Pelican Main Series (1-500)

Pelican books began in 1937 with the goal of introducing serious, nonfiction material to the working layman, providing new material at a nonthreatening size and price. The line of books became surprisingly successful. Modeled after Penguin’s main line except with a different logo and a Wedgwood blue color scheme, the series evolved in much the same way as the other books, moving to Tschichold’s vertical design in 1949 and Marber’s grid in 1961. Until the introduction of the ISBN, the series used an “A” prefix on the spines. Pelican held its look longer than many of the covers of the 1970s, but the series fell into decline and was retired in 1984.

1The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism, Capitalism, Sovietism and Fascism.     Vol ISHAW, Bernard
2Vol IISHAW, Bernard
3Last and First MenSTAPLEDON, Olaf
4Digging up the PastWOLLEY, Sir Leonard
5A Short History of the WorldWELLS, H.G
6Practical EconomicsCOLE. G.D.H
7Essays in Popular ScienceHUXLEY. Julian
8The Floating RepublicDOBREE, B & MANWARING, G
9A History of the English People Vol IHALEVY, Elie
10The Mysterious UniverseJEANS, Sir James
11The Great VictoriansMASSINGHAM, H.G & Hugh
12The Inequality of ManHALDANE. J.B.S
13Liberty in the Modern StateLASKI. Harold
14Social Life in the Insect WorldFABRE. J.H
15The Growth of CivilisationPERRY. W.J
16A History of the English People 1815 Vol IIHALEVY. Elie
17A Book of English Poetry, Chaucer to RossettiHARRISON, G.B
18After the DelugeWOOLF, Leonard
19Medieval PeoplePOWER, Eileen
20Vision and DesignFRY, Roger
21An Outline of the Universe. Vol ICROTHER, G.J
22An Outline of the Universe. Vol 2CROTHER, G.J
23Religion and the Rise of CapitalismTAWNEY, R.H
24Psychopathology of Everyday LifeFREUD, Sigmund
25Only Yesterday. Vol IALLEN. F
26Only Yesterday. Vol IIALLEN.F
27Ur of the ChaldeesWOOLLEY. Sir Leonard
28CivilizationBELL. Clive
29Limitations of ScienceSULLIVAN. J.W.N
30A History of the English People in 1815 Vol IIIHALEVY. Elie
31My Apprenticeship Vol IWEBB, Beatrice
32My Apprenticeship Vol 2WEBB, Beatrice
33Totem and TabooFREUD. Sigmund
34Science and the Modern WorldWHITEHEAD, A.N
35The Great Victorians, Vol IIMASSINGHAM. H.J & Hugh
36The Common ReaderWOOLF. Virginia
37Socialism in EvolutionCOLE. G.D.H
38Art in EnglandLAMBERT. R.S
39The Centuries’ Poetry, Hood to hardyKILHAM-ROBERT. D (Ed)
40The Centuries’ Poetry, Bridges to Present dayKILHAM-ROBERT. D (Ed)
41We EuropeansHUXLEY and others
42The Bases of Modern ScienceSULLIVAN. J.W.N
43Introducing ShakespeareHARRISON. G.B
44Thinking to Some PurposeSTEBBING. Susan
45Economics of InheritanceWEDGWOOD. Josiah
46Letters of Gertrude Bell Vol IBELL. Gertrude
47Belief in GodGORE, Bishop
48Lord ShaftesburyMAMMOND, J.L and Barbara
49Mutual AidKROPOTIN. P
50History of the English People, Epilogue. 1895-1905, Vol IHALEVY. Elie
51Essays of a BiologistHUXLEY. Julian
52History of the Englisj people, Epilogue. 1895-1905, Vol IIHALEVY. Elie
53Philosophy of the Living, Vol 1STAPLEDON, Olaf
54Philosophy of the Living, Vol 2STAPLEDON, Olaf
55Philosophy of the Living, Vol 3BELL, Gertrude
56Belief and ActionSAMUEL, Viscount
