Penguin Main Series (1501-2000)

1501 The Law Vailland, Roger Orange
1502 Middle Age of Mrs. Eliot Wilson A. Orange
1503 Man of Two Tribes Upfield A. Green
1504 Further Fables of Our Time Thurber J. Orange
1505 Voltaire in Love Mitford, Nancy Green
1506 Spotted Hemlock Mitchell, Gladys Green
1507 Dishonoured Bones Trench, John Orange
1508 Such Darling Dodos Wilson, Angus Orange
1509 The Case of the Second Chance Bruce, Christopher Green
1510 Ronald Searle Ronald Searle Orange 1960
1511 King is Dead Queen E. Green
1512 Love Among the Haystacks D.H.Lawrence Orange
1513 Mornings in Mexico D.H.Lawrence Orange
1514 Intelligent Heart Moore H.T. Orange
1515 Threepenny Novel Brecht B. Orange
1516 The Green Mare Ayme M. Orange 1961
1517 Niki – Story of a Dog Dery T. Orange
1518 Outsider Albert Camus Orange
1519 Bitter Hioneymoon Moravia, Alberto Orange
1520 Young Torless Musil, Robert Orange
1521 Age of Reason Sartre J.P. Orange
1522 Issaac Babel Babel I. Orange
1523 Man’s Estate Malreaux A. Orange
1524 I’m Not Stiller Frisch M. Orange
1525 Grass is Singing Doris Lessing Orange
1526 Conscience  of the Rich Snow C.P. Orange
1527 Scenes from Provincial Life Cooper W. Orange
1528 From a View to a Death Powell A. Orange
1529 The Unspeakable Skipton Johnson, Pamela Hansford Orange
1530 The Sword of Pleasure Green, Peter Orange 1961
1531 Widow King F. Orange
1532 Pigeon Pie Mitford, Nancy Orange
1533 Laurels are Poison Mitchell, Gladys Green
1534 Three Bad Nights Buckingham, Bruce Green
1535 One Pair of Hands Dickens, Monica Orange
1536 Lord Hornblower Forester C.S. Orange 1964
1537 Ambassadress Keyes F.P. Orange
1538 There’s a Porpoise Close Behind us Longley N. Orange 1961
1539 And the Rain my Drink Suyin, Han Orange 1961
1540 Anybody can do anything Macdonald, Betty Orange 1961
1541 Pavillions of Women Buck P.S. Orange
1542 In Love Hayes A. Orange
1543 Far Far the Mountain Peak Masters J. Orange
1544 Outward Urge Wyndham J. Orange 1962
1545 Rack Ellis A.E. Orange
1546 Momento Mori Spark M. Orange
1547 The Last Summer Pasternak, Boris Orange
1548 Third Party Risk Bentley, Nicolas Green
1549 The League of Frightened Men Stout, Rex Green 1961
1550 I, Anastasia : An Autobiography Anastasia Orange
1551 Breaking of Bumbo Sinclair A. Orange
1552 Museum Pieces Plomer W. Orange
1553 Cork in the Doghouse Hastings M. Green
1554 He Never Came Back McCloy H. Green
1555 Case of Four Friends Masterman J.C. Green
1556 Generous Earth Oyler P. Orange
1557 The Sunday Times Crossword Puzzle Book Sunday Times Yellow
1558 The Daily Telegraph Eighth Crossword Puzzle Book Daily Telegraph Green 1960
1559 The Return of Ansell Gibbs Buechner, Frederick Orange
1560 Doctor in the House Gordon R. Orange
1561 Doctor at Sea Gordon R. Orange 1961
1562 Doctor at Large Gordon R. Orange
1563 Doctor in Love Gordon R. Orange
1564 The Dead Man’s Knock John Dickson Carr Green
1565 The Ides of March Wilder, Thornton Orange
1566 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter McCullers, Carson Orange
1567 Miss Lonelyhearts & A Cool Million West, Nathaniel Orange
1568 Earsdon Way Raphael F. Orange
1569 Cousin Harriet Tweedsmuir, Susan Orange
1570 Valmouth,Prancing Nigger etc Firbank, Ronald Grey
1571 Evidence in Camera Smith C.B. Orange
1572 Metamorphosis & other Stories Franz Kafka Orange
1573 Enemies of Promise Cyril, Connolly Orange
1574 The Journeying Boy Innes, Michael Green
1575 The Man from the Sea Innes, Michael Green
1576 Appleby plays Chicken Innes, Michael Green
1577 Appleby on Ararat Innes, Michael Green
1578 The Weight of the Evidence Innes, Michael Green 1961
1579 The Man in the Net Quentin, Patrick Green
1580 The Spotted Deer Williams, J.H. Orange
1581 Green for Danger Brand C. Orange
1582 Flight to Arras Saint-Exupery Orange
1583 Royal Bed for a Corpse Murray M. Orange
1584 Traveller’s Prelude Stark F. Orange
1585 Invisible Flag Bomm P. Orange
1586 Mind You I’ve Said Nothing Tracy H. Orange
1587 Mizmaze Fitt, Mary Orange
1588 12 Horses & The Hangmans Noose Mitchell, Gladys Green
1589 Murder on My Street Lanham, Edwin Green
1590 A Love Affair in Rome Patti, Ercole Orange
1591 Say Darling Bissell R. Orange
1592 Nurse is a Neighbour Jones J. Orange
1593 Prep School Kenward J. Orange
1594 Maigret’s  First Case Georges Simenon Orange
1595 Death of a Stray Cat Potts J. Orange
1596 Gazebo Wentworth P. Orange
1597 See You at the Morgue Blochman L.G. Orange
1598 Siamese Twins Mystery Queen E. Orange
1599 Damsel in Distress Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1600 Performing Flea Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1601 Man with Two Left Feet Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1602 Darling Buds of May Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1603 Two Women Bates H.E. Orange
