Classics: 2nd Edition

Penguin’s second rendition of the Classics series, which began in 1963 with the incorporation of the Marber grid, and ran until 1985. The style of the series was left untouched throughout these 22 years; however, collecting the series is more problematic because of the substitution of ISBNs for the number coding on the spines of the books halfway through the life of the series. The first 125 titles share the same number as their first edition counterparts; later titles, however, are more difficult to organize.

Complicating things further: the series actually overlaps with the third edition, which used the same ISBN numbers, so the later numbers can be very confusing. The series appears to end with a bilingual, trade-sized edition of The Poem of the Cid, and a handful of the books are larger than the usual mass market size. Several works were also republished under new translations (Eugene Onegin: L151, L394, and The Theban Plays: L3, L425). I have included these when there is a new cover, but it’s very possible that I missed a couple.

Only one book in the series breaks with the standard cover design, The Tale of Genji (L390). This book has traditional Japanese art on the cover, and bears no resemblance to the rest of the series, save for the words “Penguin Classics” on the top right corner.

Lastly: certain books in the ISBN era, based on my search, have only produced evidence of 3rd edition covers despite being in the 2nd edition area of the numbering. I have included these at the bottom. If you own a 2nd edition copy of any of these books, and could send me a photo, I would be very appreciative. For now, they are excluded from the main list. 

