Classics: 2nd Edition

Penguin’s second rendition of the Classics series, which began in 1963 with the incorporation of the Marber grid, and ran until 1985. The style of the series was left untouched throughout these 22 years; however, collecting the series is more problematic because of the substitution of ISBNs for the number coding on the spines of the books halfway through the life of the series. The first 125 titles share the same number as their first edition counterparts; later titles, however, are more difficult to organize.

L1 Odyssey Homer
L3 Theban Plays Sophocles 1947
L4 Candide Voltaire 1947
L5 On Britain and Germany Tacitus
L6 Divine Comedy I: Hell Dante
L7 Persian Expedition Xenephon
L8 Pastoral Poems Virgil
L9 On the Eve Tergenev
L10 Don Quixote Cervantes 1950
L11 The Golden Ass Apuleius 1950
L12 Faust (1) Goethe 1949
L13 Manon Lescaut Abbe Prevost
L14 Iliad Homer
L15 Madame Bovary Flaubert
L16 Three Plays Ibsen
L17 Old Goriot Balzac 1951
L18 Nature of the Universe Lucretius
L21 Conquest of Gaul Caesar
L22 Canterbury Tales Chaucer
L23 Crime and Punishment Dostoyevsky
L24 Symposium Plato
L25 Three Musketeers Dumas
L26 Lusiads Camoens
L27 Imitation of Christ Thomas a Kempis 1952
L28 Electra Sophocles 1953
L29 Medieval Latin Lyrics Various
L30 Scarlet and Black Stendhal
L31 Alcestis Euripides
L33 Confessions of Rousseau Rousseau 1953
L34 Histories Heroditus
L35 Devils Dostoyevsky
L36 Five Plays Moliere
L37 Last days of Socrates Plato
L39 Pelopennesian Wars Thucidides
L40 Oblomov Goncharov
L41 Anna Karenina Tolstoy
L42 History of the Church Bede
L43 Fables Aesop
L44 Bacchae Euripides
L45 Germinal Zola
L46 Purgatory Dante
L47 Gargantua & Pantagruel Rabelais 1955
L48 Republic Plato
L49 Autobiography Cellini
L50 Eugenie Grandet Balzac
L51 Aeneid Virgil
L52 Koran N.J.Dawood 1956
L53 Master Builder Ibsen
L54 Idiot Dostoyevsky 1955
L55 Ethics Aristotle
L57 Travels Marco Polo 1958
L58 Metamorphosis Ovid
L59 Daphnis and Chloe Longus
L60 On Imperial Rome Tacitus
L61 Charterhouse of Parma Stendhal 1958
L62 War and Peace (I) Tolstoy
L63 War and Peace (II) Tolstoy
L64 1001 Nights Tr. N.J.Dawood 1955
L67 Oresteian Trilogy Aeschylus
L68 Plato Protagras Plato
L70 Beowulf Anon
L72 Twelve Caesars Suetonius
L75 Song of Roland Anon
L78 Brothers Karamazov  (I) Dostoyevsky
L79 Brothers Karamazov  (II) Dostoyevsky
L81 Alexander Arrian 1958
L82 Three Plays Strindberg
L83 Essays Montagne
L84 Fall of the Roman Empire Plutarch
L85 Voyage of Argo Appolonius
L86 Against Nature Huysmans
L87 Piers the Ploughman Langland
L88 Buddhist Scriptures Edward Conze
L89 Misanthrope Moliere
L90 The Jewish War Josephus
L92 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Anon
L93 Faust (II) Goethe
L94 Gorgias Plato 1960
L95 Maxims Rochefocauld
L96 Chekov Plays Chekov
L97 Discourse on Method Descartes
L98 Tristan von Strasburg
L99 Selected Works Cicero
L100 Epic of Gilgamesh Anon
L102 Rise and Fall of Athens Plutarch
L103 Njal’s Saga Anon
L104 Early History of Rome Livy
L105 The Divine Comedy III-Paradise Dante
L106 Three Tales Flaubert
L107 Prince Machiavelli
L108 Cloud of Unknowing Anon
L109 The Cossacks Tolstoy 1960
L111 Monkey Wu Cheng-en
L112 4 Plays Aeschylus
L113 Dead Souls Gogol
L114 Confessions Augustine of Hippo
L115 Bel-Ami Maupassant
L116 Les Liaisons Dangereuses Laclos
L117 Satirical Sketches Lucian
L118 Thus Spoke Zarathustra Nietzsche 1961
L119 Queen of Spades Pushkin
L120 Therese Raquin Emile Zola 1962
L121 Bagavad Gita Anon 1962
L122 Phaedra and other Plays Jean Racine 1963
L123 The Conquest of New Spain Diaz 1963
L124 Chronicles of the Crusades Joinville
L125 Politics Aristotle
L126 Zadig; l’ingenu Voltaire 1964
L127 Letters of the Younger Pliny Pliny the Younger 1963
L128 Confessio Amantis John Gower 1963
L129 Medea and Other Plays Euripides