1604 Cassandra at the Wedding/Never Issued Baker, Dorothy 1962?
1605 Deadly Reaper Smith C. Green
1606 Thurber Album Thurber J. Orange
1607 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Capote T. Orange
1608 Playback Chandler, Raymond Green
1609 Or Be He Dead Byrom, James Green
1610 The Doors of Sleep Warriner, Thurman Green
1611 Good Morning Miss Dove Patton F.G. Orange
1612 Affair of the Heart Powell D. Orange
1613 Rainbow Comes and Goes Cooper D. Orange
1614 Moonlight at Midday Carrigher S. Orange
1615 Scent of New-Mown Hay Blackburn J. Green
1616 Ring Givers Canaway W.H. Orange
1617 Night of the Horns Sanderson, Douglas Green
1618 Public Enemy Clevely, Hugh Green
1619 Law Man of Powder valley Field, Peter Green
1620 The DA Draws a Circle Gardner, Erle Stanley Green
1621 Walton’s Delight Brennand G. Orange
1622 Fire Burn John Dickson Carr Green
1623 The Wounds of Hunger Luis Spota Orange 1958
1624 Taste for Honey Heard G. Green
1625 Holy Sinner Mann T. Green
1626 Little Brother Fate Roberts M-C. Green
1627 Shadow of a Lady Roth H. Green
1628 Venusburg Powell A. Orange
1629 The Month of September Hebrard, Frederique Orange
1630 Wild Palms Faulkner, William Orange 1961
1631 Blue Chips Deiss J. Orange
1632 Humbler Creation Johnson, Pamela Hansford P.H. Orange
1633 Lady Killer Hardy W. Green
1634 Ater the Rain Bowen J. Orange
1635 Spinster Ashton-Warner S. Orange
1636 Buried Alive Buckingham B. Green
1637 Murder in the Mews Christie A. Green 1961
1638 Science Fiction Aldiss B. Orange 1961
1639 The Best We Can Do Bedford, Sybille Green
1640 Hamlet Revenge Innes, Michael Green
1641 Old Hall New Hall Innes M. Green
1642 Christmas at Candleford Innes M. Green
1643 Twenty-Third Man Mitchell G. Green
1644 Death of the Moth and Other Stories Virginia Woolf Orange
1645 Satan in the Suburbs Russell B. Orange
1646 The Beast in Me and Other Animals James Thurber Orange 1961
1647 Limbo ’90 Wolfe B. Orange
1648 Lucky Jim Amis K. Orange
1649 Thirteen Days Jefferies, Ian Orange
1650 Wai-Wai Guppy, Nicholas Orange
1651 Conversation in Italy Vittorini E. Orange
1652 Full Moon Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1653 Blanket of the Dark Buchan J. Orange
1654 Those Without Shadows Sagan F. Orange
1655 At Home Plomer W. Orange
1656 Wait for a Corpse Murray M. Green 1961
1657 Tree of Man White P. Orange
1658 Prater Violet Isherwood C. Orange
1659 The St. Trinian’s Story Searle, Ronald Large 1961
1660 The Lovers Peynet, Raymond Large 1962
1661 Violins of St. Jacques Fermor P.L. Orange
1662 Fandango Rock Masters J. Orange
1663 Marches of El Dorado Swann M. Orange
1664 Through a Glass Darkly McCloy H. Green
1665 Les Enfants Terrible Cockteau J. Orange
1666 Misfits Miller A. Orange
1667 Chosen Words Brown I. Orange 1961
1668 A Propos of Lady Chatterly D.H.Lawrence Orange
1669 A Kind of Loving Barstow, Stan Orange
1670 Eating People is Wrong Bradbury, Malcolm Orange
1671 Jack Would Be a Gentleman Freeman G. Orange
1672 Within and Without Harvey J. Orange
1673 Hiding Place Shaw R. Orange
1674 Sporting Life Storey D. Orange
1675 Teachers Target G.W. Orange
1676 High-Pitched Buzz Longrigg R. Green
1677 Mr. Nicolas Hinde T. Orange
1678 Maigret and the Old Lady Georges Simenon Green 1962
1679 Inquest on Bouvet Georges Simenon Green
1680 Maigret has Scruples Georges Simenon Green
1681 Maigret & the Reluctant Witnesses Georges Simenon Green 1962
1682 Cider With Rosie Laurie Lee Orange 1962
1683 Good Companions Priestley J.B. Red
1684 Patriots Barlow J. Orange
1685 Breath of Fresh Air Bates H.E. Orange
1686 Pincher Martin Golding W. Orange
1687 Ever-Interesting Topic Cooper W. Orange