L1OdysseyHomer 0140440011
L3Theban PlaysSophocles19470140440038
L5On Britain and GermanyTacitus 0140440054
L6Divine Comedy I: HellDante 0140440062
L7Persian ExpeditionXenephon 0140440070
L8Pastoral PoemsVirgil 0140440089
L9On the EveTergenev 0140440097
L10Don QuixoteCervantes19500140440100
L11The Golden AssApuleius19500140440119
L12Faust (1)Goethe19490140440127
L13Manon LescautAbbe Prevost 0140440135
L14IliadHomer 0140440143
L15Madame BovaryFlaubert 0140440151
L16Three PlaysIbsen 014044016X
L17Old GoriotBalzac19510140440178
L18Nature of the UniverseLucretius 0140440186
L21Conquest of GaulCaesar 0140440216
L22Canterbury TalesChaucer 0140440224
L23Crime and PunishmentDostoyevsky 0140440232
L24SymposiumPlato 0140440240
L25Three MusketeersDumas 0140440259
L26LusiadsCamoens 0140440267
L27Imitation of ChristThomas a Kempis19520140440275
L29Medieval Latin LyricsVarious 0140440291
L30Scarlet and BlackStendhal 0140440305
L31AlcestisEuripides 0140440313
L33Confessions of RousseauRousseau1953014044033X
L34HistoriesHeroditus 0140440348
L35DevilsDostoyevsky 0140440356
L36Five PlaysMoliere 0140440364
L37Last days of SocratesPlato 0140440372
L39Pelopennesian WarsThucidides 0140440399
L40OblamovGoncharov 0140440402
L41Anna KareninaTolstoy 0140440410
L42History of the ChurchBede 0140440429
L43FablesAesop 0140440437
L44BacchaeEuripides 0140440445
L45GerminalZola 0140440453
L46PurgatoryDante 0140440461
L47Gargantua & PantagruelRabelais1955014044047X
L48RepublicPlato 0140440488
L49AutobiographyCellini 0140440496
L50Eugenie GrandetBalzac 014044050X
L51AeneidVirgil 0140440518
L53Master BuilderIbsen 0140440534
L55EthicsAristotle 0140440550
L57TravelsMarco Polo19580140440577
L58MetamorphosisOvid 0140440585
L59Daphnis and ChloeLongus 0140440593
L60On Imperial RomeTacitus 0140440607
L61Charterhouse of ParmaStendhal19580140440615
L62War and Peace (I)Tolstoy 0140440623
L63War and Peace (II)Tolstoy 0140440631
L641001 NightsTr. N.J.Dawood1955014044064X
L67Oresteian TrilogyAeschylus 0140440674
L68Plato ProtagrasPlato 0140440682
L70BeowulfAnon 0140440704
L72Twelve CaesarsSuetonius 0140440720
L75Song of RolandAnon 0140440755
L78Brothers Karamazov  (I)Dostoyevsky 014044078X
L79Brothers Karamazov  (II)Dostoyevsky 0140440798
L82Three PlaysStrindberg 0140440828
L83EssaysMontagne 0140440836
L84Fall of the Roman EmpirePlutarch 0140440844
L85Voyage of ArgoAppolonius 0140440852
L86Against NatureHuysmans 0140440860
L87Piers the PloughmanLangland 0140440879
L88Buddhist ScripturesEdward Conze 0140440887
L89MisanthropeMoliere 0140440895
L90The Jewish WarJosephus 0140440909
L92Sir Gawain and the Green KnightAnon 0140440925
L93Faust (II)Goethe 0140440933
L95MaximsRochefocauld 014044095X
L96Chekov PlaysChekhov 0140440968
L97Discourse on MethodDescartes 0140440976
L98Tristanvon Strasburg 0140440984
L99Selected WorksCicero 0140440992
L100Epic of GilgameshAnon 014044100X
L101PoemsSt. John of the Cross19600140441018
L102Rise and Fall of AthensPlutarch 0140441026
L103Njal’s SagaAnon 0140441034
L104Early History of RomeLivy 0140441042
L105The Divine Comedy III-ParadiseDante 0140441050
L106Three TalesFlaubert 0140441069
L107PrinceMachiavelli 0140441077
L108Cloud of UnknowingAnon 0140441085
L109The CossacksTolstoy19600140441093
L110The PenseesBlaise Pascal19610140441107
L111MonkeyWu Cheng-en 0140441115
L1124 PlaysAeschylus 0140441123
L113Dead SoulsGogol 0140441131
L114ConfessionsAugustine of Hippo 014044114X
L115Bel-AmiMaupassant 0140441158
L116Les Liaisons DangereusesLaclos 0140441166
L117Satirical SketchesLucian 0140441174
L118Thus Spoke ZarathustraNietzsche19610140441182
L119Queen of SpadesPushkin 0140441190
L120Therese RaquinEmile Zola19620140441204
L121Bagavad GitaAnon19620140441212
L122Phaedra and other PlaysJean Racine19630140441220
L123The Conquest of New SpainDiaz19630140441239
L124Chronicles of the CrusadesJoinville 0140441247
L125PoliticsAristotle 0140441255
L126Zadig; l’ingenuVoltaire19640140441263
L127Letters of the Younger PlinyPliny the Younger19630140441271
L128Confessio AmantisJohn Gower1963014044128X
L129Medea and Other PlaysEuripides 0140441298
L130The New Life/La Vita NuovaDante 0140441301
L131Tao Te ChingLoao Tzu 014044131X
L132Jugurthine WarSallust19630140441328
L133The Barber of SevilleBeaumarche19640140441336
L134AdolpheBenjamin Constant 0140441344
