Penguin Main Series (1001-1500)

1001 A Thousand and One Nights Dawood, N.J. Orange 1954
1002 The Long Escape Dodge, David Green 1954
1003 Come Away Death Mitchell, Gladys Green 1954
1004 A Summer to Decide Johnson, Pamela hansford Orange 1954
1005 The Tongue-Tied Canary Bentley, Nicolas Green 1954
1006 The Man with my Face Taylor, Samuel Green 1954
1007 With a Bare Bodkin Hare, Cyril Green 1954
1008 Red is for Killing Bagby, George Green 1954
1009 Aphrodite Means Death Appleby, John Green 1954
1010 Seven Men and Two Others Beerbohm, Max Orange 1954
1011 Story of Ragged Robyn Onions O. Orange 1954
1012 Sybil Disraeli B. Orange 1954
1013 Joseph Andrews Fielding H. Orange 1954
1014 The Hucksters Wakeman F. Orange 1954
1015 Desert and Forest Nesbitt L.M. Cerise 1955
1016 McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon Mitchell J. Orange 1954
1017 A View of the Harbour Taylor E. Orange 1954
1018 The Arabian Bird Fitz Gibbon C. Orange 1954
1019 Ma Wei Slope Weat, Keith Orange 1954
1020 Cheri & The Last of Cheri Colette, Orange 1954
1021 Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime Wilde O. Orange 1954
1022 Plunder of the Sun Dodge D. Green 1955
1023 Sir John Magill’s Last Journey Wills Crofts F. Green 1953
1024 Wife to Mr. Milton Graves R. Orange 1954
1025 Count Belisarius Graves R. Orange 1955
1026 The Greek Myths I Graves R. Brown 1955
1027 The Greek Myths 2 Graves R. Brown 1955
1028 Cork on the Water Hastings M. Green 1956
1029 Crossword Puzzles New Statesman Yellow 1955
1030 Nest of Vipers Claymore, Tod Orange 1955
1031 Collected Short Stories Forster, E.M. Orange 1954
1032 Death Among the Sunbathers Punshon, E.R. Green 1955
1033 Herself Surprised Carey, Joyce Orange 1955
1034 The Jacaranda Tree Bates, H.E. Orange 1955
1035 London Particular Brand, Christianna Green 1955
1036 Man-Eaters of Kamaon Corbett J. Cerise 1955
1037 When the Wind Blows Hare, Cyril Green 1955
1038 Holy Deadlock Herbert, A.P. Orange 1955
1039 The Headmistress Thirkell, Angela Orange 1955
1040 The DA Calls it Murder Gardner, Erle Stanley Green 1955
1041 Great Expectations Dickens, Charles Orange 1955
1042 Saint Joan Of Arc Sackville-West, V Violet 1955
1043 Swan Song Crispin, Edmund Green 1955
1044 Memoirs of a Midget de la Mare, Walter Orange 1955
1045 The Missing Link Farrer, Katharine Green 1955
1046 The Observer Third Crossword Puzzle Bool Observer Yellow 1955
1047 Point Counter Point Huxley, Aldous Orange 1955
1048 Beyond the Mexique Bay Huxley, Aldous Cerise 1955
1049 After many a Summer Huxley, Aldous Orange 1955
1050 Eyeless in Gaza Huxley, Aldous Orange 1955
1051 Mortal Coils Huxley, Aldous Orange 1955
1052 Brave New World Huxley, Aldous Orange 1955
1053 To Catch a Thief Dodge, David Green 1955
1054 The Case of the Rolling Bones Gardner, Erle Stanley Green 1955
1055 The Rod of Anger Nabarro, Derrick Green 1955
1056 The Affairs of Flavie Chevallier, Gabriel Orange 1955
1057 Byron in Italy Quinnell P. Blue 1955
1058 The Unvanquished Faulkner, William Orange 1955
1059 A Room with a View Forster, E.M. Orange 1955
1060 Death is no Sportsman Hare, Cyril Green 1955
1061 Appointment in New Orleans Claymore, Tod Green 1955
1062 Puzzle for Fiends Quentin, Patrick Green 1955
1063 The Port of London Murders Bell, Josephine Green 1955
1064 That Yew Tree’s Shade Hare, Cyril Green 1956