57Great English Short Stories. Defoe to Dickens. Vol IHAMPDEN. John (Ed)
58The Eighteen NinetiesJACKSON. Holbrook
59The Stars in their CoursesJEANS. Sir James
60Working-lass WivesSPRING-RICE. Margery
61Modern ArchitectureRICHARDS. J.M
62What is Art?McCOLL. D.S
63InventionsHATFIELD. S.Statford
64Great English Short Stories. Trollope to O’Connor. Vol IIHAMPDEN. John (Ed)
65The Childhood of AnimalsMITCHELL, Sir P Chalmers
66Town PlanningSHARP. Thomas
67Primitive ArtAdam. Leonhard
68You and MusicDARNTON. Christain
69History of the English People: Epilogue 1895-1905 Vol IIIHALEVY. Elie
70The Expanding UniverseEDDINGTON. Sir Arthur
71The Physiology of SexWALKER. Kenneth
72A Short History of English LiteratureEVANS. B.Ifor
73Man, Microbe and MaladyDREW. Dr John
74British Scientists of the Nineteenth Century Vol ICROWTHER. G.J
75Watching BirdsFISHER. James
76An Anthology of Animal PoetryMASON. Kenneth
77Forever FreedomEDGWOOD. J and NEVINS .A
78The personality of AnimalsFOX. H.Munro
79The Poets and Their CriticsDAVIES. Hugh Sykes
81New Writing in EuropeLEHMANN. John
82European painting and SculptureNEWTON. Eric
83English Diaries of the Sixteenth, Seventeenth and Eighteenth CenturiesAITKEN. James (Ed)
84The Scientific AttitudeWADDINGTON. C.H
86The ChineseGALBRAITH. Winifred
87British Scientists of the Nineteenth Century Vol IICROWTHER J.G
88Science and Everyday LifeHALDANE J.B.S
89Comparative ReligionBOUQUET. A.C
90Lives of Great Composers Vol 1BACHARACH. A.L (Ed)
91Lives of Great Composers Vol 2BACHARACH. A.L (Ed)
92Lives of Great Composers Vol 3BACHARACH. A.L (Ed)
93The Centries Poerty, Pope to Keats,ROBERTS. D Kilham
94English JusticeSolicitor
95Words and DeedsNEVISON. H.W
96An Anthology of Religious VerseNICHOLSON Norman (Ed)
97An Anthology of Canadian PoetryGUSTAFSON Ralf (Ed)
98An Anthology of War PoetrySYMONS. Julian (Ed)
99A Book of English EssaysWILLIAMS W.E (Ed)
100ExplosivesREAD. John
101Men of AmericaEVLIN Lionel
102Human PhysiologyWALKER Kenneth
103Adventures of IdeasWHITEHEAD A.N
104Famous American Men of Science Vol 1CROWTHER J.G
105Famous American Men of Science Vol 2CROWTHER J.G
106Britain B.CWINBOLT. S.B
107Music in EnglandBLOM. Eric
108What Happened in HistoryCHILDE. V.Gordon
109An Outline of European ArchitecturePENSNER Nikolaus
110Rutherford or NelsonEVANS. Ivor B
111Soviet ScienceCROWTHER. J.G
112The Growth of ScienceROSSITER. A.P
113The Biological Control of InsectsNICOL. Hugh
114A short History of French LiteratureBISSON Laurence
115Prehistoric BritainHAWKES. Jacquetta & Christopher
116The Rebirth of ChristianityCOOK. Stanley
117Growing up in New GuineaMEAD. Margaret
118Narrative Poems of the late Nineteenth CenturyTREBLE. H.A
119Beyond the MicroscopeSMITH. Kenneth. M
120The Ancient WorldGLOVER. T.R
121Mathematician’s DelightSAWYER. W.W
122Ballet (Reissued as a pelican after being a pelican special)HASKELL. Arnold
123Minerals in IndustryJONES. W.R
124The WeatherKIMBLE. G.H
125Metals in the Service of Man.ALEXANDER. W & STRET. A
126FilmMANVELL Roger
127Coming of Age in SamoaMEAD. Margaret
128Geology in the Service of manFEARNSIDES. WG & BULMAN
129Democratic Ideals in RealityMACKINDER. Halford J
130InterglossHOGBEN. Lancelot