L135Ghosts & Other PlaysIbsen19640140441352
L136The Rope and Other PlaysPlautus19640140441360
L137The Nibelungenlied  0140441379
L138The History of the ChurchEusebius 0140441387
L139Childhood, Boyhood, YouthTolstoy 0140441395
L140MeditationsMarcus Aurelius 0140441409
L141Sentimental EducationGustave Flaubert 0140441417
L142The Spanish BawdFernando de Rojas19640140441425
L143Lady with LapdogAnton Chekov 0140441433
L144Medieval English Verse  0140441441
L145The War with HannibalLivy 014044145X
L146The Lady from the SeaHenrik Ibsen 0140441468
L147Fathers and SonsIvan Turgenev 0140441476
L148MemoirsChateaubriand 0140441484
L149The Pot of GoldPlautus 0140441492
L150The HistoriesTacitus 0140441506
L151Eugene OneginAlexander Pushkin 0140441514
L152The Frogs and Other PlaysAristophanes 0140441522
L153Lives of the SaintsBede 0140441530
L154The Vinland SagasAnon19650140441549
L155Classical Literary CriticismAristotle Horace Longinus19650140441557
L156The Brothers and Other PlaysTerence 0140441565
L157Poems of the Late T’ang  0140441573
L158Makers of RomePlutarch19650140441581
L159The SatyriconPetronius 014044159X
L160Cousin BetteHonore de Balzac 0140441603
L161A Woman’s LifeGuy de Maupassant19650140441611
L163The Upanishads  0140441638
L164The Lives of the ArtistsGiorgio Vasari 0140441646
L165UtopiaThomas More19650140441654
L166PoemsPropertius 0140441662
L167Peer GyntHenrik Ibsen 0140441670
L168Carmen and ColombaProsper Merime 0140441689
L169Fourteen Byzantine RulersMichael Psellus 0140441697
L170The History of the Kings of BritainGeoffrey of Monmouth 0140441700
L171PenseesBlaise Pascal19660140441719
L172The Earliest English Poems  0140441727
L173Rameau’s NephewDenis Diderot 0140441735
L174Four Tragedies & OctaviaSeneca 0140441743
L175History of My TimesXenephon 0140441751
L176A Hero of Our TimeLermontov 014044176X
L177Revelations of Divine LoveJulian of Norwich 0140441778
L178My ChildhoodMaxim Gorky 0140441786
L179The GamblerFyodor Dostoyevsky 0140441794
L180The Poems of CatullusCatullus 0140441808
L181MiauPeres Galdos 0140441816
L182The Secret HistoryProcopius 0140441824
L183King Harald’s SagaSnorri Sturluson 0140441832
L184ResurrectionTolstoy 0140441840
L185The Narrow Road to the Deep NorthBasho 0140441859
L186Sketches from a Hunter’s AlbumIvan Turgenev 0140441867
L187The Civil WarCaesar 0140441875
L188The Odes of HoraceHorace 0140441883
L189The Golden Casket: Chinese NovellasVarious 0140441891
L190Effi BriestTheodor Fontane 0140441905
L191Phorimio and Other PlaysTerence 0140441913
L192The Book of the CourtierCount Bastiglione 0140441921
L193Meander Plays and FragmentsTheophrastus1967014044193X
L194The Sixteen SatiresJuvenal 0140441948
L195AndromacheJean Racine 0140441956
L196The Provincial LettersPascal 0140441964
L197Early Christian Writings  0140441972
L198Poems from the Sanscrit  0140441980
L199Anthology of Japanese LiteratureVarious19680140441999
L200ChroniclesFroissart 0140442006
L201The Social ContractJean-Jacques Rousseau 0140442014
L202The Discovery and Conquest of Perude Zarate 0140442022
L203Anthology of Chinese Literature 19670140442030
L204Four ComediesGoldoni 0140442049
L205The Wild Ass’s SkinHonore de Balzac 0140442057
L206Discourse on MethodDescartes 0140442065
L207Twilight of the GodsFriedrich Nietzsche 0140442073
L208The Consolation of PhilosophyBoethius 0140442081
L209The Odes of PindarPindar 014044209X
L210Letters from a StoicSeneca 0140442105
L211Two Spanish Picaresque Novels  0140442111
L212The Buccaneers of AmericaExquemelin 014044212X
L213Two Lives of CharlesmagneEinhard 0140442138
L214Selected Political SpeechesCicero19690140442146
L215AlexiadAnna Comnena 0140442154
L216La Vita NuovaDante19690140442162
L217The Four Voyages of Christopher ColombusJ.M.Cohen19690140442170
L218Laxdaela SagaMagnus Magnusson 0140442189
L219Five German TragediesF.J. Lamport, ed. 0140442197
L220The Quest of the Holy GrailAnonymous 0140442200
L221CharactersLa Bruyere 0140442219
L222The LawsPlato 0140442227
L223Greek Political Oratory  0140442235
L224Home of the GentryTurgenev, Ivan 0140442243
L225Guide to Greece, Vol. 1: Central GreecePausanias 0140442251
L226Guide to Greece, Vol. 1: Southern GreecePausanias 014044226X
L227Essays and AphorismsSchopenhauer, Arthur 0140442278
L228MenciusMencius 0140442286