1065 To Have and Have Not Hemingway, Ernest Orange 1955
1066 For Whom the Bell Tolls Hemingway, Ernest Orange 1955
1067 Men Without Women Hemingway, Ernest Orange 1955
1068 Essays and Poems Chesterton, G.K. Orange 1955
1069 The Incredulity of Father Brown Chesterton, G.K. Green 1955
1070 Gilbert Keith Chesterton Ward, Maisie Orange 1955
1071 The Hubert Phillips Crossword Puzzle Book Hubert Phillips Yellow 1955
1072 The Moonstone Collins, Wilkie Green 1955
1073 Don Among the Dead Men Vulliamy, C.E. Green 1955
1074 The Case of the Caretaker’s Cat Gardner, Erle Stanley Green 1955
1075 The Kraken Wakes Wyndham, John Orange 1955
1076 Nightrunners of Bengal Master, John Orange 1955
1077 Murdering Mr Velfrage Vickers, Roy Green 1955
1078 Shear the Black Sheep Dodge, David Green 1955
1079 The Bombard Story Bombard, Alain Orange 1956
1080 Fer-De-Lance Stout, Rex Green 1955
1081 Tenant for Death Hare, Cyril Green 1955
1082 Death In Venice Mann, Thomas Orange 1955
1083 Reputation for a Song Grierson, Edward Green 1955
1084 Information Received Punshon, E.R. Green 1955
1085 The Deceivers Masters, John Orange 1955
1086 Hemlock and After Wilson A. Orange 1956
1087 Reunion in Florida Claymore, Tod Green 1955
1088 The Follower Quentin, Patrick Green 1955
1089 The Masters Snow, CP Orange 1956
1090 The Department of Dead Ends Vickers, Roy Green 1955
1091 A Year of Grace Gollancz V. Violet 1955
1092 Bernard Spilsbury His Life & Cases Browne & Tullett, Green 1955
1093 Colonel Julian Bates, H.E. Orange 1955
1094 Famous Trials 5 Hodge (Ed), James H. Green 1955
1095 A Fearful Joy Cary, Joyce Orange 1955
1096 The Little Sister Chandler, Raymond Green 1955
1097 Murder Every Monday Branch, Pamela Green 1956
1098 The Daily Telegraph Fifth Crossword Puzzle Book The Daily Telegraph Yellow 1955
1099 Murder in Mesopotamia Christie, Agatha Green 1955
1100 Surfeit of Lampreys Marsh, Ngaio Green 1955
1101 A Question of Proof Blake, Nicolas Green 1955
1102 Speak No Evil Eberhardt, M.G. Green 1955
1103 The Cretan Counterfeit Farrer, Katharine Green 1955
1104 The Wheel Spins White, Ethel Lina Green 1955
1105 The Black Stage Gilbert, Anthony Green 1955
1106 Over My Dead Body Stout, Rex Green 1955
1107 X v. Rex Macdonald, Philip Green 1955
1108 Murder in Time Ferrars, Elizabeth Green 1955
1109 Selected Tales Poe, Edgar Allan Orange 1955
1110 Florence Nightingale Woodham-Smith, Cecil Orange 1955
1111 Payment Deferred Forester, C.S. Green 1955
1112 The African Queen Forester, C.S. Orange 1955
1113 Flying Colours Forester, C.S. Orange 1956
1114 A Ship of the Line Forester, C.S. Orange 1956
1115 Mr Midshipman Hornblower Forester, C.S. Orange 1956
1116 The Commodore Forester, C.S. Orange 1956
1117 The General Forester, C.S. Orange 1956
1118 Brown on Resolution Forester, C.S. Orange 1956
1119 Death to the French Forester, C.S. Orange 1956
1120 Elephant Bill Williams J.H. Orange 1956
1121 Cruel Sea Monsarrat N. Orange 1956
1122 Faintley Speaking Gladys Mitchell Green 1956
1123 An English Murder Hare, Cyril Green 1956
1124 The Voice of the Corpse Murray, Max Green 1956
1125 The Gaurdian Fifth Crossword Puzzle Book The Manchester Gaurdian Yellow 1956
1126 Post Mortem Cullingford, Guy Green 1956
1127 The Lights of Skaro Dodge, David Green 1956
1128 Diamonds for Moscow Walker, David Green 1956
1129 Murder on Safari Huxley, Elspeth Green 1956