131English Diaries of the Nineteenth CenturyAITKEN James (Ed)
132The Second Common ReaderWOOLF. Virginia
133The A.B.C of PsychologyOGDEN. C.K
134Britain Under the RomansWINBOLT S.E
135Civilization, Science and ReligionRITCHIE. A.D
136An AutobiographyCOLLINGWOOD. R.G
137A Survey of Russian MusicCALVOCORESSI. M.D
138The American CharacterMEAD. Margaret
139The Physical Basis of PersonalityMOTTRAM. V.H
140The Managerial RevolutionBURNHAM. James
141Why Smash Atoms?SOLOMAN. A.K
142Greek Science, 1st issued in two volumes, A142, A192FARRINGTON. Benjamin
143Life in Shakespeare’s EnglandWILSON. John Dover
144Am Introduction to the BibleCOOK. Stanley
145Philosophy and PhysicistsSTEBBING. Susan
146Persons and PeriodsCOLE. G.D.H
147Animal CamouflageSTEPHENSON. E.M
148Psychology and World OrderWEST Ranyard
149Grow up- and LiveCHESSER. Eustace
150OperaDENT. Edward J
151Reading for ProfitBELGION. Montgomery
152Education in EnglandRICHMOND. W Kenneth
153Common Wild FlowersHUTCHINSON. John
154Microbes by the MillionNICIL. Hugh
155Plato and His DialoguesDICKINSON. G. Lowes
156British Music of our TimeBACHARACH A L (Ed)
157The Science of SeeingMAMM. I & PIRIE. A
158Juvenile Delinquency and the LawJONES. A.E
159Land of the SovietsGREGOREY. James. S
160Climbing in BritainBARFORD. J.E.Q
161Fish LoreMacMAHON. A.F Magri
162Local Government in England and WalesJACKSON. W. Eric
163English letters of the Eighteenth CenturyAITKIN. James (Ed)
164English letters of the Nineteenth CenturyAITKIN. James (ed)
165The Personality of ManTYRRELL G.N.M
166Glass Through the AgesHAYNES. E Barrington
167William Temple and his MessageBAKER, canon A.E
168The Pyramids of EgyptEDWARDS I.E.S
169John Citizen and the lawRUBINSTEIN. Ronald
170Science and the nationSTEVENS Dennis ?? & others
171The Bleak AgeHAMMOND J.L and Barbara
172A Short History of English DramaEVANS. B. Ifor
173The World’s WealthMOORE. W.G
174The Population of BritainHUBBACH. Eva.M
175Bird Recognition  Vol 1FISHER. James
176Bird Recognition  Vol 2FISHER. James
177Bird Recognition  Vol 3FISHER. James
178The Inventor and His WorldHATFIELD. H. Stafford
179GeneticsKALMUS. H & Crump. Lettice
180More Common WildflowersHUTCHINSON. John
181Man, the UnknownCARREL. Alexis
182Russian ArtRICE. Tamara Talbot
183British HerbsRANSON. Florence
184The IrishO’FAOLAIN. Sean
185Geology and Scenery in England and WalesTRUEMAN. A.E
186Scientists in RussiaASHBY. Eric
187Animals Without Backbones 1BUCHSBAUM R.L
188Animals Without Backbones 2BUCHSBAUM R.L
189The Life of JesusCADOUX. C.J
190Early Victorian NovelistsCECIL. Lord David
191Africa EmergentMACMILLAN. W.M
192Greek Science (II)FARRINGTON. Benjamin
193The Size of the UniverseHARGREAVES. F.J
194The Psychology of SexSCHWARZ Oswald
195Music Ho !LAMBERT. Constant
196The RomansBARROW. R.H
197England in the Nineteenth Century: Vol 8 in Pelican History of EnglandTHOMSON. David
198Before PhilosophyFRANKFORT. Henri & Mrs H.A
199The Archaeology of PalestineALBRIGHT. W.F
200The Aztecs of MexicoVALLIANT. G.C
201Pottery and CeramicsROSENTHAL Ernst
202The Magistrates CourtGILES. F.T
203Horse RacingCRAIG. Dennis
204The SymphonyHILL Ralph (Ed)
205Prehistoric IndiaPIGGOTT Stuart
206New Frontiers of the MindRHINE. J.B