L229Memoirs of Socrates & The SymposiumXenophon 0140442294
L230The Romance of TristanBeroul 0140442308
L231Assommoir, L’Zola, Emile 0140442316
L232A Harlot High and LowBalzac, Honoré de 0140442324
L234Life of ApolloniusPhilostratus 0140442340
L235Moral EssaysPlutarch 0140442359
L236The Pillow Book of Sei ShonagonShonagon, Sei 0140442367
L237The Black SheepBalzac, Honoré de 0140442375
L238Hrafnkel’s SagaAnonymous 0140442383
L239Troilus and CriseydeChaucer, Geoffrey 0140442391
L240Praise of FollyErasmus 0140442405
L241The Agricola and The GermaniaTacitus 0140442413
L242Elective AffinitiesGoethe 0140442421
L243Selected Short StoriesMaupassant, Guy de 014044243X
L244On the Good LifeCicero, Marcus Tullius 0140442448
L245The Owl and the NightingaleAnonymous 0140442456
L246The Last Poets of Imperial RomeVarious 0140442464
L247A Celtic MiscellanyVarious 0140442472
L248Exemplary StoriesCervantes 0140442480
L249Poems of Heaven and Hell from Ancient MesopotamiaVarious 0140442499
L250Jewish Poets of SpainVarious 0140442502
L251Lost IllusionsBalzac, Honoré de 0140442510
L252Notes from Underground, The DoubleDostoyevsky, Fyodor 0140442529
L253The Campaigns of AlexanderArrian 0140442537
L254Aucassin and Nicolette and Other TalesMatarasso, Pauline Maud 0140442545
L255The Death of King ArthurAnonymous 0140442553
L256The Fire of LoveRolle 0140442561
L257Philosophical DictionaryVoltaire 014044257X
L258Four Russian PlaysFonvizen, Denis 0140442588
L259Orestes and Other PlaysEuripides 0140442596
L260The ChouansBalzac, Honoré de 014044260X
L261Timaeus and CritiasPlato 0140442618
L262Six Yuan PlaysVarious 0140442626
L263NanaZola, Émile 0140442634
L264Memoirs: The Reign of Louis XI, 1461-83Commynes, Philippe de 0140442642
L265The Nature of the GodsCicero, Marcus Tullius 0140442650
L266The PoemsTibullus 0140442669
L267Beyond Good and EvilNietzsche, Friedrich 0140442677
L268BeowulfAnon 0140442685
L269The DecameronBoccaccio, Giovanni 0140442693
L270Speaking of SivaAnon 0140442707
L271A Murky BusinessBalzac, Honore de 0140442715
L272Li Po and Tu Fu: PoemsPo, Li 0140442723
L273Diary of a Madman and Other StoriesGogol, Nikolai 0140442731
L274The BetrothedManzoni, Alessandro 014044274X
L275Phaedrus and Letters VII and VIIIPlato 0140442758
L276Selected Writings on Art and ArtistsBaudelaire, Charles 0140442766
L277Fortunata and JacintaGaldos, Perez 0140442774
L278The Prayers and Meditations of Saint AnselmAnselm 0140442782
L279The Satires of Horace and PersiusHorace & Persius 0140442790
L280The DebacleZola, Émile 0140442804
L281Persian LettersMontesquieu 0140442812
L282As I Crossed the Bridge of Dreams(Sarashina) 0140442820
L283Hesiod and TheognisHesiod 0140442839
L284The DhammapadaAnonymous 0140442847
L285The Greek AnthologyVarious 0140442855
L286The Age of AlexanderPlutarch 0140442863
L287Lysistrata and Other PlaysAristophanes 0140442871
L288Murder TrialsCicero, Marcus Tullius 014044288X
L289Tales from the Thousand and One NightsAnonymous 0140442898
L290The Life of Henry BrulardStendhal 0140442901
L291My ApprenticeshipGorky, Maxim 014044291X
L292Three French FarcesVarious 0140442928
L293The Story of the Stone: Volume 1Xueqin, Cao 0140442936
L294Greek Pastoral PoetryVarious 0140442944
L295A History of the FranksGregory 0140442952
L296Poems of Wang WeiWang Wei 0140442960
L297The Letters of Abelard and HeloiseAbelard, Peter 0140442979
L298The Book of Dede KorkutAnon 0140442987
L299Demosthenes and AeschinesDemosthenes 0140442995
L300The NunDiderot, Denis 0140443002
L301History of the ThirteenBalzac, Honoré de 0140443010
L302My UniversitiesGorky, Maxim 0140443029
L303Up From the CountryMarivaux, Pierre C. de 0140443037
L304RudinTurgenev, Ivan 0140443045
L305Birds Through a Ceiling of AlabasterVarious 0140443053
L306Hindu MythsAnonymous 0140443061
L307LoveStendhal 014044307X
L308Lives of the Later CaesarsVarious 0140443088
L309Letters to AtticusCicero, Marcus Tullius 0140443096
L310Orlando Furioso, Part TwoAriosto, Ludovico 014044310X
L311Orlando Furioso: Part 1Ariosto, Ludovico 0140443118
L312The Cid, Cinna, The Theatrical IllusionCorneille, Pierre 0140443126
L313The Satyricon and The ApocolocyntosisPetronius & Seneca 0140443134
L314The Three-Cornered Hat and Other StoriesAlarcon 0140443142
L315Bel-AmiMaupassant, Guy de 0140443150
L316Ursule MirouetBalzac, Honore de 0140443169