1130 The Thirty-nine Steps Buchan, John Orange 1956
1131 Island of Sheep Buchan, John Orange 1956
1132 Greenmantle Buchan, John Orange 1956
1133 Huntingtower Buchan, John Orange 1956
1134 Mr. Standfast Buchan, John Orange 1956
1135 John McNabb Buchan, John Orange 1956
1136 Castle Gay Buchan, John Orange 1956
1137 House of the Four Winds Buchan, John Orange 1956
1138 Prester John Buchan, John Orange 1956
1139 The Case of the Half-Wakened Wife Gardner, Erle Stanley Green 1956
1140 The Short Weekend Strachan, T.S. Green 1956
1141  Pyjama Game Bissell R. Orange 1956
1142 One’s Company Fleming P. Cerise 1956
1143 Juan in America Linklater E. Orange 1956
1144 The Dubliners Joyce J. Orange 1956
1145 War in Val d’Orcia Origo I. Orange 1956
1146 Racurnda’s First Cruise Ransome A. Orange
1147 The American Gun Mystery Queen, Ellery Green
1148 The French Powder Mystery Queen, Ellery Green
1149 The Roman Hat Mystery Queen, Ellery Green
1150 The Chinese Orange Mystery Queen, Ellery Green
1151 The Dutch Shoe Mystery Queen, Ellery Green
1152 Purple Plain Bates H.E. Orange
1153 Red Danube Marshall B. Orange
1154 Treasure of Sierra Madre Traven B. Orange
1155 Essential T.E. Lawrence Lawrence T.E. Cerise 1956
1156 Harsh Voice West R. Orange
1157 Passages from Arabia Destrata Doughty C.M. Cerise
1158 The Fourth Penguin Crossword Puzzle Book Penguin 4 Yellow
1159 End of the Line Baron, Stanley Wade Orange
1160 The Egg and I MacDonald, Betty Orange
1161 The Sunshine Corpse Murray M. Green
1162 Suicide Excepted Hare C. Green
1163 Not Wanted on Voyage Spain N. Green
1164 Below Suspicion John Dickson Carr Green
1165 Love for Lydia Bates H.E. Orange
1166 The Lotus and the Wind Masters, John Orange
1167 My name is Michael Sibley Bingham, John Green
1168 Joy and Josephine Monica Dickens Green 1958
1169 The Apple Cart Shaw, Bernard Red 1956
1170 Pigs Have Wings Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1171 The Mating Season Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1172 Laughing Gas Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1173 Very Good Jeeves Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1174 Carry On Jeeves Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1175 The Red Box Stout, Rex Green
1176 Cork in Bottle Hastings, Macdonald Green
1177 The King and the Corpse Murray, Max Green
1178 The Doctor and the Corpse Murray, Max Green 1957
1179 Guys and Dolls Runyon, Damon Orange 1956
1180 Barchester Towers Trollope, Anthony Orange 1957
1181 Madame de Pompadour Mitford N. Orange
1182 Telling of Murder Rutherford D. Green
1183 Man Who Never Was Montagu E. Orange
1184 Brazilian Adventure Fleming P. Cerise
1185 Selected Essays Orwell G. Orange 1957
1186 Return to Paradise Michener J. Cerise
1187 The Great Escape Brickhill P. Orange
1188 Against  the Law Wildeblood P. Orange
1189 The Song of the Whip Evans, Evan Orange
1190 Montana Rides! Evans, Evan Orange
1191 Selected Short Stories Quiller-Couch A. Orange
1192 Bonjour Tristesse Sagan F. Orange
1193 Son of Oscar Wilde Holland V. Orange
1194 Watson’s Choice Gladys Mitchell Green
1195 Murder is Easy Christie A. Green 1957
1196 The Big Four Christie, Agatha Green 1957
1197 Spanish Raggle Taggle Sparkie W. Orange
1198 The Greek Coffin Mystery Queen E. Green
1199 Conjurer’s Coffin Cullingford, Guy Green