207The American UnionNICHOLS. H.G
208The English ParliamentMACKENZIE. Kenneth
209The Science of FlightSUTTON. O.G
210Principles of Shakespearian  ProductionKNIGHT. G.Wilson
211Meaning and PurposeWALKER. Kenneth
212Tudor England: Vol 5 in the Pelican History of EnglandBINDOFF. S.T
213The Meaning of ArtREAD. Herbert
214SailingHEATON. Peter
215The WelshGRIFFITH. Wyn
216BeethovenSULLIVAN. J.W.N
217Justinian and his AgeURE. Percy Neville
218The Child at SchoolNEWSOM. J.H
219A Writer’s Notes of his TradeMONTAGUE. C.E
220The GreeksKITTO. H.D.F
221Economics of Everyday LifeWILLIAMS. Gertrude
222A History of the USSRROTHSTEIN. Andrew
223Uncommon WildflowersHUTCHINSON. John
224Atomic EnergyCRAMMER. J.L (Ed)
225Music 1950HILL. Ralph
226The Cinema 1950MANVELL Roger (Ed)
227Our LanguagePOTTER. Simeon
228BuddhismHUMPHREYS. Christmas
229William JamesKNIGHT Margaret
230Red Brick UniversityTRUSCOT Bruce
231England in the Eighteenth Century. Vol 7 of Pelican History of EnglandPLUMB. J.H
232Music 1951HILL Ralph (Ed)
233The Cinema 1951MANVELL Roger (Ed)
234England in the late Middle Ages. Vol 4 in the Pelican History of EnglandMYERS. A.R
235CruisingHEATON. Peter
236Facts From FiguresMORONEY. M.J
237The British WorkerZWEIG. Ferdynand
238Mozart’s LettersANDERSON, Emily (Ed)
240The Ant WorldMORLEY. Derek
241The English VillageBONHAM-CARTER. V
242See How They GrowFIELD. Mary & others
243Nineteenth Century OpinionGOODWIN. Michael
244Butler’s Moral PhilosophyDUNCAN-JONES Austin
245The Beginnings of English Society. Vol 2 in the Pelican History of EnglandWHITELOCK. D
246A life of One’s OwnFIELD. Joanna
247JazzHARRIS. Rex
248England in TransitionGEORGE. Dorothy
249The ConcertoHILL. Ralph (Ed)
250Contemporary British ArtREAD. Herbert
251Animal Painting in EnglandTAYLOR. Basil
252English Society on the Early Middle Ages. Vol 3, pelican History of EnglandSTENTON. Doris
253SpinozaHAMPSHIRE. Stuart
254Peirce and PragmatismGALLIE. W.B
255The Normal Child and His AbnormalitiesVALENTINE. C.W
256The ScotsMACLAREN Moray
257The House of Commons at WorkTAYLOR. Eric
258Music 1952ROBERTSON. Alec (Ed)
259The HittitesGURNEY. O.R
260The Cinema 1952MANVELL. R (Ed)
261The Forgotten KingdomWOLLEY. Leonard
262Psychiatry TodaySTAFFORD-CLARK. D
263The English Middle ClassesLEWIS. Roy
264PhilharmonicRUSSELL. Thomas
265Viruses and ManBURNET. F.M
266The Life of the RobynLACK. David
267John LockeO’CONNOR D.J
268England in the Seventeenth Century. Vol 6 in the pelican History of EnglandASHLEY. Maurice
269ChristianityCARPENTER. S.C
270Mysticism and LogicRUSSELL. Bertrand
271Child care and the Growth of LoveBOWLBY. John
272Plastics in the Service of manYARSLEY. V.E
273An Introduction to Jung’s PsychologyFORDHAM. Frieda
274John Stuart MillBRITTON. Karl
275Selected Letters of Gertrude BellRICHMOND. Lady (Selected)
276Men of Mathematics  Vol 1BELL. E.T (ed)
277Men of Mathematics  Vol 2BELL. E.T (ed)
278The Vocabulary of PoliticsWELDON. T.D
279Animals and MenKATZ. David
280Balance Carried ForwardCOOMBER. R.R
281Uses and Abuses of PsychologyEYSENK, H.J
282The Chemical IndustryWILLIAMS, T .I
283Sacred Books of the WorldBOUQUET. A.V
284The Legacy of the Ancient World, Vol IDe BURGH W.,G