L317Selected LettersAretino 0140443177
L318Rome and the MediterraneanLivy, Titus 0140443185
L319The PsalmsKing James, trans. 0140443193
L320Bouvard and PecuchetFlaubert, Gustave 0140443207
L321Egil’s SagaAnon 0140443215
L322The MabinogionAnonymous 0140443223
L323Greek LiteratureVarious 0140443231
L324The ComediesTerence 014044324X
L325Selected Short StoriesBalzac, Honore de 0140443258
L326The Story of the Stone, Vol. 2Xueqin, Cao 0140443266
L327La Bête HumaineZola, Emile 0140443274
L328SalammboFlaubert, Gustave 0140443282
L329A Nietzsche ReaderNietzsche, Friedrich 0140443290
L330The Wild Ass’s SkinBalzac, Honoré de 0140443304
L331Master and Man and Other StoriesTolstoy, Leo 0140443312
L332Five PlaysAristophanes 0140443320
L333The Orestrian TrilogyAeschylus 0140443339
L334Letters from My WindmillDaudet 0140443347
L335First LoveTurgenev, Ivan 0140443355
L336The Kiss and Other StoriesChekhov, Anton 0140443363
L337Princesse de Cleves, LaLafayette, Madame de 0140443371
L338Five Italian Renaissance ComediesVarious 014044338X
L339Journey Through Wales & The Description of WalesGerald of Wales 0140443398
L340Letters to His Friends: 1Cicero, Marcus Tullius 0140443401
L341Letters to His Friends: 2Cicero, Marcus Tullius 014044341X
L342Maldoror and PoemsLaureamont 0140443428
L343Digest of Roman LawJustinian 0140443436
L347Andromache and Other PlaysRacine, Jean 0140443479
L348The AnalectsConfucius 0140443487
L349Polyecutus / The Liar / NicomedesCorneille, Pierre 0140443495
L350EpigramsMatial 0140443509
L352The Gods Will Have BloodFrance, Anatole 0140443525
L353Notre-Dame of ParisHugo, Victor 0140443533
L355The HeptameronNavarre, Marguerite de 014044355X
L358Pierre and JeanMaupassant, Guy de 0140443584
L359The Marquise of O and Other StoriesKleist, Heinrich von 0140443592
L360The Erotic PoemsOvid 0140443606
L361ParzivalEschenbach, Wolfram Von 0140443614
L362The Rise of the Roman EmpirePolybius 0140443622
L363Reveries of the Solitary WalkerRousseau, Jean-Jacques 0140443630
L368The Robbers and WallensteinSchiller, Friedrich 0140443681
L369Spring TorrentsTurgenev, Ivan 014044369X
L370The Story of the Stone, Vol. 3Xueqin, Cao 0140443703
L371The Story of the Stone, Vol. 4Xueqin, Cao 0140443711
L374Three Sanskrit PlaysVarious 0140443746
L376Selected FablesFontaine, Jean de La 0140443762
L383Orkneyinga SagaAnonymous 0140443835
L384The Ruba’iyat of Omar KhayyamOmar Khayyam 0140443843
L385The Cloud of Unknowing and Other WorksWolters, Clifton (translator) 0140443851
L386Letters on EnglandVoltaire 014044386X
L387The EarthZola, Emile 0140443878
L388Rome and ItalyLivy 0140443886
L389Latin LiteratureVarious 0140443894
L390The Tale of GenjiMurasaki 0140443908
L392Tales of HoffmanHoffman, E.T.A. 0140443924
L393Ecce HomoNietzsche, Friedrich 0140443932
L394Eugene OneginPushkin 0140443940
L395PhilebusPlato 0140443959
L396The Exeter Book RiddlesCrossley-Holland, Kevin 0140443967
L397Early Irish Myths and SagasGantz, Jeffrey 0140443975
L398Mademoiselle De MaupinGautier 0140443983
L399WillehalmEschenbach, Wolfram Von 0140443991
L401Selected TalesGrimm, Jacob and Wilhelm 0140444017
L402The Rig VedaAnonymous 0140444025
L403Les Miserables: 1Hugo, Victor 0140444033
L404Les Miserables: 2Hugo, Victor 0140444041
L405Selected LettersSevigne, Madame de 014044405X
L408Love VisionsChaucer, Geoffrey 0140444084
L409Alfred the GreatAnonymous 0140444092
L410The Temptation of St AntonyFlaubert, Gustave 0140444106
L412The History of AlexanderRufus, Quintus Curtius 0140444122
L414The GeorgicsVirgil 0140444149
L421Politics: RevisedAristotle 0140444211
L422Complete Odes and EpodesHorace 014044422X
L423The History and Topography of IrelandWales, Gerald of 0140444238
L425The Theban PlaysSophocles 0140444254
L426City of GodAugustine of Hippo 0140444262
L427On WarClausewitz, Carl von 0140444270
L428DiscoursesMachiavelli 0140444289
L429Six Records of a Floating LifeShen Fu 0140444297
L431The Athenian ConstitutionAristotle 0140444319
L434The Conference of BirdsAttar, Farid al-Din 0140444343
L435The TravelsMandeville, John 0140444351
L436A Month in the Country: A Comedy in Five Acts (Classics)Turgenev, Ivan 014044436X
L437The Age of BedeVarious 0140444378
L438Germinie LacerteuxGoncourt, Edmond de 0140444386
L446The Poem of the CidAnonymous 0140444467