1200 The Girl on the Via Flaminia Hayes, Alfred Orange
1201 To Be A Pilgrim Cary J. Orange
1202 The Fair Bride Marshall B. Orange
1203 The Right Honorable  Corpse Murray M. Green
1204 The Case of the Silent Partner Gardner E.S. Green
1205 Tour de Force Bland C. Orange
1206 The Daily Telegraph Sixth Crossword Puzzle Book Daily Telegraph Yellow
1207 Take These Men Cyril Joly Orange
1208 Hangover Square Hamilton P. Orange
1209 The Manchester Guardian Sixth Crossword Puzzle Book Manchester Guardian Yellow
1210 The Bad Seed March, William Green
1211 The Blessing Mitford, Nancy Orange
1212 Scotland Yard Scott, Sir Harold Green
1213 Three Men in a Boat Jerome , Jerome K. Orange
1214 Buddenbrooks Mann, Thomas Orange
1215 The Prevalence of Witches Menen, Aubrey Orange
1216 The Tiger in the Smoke Allingham, Margery Green
1217 The Penguin Peter Arno Arno, Peter Orange
1218 The Night Life of the Gods Smith, Thorne Orange
1219 Topper Takes a Trip Smith, Thorne Orange
1220 Whisky Galore Mackenzie, Compton Orange
1221 Maigret in Montmartre Georges Simenon Green
1222 Maigret’s Mistake Georges Simenon Green
1223 The Murderer Georges Simenon Green
1224 Poisoned Relations Georges Simenon Green
1225 To Any Lengths Georges Simenon Green
1226 Flames in the Sky Clostermann P. Orange
1227 Chance Acquaintences Colette Orange
1228 The Overloaded Ark Durrell G. Cerise
1229 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Tennesee Williams Play 1957
1230 The Alleys of Marrakesh Mayne, Peter Cerise
1231 The Case of the Haunted Husband Gardner, Erle Stanley Green 1957
1232 Exit Charlie Atkinson, Alex Orange
1233 Baby Doll Williams T. Orange
1234 If It Die Gide A. Orange
1235 The Castle Franz Kafka Orange
1236 The Big Heat Chandler R. Green
1237 The Mask of Glass Roth H. Green
1238 Venture to the Interior Van der Post L. Cerise
1239 The DA Holds a Candle Gardner, Erle Stanley Green
1240 The Philanderer Kauffmann, Stanley Orange
1241 Circular Staircase Rinehart M.R. Green
1242 The Devil in Velvet John Dickson Carr Green
1243 Selected Stories Bates H.E. Orange
1244 Swann’s Way Proust E. Orange
1245 Private Angelo Linklater E. Orange
1246 The Case of the Drowning Duck Gardner E.S. Green
1247 The Case of the Baited Hook Gardner E.S. Green
1248 Catcher in the Rye Salinger J.D. Orange 1958
1249 Pictures from an Institution Jarrell, Randall Orange
1250 Tibetan Marches Migot, Andre Cerise
1251 Alias Basil Willing McCloy H. Green
1252 Mischief Armstrong C. Green
1253 Four Modern Verse Plays Eliot T.S. Fry C Blue 1957
1254 Under Western Eyes Joseph Conrad Orange
1255 Selected Short Stories Sansom W. Orange
1256 Ten Little Niggers Christie A. Green
1257 The World is my Wilderness Macaulay R. Orange
1258 Drinkers of Darkness Hanley G. Orange
1259 The White South Innes, Hammond Orange
1260 The Small Back Room Balchin, Nigel Orange
1261 Final Curtain Marsh N. Green
1262 The Echoing Grove Lehmann R. Orange
1263 The Fortress Trevelyan R. Orange
1264 Robert Browning : A Portrait Miller B. Orange
1265 My Uncle Silas Bates H.E. Orange
1266 The Bafut Beagles Durrell G. Cerise
1267 Big Range Schaefer J. Orange
1268 Juan in China Linklater E. Orange
1269 Double, Double Queen E. Green
1270 The Spanish Cape Mystery Queen E. Green
1271 Happy Prisoner Dickens M. Orange
