusionJ.D. Bernal1969
A998StigmaErving Goffman1968
A999Revolution in the RevolutionRegis Debray1968
A1000The Making of the English Working ClassE.P. Thomas1968