Books that do not appear to be second edition:

L233Italian JourneyGoethe0140442332
L346La RagentaAlas, Leopoldo0140443460
L364Inferno / From an Occult DiaryStrindberg, August0140443649
L367Selection of Greek Lyric PoetryVarious0140443673
L372The Story of the Stone, Vol. 5Xueqin, Cao014044372X
L375The Songs of the SouthQu Yuan0140443754

7 comments on “Classics: 2nd Edition

  1. I can fill in the remaining gaps in your list.
    L144: Medieval Verse (1964)
    L160: Balzac: Cousin Bette (1965)
    L200: Froissart: Chronicles (1968)
    L215: The Alexiad of Anna Comnena (1969)

    I have constructed a list up to 402 Rig Veda, 403-4 Hugo: Les Miserables though towards the end there are gaps (344, 345, 347, 351, 354, 356, 357, 365, 366, 373, 377-382, 391, 400) which I suspect were never issued.

    • Dear Richard
      I would very much like to see your list up to L404
      Would you be prepared to share it?

      • Dear David,
        I have just rediscovered this website which I posted to 6 years ago (though I have no memory of it). Apologies for the delay in getting back!!
        I have a list of Penguin Classics (Series 2) which now goes up to up to L453 with gaps. I have created a csv file of this which I can post if that is possible here. I also have a Flickr album of images of the covers that I own (313 titles) at
        Can I attach a csv file (essentially a comma separated text file) here? Otherwise I will try cut and paste though it may be too big.

      • Here is my list. An x in the last column means I own a copy so the cover is on my Flickr page.
        L1 , Homer,The Odyssey ,1946,x
        L2 ,Guy de Maupassant,Boule de Suif and Other Stories ,1946 ,
        L3 ,Sophocles ,The Theban Plays ,1947,x
        L4 ,Voltaire,Candide ,1947,x
        L5 , Tacitus,On Britain and Germany ,1948,x
        L6 ,Dante ,The Divine Comedy I: Hell ,1949,x
        L7 ,Xenophon,The Persian Expedition ,1949,x
        L8 , Virgil,The Pastoral Poems (The Ecologues) ,1949,x
        L9 ,Ivan Turgenev,On the Eve ,1950,x
        L10 ,Miguel de Cervantes,Don Quixote ,1950,x
        L11 , Apuleius,The Golden Ass ,1950,x
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        L427,Carl Von Clausewitz,On War,1982 ,
        L428,Niccolò Machiavelli,The Discourses,1983 ,
        L429,Shen Fu,Six Records of a Floating Life,1983 ,
        L430,Victor Hugo,Les Misérables ,1982,x
        L446,,The Poem of The Cid,1984,x
        L453,Christine de Pisan,The Treasure of the City of Ladies,1985,x


  2. You can still find the L number from the ISBN! The last digit is a check digit (ignore it), but the three previous digits are the L number.

    Richard Pierse, I would love to see your (almost) full list…

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