1272 The Man Upstairs Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1273 Uneasy Money Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1274 Cry the Beloved Country Paton A. Orange
1275 Clochemerle-Babylon Chevallier G. Orange
1276 Robbers’ Roost Grey Z. Orange
1277 Tapan’s Burro Grey Z. Orange
1278 The Reason Why Woodham-Smith C. Orange
1279 Fair Stood the Wind for France Bates, H.E. Orange
1280 The Nature of Love Bates, H.E. Orange
1281 Scarlet Sword Bates H.E. Orange
1282 Key Above the Door Walsh M. Orange
1283 The Small Dark Man Walsh M. Green
1284 Big Show Clostermann P. Orange 1958
1285 Caine Mutiny Wouk H. Orange
1286 Death at the President’s Lodging Innes M. Green
1287 Private View Innes M. Green
1288 Going to the Wars Verney J. Orange
1289 Three European Plays Anouilh,Betti,Sartre Yellow
1290 Man of the West Yordan, Philip Orange
1291 Frequent Hearses Crispin E. Green
1292 Buried for Pleasure Crispin E. Green
1293 Case of the Buried Clock Gardner E.S. Green
1294 Case of the Crooked Candle Gardner E.S. Green
1295 Case of the Shoplifter’s Shoe Gardner E.S. Green
1296 Four of Hearts Queen E. Green
1297 Door Between Queen E. Orange
1298 Secret Vanguard Innes M. Green
1299 Stop Press Innes M. Green
1300 The Death of Grass Christopher, John Orange
1301 Dior By Dior Dior C. Orange
1302 Honeyed Peace Gelhorn M. Orange
1303 Holy Disorders Crispin E. Green
1304 The Long Divorce Crispin E. Green 1958
1305 Coromandel Masters J. Orange
1306 Go-Between Hartley L.P. Orange
1307 Pioneers Schaefer J. Orange
1308 Chrysalids Wyndham J. Orange
1309 There Came Both Mist and Snow Innes, Michael Green 1958
1310 Selected Short Stories Wells, H.G. Orange
1311 Anglo-Saxon Attitudes Wilson A. Orange
1312 Ledger Is Kept Postgate R. Green
1313 Gigi & the Cat Colette Orange
1314 Drunken Forest Durrell G. Cerise
1315 Moving Toyshop Crispin E. Green
1316 The Silent World Cousteau J-Y Orange 1958
1317 House and It’s Head Compton-Burnett Orange
1318 Proving Flight Beaty D. Orange 1958
1319 The Last Grain Race Newby, Eric Orange 1958
1320 Confessions of Felix Krull Mann, Thomas Orange
1321 Alibi Innnings Worsley-Gough, Barbara Green
1322 Thurber’s Dogs Thurber J. Orange
1323 Content Assignment Roth H. Green
1324 Murder Included Cannan J. Green 1958
1325 Selected Essays Belloc H. Orange
1326 Path to Rome Belloc H. Orange
1327 Cruise of the “Nona” Belloc H. Orange
1328 Honey Siege Buhet G. Orange
1329 2000 Fathoms Down Houot, Georges & Willm, Pierre Orange
1330 Thirteen White Tulips Crane, Frances Green
1331 Mrs. Parkinson Bromfield L. Orange
1332 Rains Came Bromfield L. Orange
1333 Twenty-Four Hours Bromfield L. Orange
1334 Speaking Eye Smith C. Green
1335 Don’t Go Near the Water Brinkley W. Orange
1336 Many-Spleandoured Thing Suyin H. Orange 1959
1337 Aspects of Love Garnett D. Orange
1338 Flying Inn Chesterton G.K. Orange
1339 The Frenchman and the Lady Cadell, Elizabeth Orange
1340 Death Takes Small Bites Johnston, George Green
1341 Cork and the Serpent Hastings, Macdonald Green
1342 Kathleen Ferrier Ferrier W. Orange
1343 Lonely Passion of Judith Hear Moore B. Orange
1344 Where Angels Fear to Tread Forster E.M. Orange
1345 The Monkey’s Paw & Other Stories Jacobs W.W. Orange 1962
1346 Framed for Hanging Cullingford G. Green
1347 More Ghost Stories James M.R. Orange
1348 Noblesse Oblige Mitford N. Orange
1349 Selected Cautionary Verses Belloc H. Orange