285The Legacy of the Ancient World, Vol IIDe BURGH. W.G
286BerkeleyWARNOCK. G.J
287Byzantine ArtRICE. David Talbot
288Introduction to TypographySIMON. Oliver
289The Literature of the United StatesCUNLIFFE. Marcus
290A Guide to English Literature: 1 The age of ChaucerFORD, Boris (Ed)
291A Guide to English Literature: 2 The Age of Shakespeare FORD, Boris (Ed)
292The Queen’s GovernmentJENNINGS. Sir Ivor
294Dreams and NightmaresHADFIELD. J.A
295GrassesHUBBARD. C.E
296The Social Psychology of IndustryBROWN. J.A.C
297A Short History of French LiteratureBRERETON, Geoffrey
298Porcelain Through the AgesSAVAGE, George
299Sex and the Social OrderSEWARD. Georgene. H
300Oxford ApostlesFAHER. Geoffrey
301The Criminal LawGILES. F.T
302A History of Modern ChinaLATOURETTE. K.S
303Man and the Vertebrates 1ROMER. A.S
304Man and the Vertebrates 2ROMER. A.S
305LeibnizSAW, Ruth Lydia
306SilverTAYLOR. Gerald
307The Waning of the Middle AgesHUIZINGA. Agnes. J
308Minds and MachinesSLUCKIN. W
309English Furniture Styles 1500-1830FASTNEDGE. R
310The EtruscansPALLOTTINO. M
311IslamGIILLAUME. Alfred
312How Money is ManagedEINZIG. Paul
313A History of the United States, 1MORPURGO. J.E
314A History of the United States, 2MORPURGO. J.E
315Roman Britain. Vol of Pelican History of EnglandRICHMOND. I.A
316Prehistory of East AfricaCOLE. Sonia
317William Blake. A man without a maskBRONOWSKI. J
318The Wandering ScholarsWADDELL. Helen
319The Reach of the MindRHINE. J.B
320Cicero and the Roman RepublicCOWELL. F.R
321Daily Life in Ancient RomeCARCOPINO
322Man on his NatureSHERRINGTON. Sir Charles
323ElectricityDe Ville. Eric
324Man. Moral and SocietyFLILGEL. J.C
325A Guide to English Literature: 3, From Donne to MarvellFORD. Boris
326Microbes and UsNICIL. Hugh
327Prelude to MathematicsSAWYER. W.W
328The Colour ProblemsRICHMOND. A.H
329French ArchitectureLAVEDAN. Pierre
330British Wild Flowers 1HUTCHINSON. John
331British Wild Flowers 2HUTCHINSON. John
332Sex and SocietyWALKER. Kenneth
333A Short History of Confucian PhilosophyWU-CHI. Liu
334The Film and the PublicMANVELL. Roger
335Rome Beyond the Imperial FrontiersWHEELER. Sir Mortimer
336Foundations in the DustLLOYD. Seton
337Christian Faith To-dayNEILL. Stephen
338KantKRONER. S
339Origins of the EarthSMART. W.M
340The Decipherment of Linear BCHADWICK. John
341The Human SpeciesBARRET Anthony
342The Stone Age of Northern AfricaMcBURNEY. C.B.M
343Five Hundred Years of PrintingSTEINBERG. S.H
344A History of New ZealandSINCLAIR. Keith
345Christianity and the Social OrderTEMPLE. William
346Human GroupsSPROTT. W.J.H
347Musical Instruments Through the AgesBAINES. Anthony
348AlchemyHOLMYARD. E.F
349AquinasCOPLESTON. F.C
350The ArabsATIYAH. Edward
351A Guide to Earth HistoryCARRINGTON. Richard
352F.H.BradleyWOLLHEIM. Richard
353ChemistryHUTTON. Kenneth
354Early AnatoliaLLOYD. Seton
355The Civil Service in BritainCAMPBELL.G
356Archaeology from the EarthWHEELER. Sir Mortimer
357To Define True MadnessYELLOWLESS. Henry
358Chinese Art. Vol 1WILLETTS. William
359Chinese Art Vol 2WILLETTS. William
360The Pelican Book of English Prose. Vol 1 Elizabethan  and Jacobean Prose, 1550-1620ALLOTT. Kenneth (Ed)