L130 The New Life/La Vita Nuova Dante
L131 Tao Te Ching Loao Tzu
L132 Jugurthine War Sallust 1963
L133 The Barber of Seville Beaumarche 1964
L134 Adolphe Benjamin Constant
L135 Ghosts & Other Plays Ibsen 1964
L136 The Rope and Other Plays Plautus 1964
L137 The Nibelungenlied
L138 The History of the Church Eusebius
L139 Childhood, Boyhood, Youth Tolstoy
L140 Meditations Marcus Aurelius
L141 Sentimental Education Gustave Flaubert
L142 The Spanish Bawd Fernando de Rojas 1964
L143 Lady with Lapdog Anton Chekov
L144  Medieval English Verse
L145 The War with Hannibal Livy
L146 The Lady from the Sea Henrik Ibsen
L147 Fathers and Sons Ivan Turgenev
L148 Memoirs Chateaubriand
L149 The Pot of Gold Plautus
L150 The Histories Tacitus
L151 Eugene Onegin Alexander Pushkin
L152 The Frogs and Other Plays Aristophanes
L153 Lives of the Saints Bede
L154 The Vinland Sagas Anon 1965
L155 Classical Literary Criticism Aristotle Horace Longinus 1965
L156 The Brothers and Other Plays Terence
L157 Poems of the Late T’ang
L158 Makers of Rome Plutarch 1965
L159 The Satyricon Petronius
L160 Cousin Bette Honore de Balzac
L161 A Woman’s Life Guy de Maupassant 1965
L162 Timaeus Plato 1965
L163 The Upanishads
L164 The Lives of the Artists Giorgio Vasari
L165 Utopia Thomas More 1965
L166 Poems Propertius
L167 Peer Gynt Henrik Ibsen
L168 Carmen and Colomba Prosper Merime
L169 Fourteen Byzantine Rulers Michael Psellus
L170 The History of the Kings of Britain Geoffrey of Monmouth
L171 Pensees Blaise Pascal 1966
L172 The Earliest English Poems
L173 Rameau’s Nephew Denis Diderot
L174 Four Tragedies & Octavia Seneca
L175 History of My Times Xenephon
L176 A Hero of Our Time Lermontov
L177 Revelations of Divine Love Julian of Norwich
L178 My Childhood Maxim Gorky
L179 The Gambler Fyodor Dostoyevsky
L180 The Poems of Catullus Catullus
L181 Miau Peres Galdos
L182 The Secret History Procopius
L183 King Harald’s Saga Snorri Sturluson
L184 Resurrection Tolstoy
L185 The Narrow Road to the Deep North Basho
L186 Sketches from a Hunter’s Album Ivan Turgenev
L187 The Civil War Caesar
L188 The Odes of Horace Horace
L189 The Golden Casket: Chinese Novellas Various
L190 Effi Briest Theodor Fontane
L191 Phorimio and Other Plays Terence
L192 The Book of the Courtier Count Bastiglione
L193 Meander Plays and Fragments Theophrastus 1967
L194 The Sixteen Satires Juvenal
L195 Andromache Jean Racine
L196 The Provincial Letters Pascal
L197 Early Christian Writings
L198 Poems from the Sanscrit
L199 Anthology of Japanese Literature Various 1968
L200 Chronicles Froissart
L201 The Social Contract Jean-Jacques Rousseau
L202 The Discovery and Conquest of Peru de Zarate
L203 Anthology of Chinese Literature 1967
L204 Four Comedies Goldoni
L205 The Wild Ass’s Skin Honore de Balzac
L206 Discourse on Method Descartes
L207 Twilight of the Gods Friedrich Nietzsche
L208 The Consolation of Philosophy Boethius
L209 The Odes of Pindar Pindar
L210 Letters from a Stoic Seneca
L211 Two Spanish Picaresque Novels
L212 The Buccaneers of America Exquemelin
L213 Two Lives of Charlesmagne Einhard
L214 Selected Political Speeches Cicero 1969
L215 Alexiad Anna Comnena
L216 La Vita Nuova Dante 1969
L217 The Four Voyages of Christopher Colombus J.M.Cohen 1969
L218 Laxdaela Saga Magnus Magnusson

3 comments on “Classics: 2nd Edition

  1. I can fill in the remaining gaps in your list.
    L144: Medieval Verse (1964)
    L160: Balzac: Cousin Bette (1965)
    L200: Froissart: Chronicles (1968)
    L215: The Alexiad of Anna Comnena (1969)

    I have constructed a list up to 402 Rig Veda, 403-4 Hugo: Les Miserables though towards the end there are gaps (344, 345, 347, 351, 354, 356, 357, 365, 366, 373, 377-382, 391, 400) which I suspect were never issued.

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