1350 The Boyfriend Wilson, Sandy Orange
1351 Doors of Perception Huxley, Aldous Orange
1352 Daffodil Sky Bates H.E. Orange
1353 Sleeper Roth H. Green
1354 Wooden Overcoat Branch P. Green
1355 Wrong Set Wilson A. Orange
1356 The New Men Snow C.P. Orange 1959
1357 Roman Tales Moravia A. Orange
1358 Memories of Hadrian Yourcenar M. Orange
1359 Ripening Seed Colette, Orange
1360 The Wilder Shores of Love Blanch, Lesley Orange
1361 Room at the Top Braine J. Orange 1959
1362 Maigret and the Burglar’s Wife Georges Simenon Green
1363 Maigret’s Revolver Georges Simenon Green
1364 My Fair Lady Lerner J. Orange
1365 Hunting the Fairies Mackenzie, Compton Orange
1366 The Monarch of the Glen Mackenzie, Compton Orange
1367 The Rival Monster Mackenzie, Compton Orange
1368 Water on the Brain Mackenzie, Compton Orange
1369 Thin Ice Mackenzie, Compton Orange
1370 Doctor Sally Wodehouse, P.G. Orange
1371 The Little Nugget Wodehouse, P.G. Orange
1372 The DA Breaks a Seal Gardner, Erle Stanley Orange 1964 C
1373 Volcanoes Above Us Lewis N. Orange
1374 Take Two at Bedtime Allingham M. Green
1375 Case of the Careless Kitten Gardner E.S. Green
1376 Case of the Golddigger’s Purs Gardner E.S. Green
1377 Case of the Perjured Parrot Gardner E.S. Green
1378 Crime at Guildford Wills Crofts, Freeman Green
1379 Fatal Venture Wills Crofts, Freeman Green
1380 Mystery in the Channel Wills Crofts, Freeman Green
1381 Destination Chungking Suyin H. Orange
1382 Major Thompson Lives in France Daninos P. Orange 1959
1383 Wing Leader Johnson J. Orange
1384 Docken Dead Trench J. Green
1385 Seeds of Time Wyndham J. Orange
1386 Hidden River Jameson S. Orange
1387 The Annotated Alice Lewis Carroll Weird but true 1965
1388 Knight with Armour Duggan A. Orange
1389 Magnus Merriman Linklater, Eric Orange
1390 The Impregnable Women Linklater, Eric Orange
1391 Patrick Butler for the Defenc John Dickson Carr Green
1392 Ransom of the Angel Dodge D. Green
1393 Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Skinner C. Orange
1394 Plague and I MacDonald B. Orange
1395 Sea Mystery Wills Crofts F. Green
1396 Golden Ashes Wills Crofts F. Green 1959
1397 Therese Mauriac F. Orange
1398 Perfect Woman Hartley L.P. Orange
1399 My Family and Other Animals Durrell, Gerald Cerise
1400 The Long Good-bye Chandler, Raymond Green
1401 Body Sansom W. Orange
1402 The Watersplash Wentworth P. Green
1403 Wife of Ronald Sheldon Quentin P. Green
1404 Vatican Cellers Gide A. Orange
1405 October Island March W. Orange
1406 Grande Mademoiselle Stegmuller F. Orange
1407 Evil of the Day Sterling T. Green
1408 Sole Survivor Vickers R. Green
1409 My Memories of Six Reigns Marie Louise, Princess Orange
1410 Nijinsky Nijinsky, Romola Red
1411 The Diaghilev Ballet 1909-1929 Grigoriev, S.L. Orange
1412 The Day of the Fox Lewis , Norman Orange
1413 Darling Clementine Eden, Dorothy Green
1414 How Can You Bear To Be Human ? Bentley, Nicholas Orange
1415 The Dierhard Potts, Jean Green
1416 No Love Lost Allingham, Margery Green
1417 Beckoning Lady Allingham M. Green
1418 The Daily Telegraph Seventh Crossword Puzzle Book Daily Telegraph Yellow
1419 My Friend Maigret Georges Simenon Green
1420 Five Roundabouts to Heaven Bingham, John Green
1421 Quatermass Experiment Keane N. Orange
1422 Is Sex Necessary Thurber J. Orange
1423 The Good Earth Buck, Pearl Orange 1960