361The Pelican Book of English Prose. Vol 2 Seventeenth Century Prose, 1620-1700 RUE. Peter Ed
362The Pelican Book of English Prose. Vol 3 RUE. Peter Ed
363The Pelican Book of English Prose. Vol 4 RUE. Peter Ed
364The Pelican Book of English Prose. Vol 5 RUE. Peter Ed
365The Queen’s CourtsARCHER. Peter
366Alfred Adler: An Introduction to his PsychologyWAY. Lewis
367PetersPETERS. R.S
368In an Age of RevolutionGARBETT. Cyril
369Landscape into ArtCLARK. Kenneth
370Group PsychotherapyFOULKES. S.F
371A History of Western LiteratureCOHEN. J.M
372Chamber MusicROBERTSON. Alec Ed
373The Human MachineABRAHAMS. Adolphe
374The Postage Stamp: its history and recognitionWILLIAMS L.N
375The Sea Around UsCARSON Rachel
376The Dead Sea ScrollsALLEGRO J.M
377The problem of KnowledgeAYER. A.J
378Human DiseaseCLARK-KENNEDY A.E
379The Pel1can Guide to English Literature: 4, From Dryden to JohnsonFORD. Boris Ed
380EducationSMITH. W.O Lester
381How to be Happy Though HumanWOLFE. W Beran
382The Mentality of ApesKOHLER. Wolfgang
383Wines and SpiritsMARRISON. L.W
384English Penal SystemELKIN. Winifred
385Sense and Nonsense in PsychologyEYSENCK. H.J
386 The Aesthetic AdventureGaunt. William
387Patients and DoctorsWALKER, Kenneth
388The Music Masters 1BACHARACH AL
389The Music Masters 2BACHARACH AL
390The Music Masters 3BACHARACH AL
391The Music Masters 4BACHARACH AL
392Thought not issued
393Roma ReadingGRANT, Michael
394Animal Parasitic in ManLAPAGE. Geoffrey
395The Ancient Civilizations of PeruMASON. F. Alden
396Social Welfare and the CitizenARCHER. Peter
397The Thirty Years WarWEDGWOOD. C.V
398The Pattern of EnglishVALLINS. G.H
399Atomic Radiation and LifeALEXANDER. Peter
400The History of the British NavyLEWIS. Michael Arthur
401Man and AutomationGOODMAN. L. Landon
402The Pelican Guide to Literature: From Blake to ByronFORD. Boris
403A History of Modern FranceCOBBAN. Alfred
404Ancient Voyagers in the PacificSHARP, Andres
405Memory: facts of FallaciesHUNTER. I.M.L
406Beyond the GospelsDUNKERKY. Roberic
407A Short Account of Muslim ArchitectureCRESWELL. K.A.C
408The Faith of the BibleFISON. J.E
409WitchcraftPARRINDER. Geoffrey
410The BadgerNEAL. Ernest
411The Age of EleganceBRYANT. Arthur
412Man the Peculiar AnimalHARRISON. R.J
413The Pelican Guide to English Literature 6FORD. Boris
414The Old Testament ProphetsHEATON. E.W
415The Pre-History of European Society ???CHILDE V Gordon
416Language in HistoryGOAD. Harold
417Recorded Jazz. A Critical GuideHARRIS, Rex
418The Human SituationDIXON. W Macneile
419Lascaux: paintings and EngravingsLAMING, Annette
420A History of the Ancient WorldCARY. Max (oth)
421AnglicanismNeil. Stephen
422The Face of the SunNEWTON. H.W
423Body and Mind in Western ThoughtREEVES Joan
424Medieval Thought: St Augustine to OckhamLEFF. Gordon
425World HealthBROCKINGTON. Fraser
426The Earth Beneath UsSWINNERTON. H.H
427Roman LiteratureGrant. Michael
428David HumeBASSON. H.A
429Gods of the GreeksKERENYI. Carl
430Leonardo De VinciCLARK. Kenneth
431The Uses of LiteracyHOGGART. Richard
432Venture to the ArticHAMILTON. R.A
433The Theory of EvolutionSMITH. John Maynard
434The Exploration of SpaceCLARKE. Arthur C
435The English NovelALLEN, Walter