1424 1066 and all That Sellar & Yeatman, Orange
1425 The Straight and Narrow Path Tracy, Honor Orange
1426 The Water Gypsies Herbert, A.P. Orange
1427 The Life of Oscar Wilde Pearson, Hesketh Orange 1960
1428 The Bishop’s Jaegers Smith, Thorne Orange
1429 Cage me a Peacock Langley, Noel Orange
1430 The Stars Grow Pale Bjarnhof, Karl Orange
1431 In Search of England Morton, H.V. Orange
1432 Intruder in the Dust Faulkner, William Orange
1433 Light in August Faulkner, William Orange
1434 Go Down Moses Faulkner W. Orange
1435 Requiem for a Nun Faulkner W. Orange
1436 Feast of July Bates H.E. Orange
1437 Dud Avocado Dundy E. Orange
1438 Voss White P. Orange
1439 Bhowani Junction Masters, John Orange
1440 The Midwich Cuckoos Wyndham, John Orange
1441 Faces of Spain Brenan G. Orange
1442 Hurry on Down Wain J. Orange
1443 Goodbye to All That Graves R. Orange
1444 Certain Smile Sagan F. Orange
1445 Under The Net Iris Murdoch Orange
1446 Five Doris Lessing Orange 1960
1447 Angel in the Corner Dickens M. Orange
1448 Quatermass 2 Kneale N. Orange 1960
1449 Quatermass and the Pit Kneale N. Orange
1450 A Kiss Before Dying Levin, Ira Green
1451 The Three Taps Knox, Ronald Green 1960
1452 The Battling Prophet Upfield, Arthur Orange
1453 Joy Street Keyes F.P. Orange
1454 Aku-Aku Heyerdahl T. Red
1455 Case of the Curious Bride Gardner E.S. Green
1456 Hatter’s Ghosts Georges Simenon Green
1457 Came a Cavalier Keyes F.P. Orange
1458 Case of the Howling Dog Gardner E.S. Green
1459 One Karp, David Orange
1460 Two Adolescents Moravia, Albert Orange
1461 Portuguese Escape Bridge A. Orange
1462 Village School Miss Read Orange
1463 Little Boy Lost Laski M. Orange
1464 By Love Possessed Cozzens J.G. Orange
1465 Major Thompson and I Daninos P. Orange
1466 The Black Cloud Fred Hoyle Orange 1960
1467 Uncommon Danger Ambler E. Green
1468 Cards of Identity Dennis N. Orange
1469 Butterfield Eight O’Hara, John Orange
1470 The Longest Journey Forster, EM Orange
1471 Lord of the Flies Golding W. Orange
1472 Plague Albert Camus Orange
1473 Habit of Loving Doris Lessing Orange
1474 The Sandcastle Iris Murdoch Orange
1475 Magic Mountain Mann T. Orange
1476 Hide My Eyes Allingham M. Green 1960
1477 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Joyce J. Orange
1478 Gathering Storm Churchill W. Orange
1479 Anatomy of a Murder Traver, Robert Green
1480 The Trespasser D.H.Lawrence Orange
1481 Twilight in Italy D.H.Lawrence Orange
1482 England My England D.H.Lawrence Orange
1483 The Ladybird D.H.Lawrence Orange
1484 Lady Chatterly’s Lover D.H.Lawrence Orange
1485 Women in Love D.H.Lawrence Orange
1486 He Should have died Hereafter Hare, Cyril Green
1487 House of the Arrow Mason, A.E.W. Green
1488 Captain Cut-Throat John Dickson Carr Green
1489 The Crossing of Antarctica Fuchs and Hillary Orange 1960
1490 Sinister Street Mackenzie, Compton Orange
1491 Pnin Nabakov V. Orange
1492 The Fifth Penguin Crossword Puzzle Book Penguin 5 Orange 1960
1493 Nabokov’s Dozen Nabokov V. Orange 1960
1494 The Vagabond Colette, Orange
1495 The Last Tycoon Fitzgerald, F.Scott Orange
1496 The Roots Of Heaven Gary, Romain Orange
1497 The Immoralist Gide, Andre Orange
1498 The Disenchanted Schulberg, Budd Orange
1499 Love Me Little Vail, Amanda Orange
1500 World in a Jug Gant, Roland Orange

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