436Children and The LawGILES. F.T
437How the Bible Came to UsHERKLOTS. H.G.G
438A LandHAWKES. Jacquetta
439Pottery Through the AgesSAVAGE. George
440JudaismEPSTEIN. Isidore
441Health in IndustryHUNTER Donald
442Relativity for the LaymanCOLEMAN. James A
443A Shortened History of EnglandTREVELYAN. G.M
444The Origins of Love and HateSUTTIE. Ian
445Poets in the LandscapeHIGHT, Gilbert
446Hypnosis, Fact and FictionMARCUSE. F.L
447The Face of the EarthDURY. G.H
448YogaWOOD. Ernest
449Applied GeographySTAMO. L.Dudley
450StonehengeATKINSON. R.J.C
451The Crowning PrivilegeGRAVES, Robert
452The Idea of HolyOTTO. Rudolf
453The Psychology of ThinkingTHOMSON. Robert
454How Animal MoveGray James
455A Short History of Italian LiteratureWHITFIELD. J.H
456Epidemic DiseasesGALE. A.H
457Daily PrayerMILNER-WHITE. Eric
458The Prehistory of Southern AfricaCLARK. J Desmond
459The VikingsBRONDSTED. Johannes
460Why EvilJAMES. John
461Organic Chemistry TodayGIBBS. F.W
462Archaic EgyptEMERY. Walter B
463Man Explores the SeaDUGGAN. James
464A History of Spain and PortugalATKINSON W C
465The Modern AgeFORD. Boris Ed
466Home and GrasmereCLARK Colette
467England Under the StuartsTREVELYAN G.M
468The Jews in our TimeBENTWICH. Norman
469Understanding WeatherSUTTON. O.G
470Language in the Modern WorldPOTTER. Simeon
471The Church TodayWAND. J.W.C
472Invitation to PilgrimageBAILLE. John
473Modern Science and the Nature of LifeBECK. W.S
474Management SurveyHOOPER. Frederic
475A history of modern JapanSTORRY. Richard
476IsotopesPUTNAM. J.L
477HomosexualityWEST. D.J
478Riddles in MathematicsNORTHROP. Eugene
479Radio AstronomySMITH. F. Graham
480The Sicilian VespersRUNCIMAN. Steven
481MagnetismLEE. E.W
482Chance, Skill and Luck: The Psychology of Guessing and GamblingCOHEN. John
483Queen Elizabeth INEALE. J.E
484The Nude. A study of Ideal ArtCLARKE. Kenneth
485The Rise of MeritocracyYOUNG Michael
486London The Unique CityRASMUSSEN. Steen
487Health and HormonesMASON. A Stuart
488The Gospel of St MatthewFENTON. J.C
489The Gospel of St MarkNINEHAM D.E
490The Gospel of St LukeCAIRD. G.B
491The Gospel of St JohnMARSH John
492The Pelican History of Music 1ROBERTSON. Alec
493The Pelican History of Music 2ROBERTSON. Alec
494The Pelican History of Music 3ROBERTSON. Alec
495Archaeology in USSRMONGAIT. A.L
496Health in ChildhoodELLIS. R.W.B
497Pioneers of Modern DesignPEVSNER. Nikolaus
498A History of Science and Technology 1FORBES & DIJKSTERHUIS
499A History of Science and Technology 2FORBES & DIJKSTERHUIS
500The Reader’s GuideWILLIAMS. Sir William Ed

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  2. Great detail, just what I need, do you want to know if I find other penguin books not on your list. eg gardening

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  4. What is the order in the Pelican Postcards box? I am currently reading the series in the order in the box, but because of Covid lockdown I cannot be near the box I own. The first four in the box I own were Ballet, The Exploration of Space, How to be Happy Though Human, and Early Muslim Architecture. I have now read all four. What is the fifth?

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