1688 Bell Iris Murdoch Orange
1689 The Contenders Wain, John Orange
1690 The Death of the Heart Bowen, Elizabeth Orange
1691 Malone Dies Beckett S. Orange 1962
1692 From London Far Innes M. Green
1693 The Soft Talkers Millar M. Green
1694 Key to Nicolas Street Elin S. Green
1695 Lost Childhood and Other Essays Greene G. Orange
1696 Seven Pillars of Wisdom Lawrence T.E. Orange
1697 Coming Up For Air Orwell George Orange
1698 Keep the Aspidistra Flying Orwell George Orange
1699 Homage to Catalonia Orwell George Orange
1700 The Road to Wigan Pier Orwell George Orange
1701 The 6th Penguin Crossword Puzzle Book Alan Cash Yellow 1962
1702 Six Great Advocates Birkett Lord Orange
1703 Lion in the Cellar Branch P. Orange 1962
1704 World of Strangers Gordimer N. Orange
1705 History of Polar Exploration Kirwen L.P. Orange
1706 What’s Become of Waring Powell A. Orange
1707 Among the Dahlias Sanson W. Orange
1708 Murder in Pastiche Mainwaring M. Green
1709 Ballerina Baum,Vicki Orange
1710 The Case of Torches Smith, Clark Green 1963
1711 Vodi Braine J. Orange
1712 Mountain is Young Suyin H. Orange 1962
1713 Family and a Fortune Compton-Burnett Orange
1714 Ripeness is All Linklater E. Orange
1715 Flame Trees of Thika Huxley E. Orange
1716 Lost World of the Kalahari Post van der Orange
1717 Jamaica Inn Daphne du Maurier Orange
1718 Two Thirds of a Ghost McCloy H. Green
1719 Rebecca Daphne du Maurier Orange
1720 The King’s General Daphne du Maurier Orange 1962
1721 My Cousin Rachel Daphne du Maurier Orange
1722 Mary Anne Daphne du Maurier Orange
1723 Scapegoat Daphne du Maurier Orange
1724 Frenchman’s Creek Daphne du Maurier Orange
1725 All in a Lifetime Allen W. Orange
1726 Mr. Johnson Cary J. Orange
1727 Bridle to the Sun Terasaki G. Orange
1728 Question of Upbringing Powell Anthony Orange
1729 A Buyer’s Market Powell Anthony Orange
1730 The Acceptable World Powell Anthony Orange
1731 Shot in the Dark Garnell D. Green
1732 Under the Volcano Lowry M. Orange 1962
1733 Diamond as Big as the Ritz Scott Fitzgerald Orange
1734 Homecomings Snow C.P. Orange
1735 Your Money and Your Life Milner G. Green
1736 At the Villa Rosa Mason A.E.W. Green
1737 The Man with White Eyes/Never Issued Tyrmand, Leopold
1738 Hons and Rebels Mitford J. Orange
1739 Bliss and Other Stories Mansfield, Katherine Orange
1740 Olivia Olivia Orange
1741 Footsteps at the Lock Knox R. Green 1964
1742 All Fall Down Herlihy J.L. Orange
1743 Welcome End Daniel G. Green
1744 The Daily Telegraph Ninth Crossword Puzzle Book Telegraph Yellow
1745 Brothers-at-Law Cecil H. Orange
1746 Friends at Court Cecil H. Orange
1747 Much in Evidence Cecil H. Orange
1748 Sober as a Judge Cecil H. Orange
1749 The Soft Voice of the Serpent Gordimer, Nadine Orange
1750 Gidget Kohner, Frederick Orange
1751 My Turn to Make the Tea Dickens M. Orange
1752 The Sea Change Howard E.J. Orange
1753 Case of the Dangerous Dowager Gardner E.S. Green
1754 Coffin Scarcely Used Watson C. Green
1755 Closed Circuit Haggard W. Green
1756 Alarms and Diversions Thurber J. Orange
1757 Glass Village Queen E. Green
1758 Night of Wenceslas Davidson C. Green
1759 No Pockets in the Shroud McCoy, Horace Green 1962
1760 Second Curtain Fuller, Roy Green
1761 Bandoola Williams J.H. Orange
1762 The Fall Albert Camus Orange 1963
1763 Time of Hope Snow C.P. Orange
1764 The Affair Snow C.P. Orange ???
1765 Strangers and Brothers Snow C.P. Orange
1766 If Ever I Cease To Love Keyes F.P. Orange
1767 Career of David Noble Keyes F.P. Orange
1768 Fielding’s Folly Keyes F.P. Orange 1962
1769 Thurber Country Thurber J. Orange
1770 The Flight of the Enchanter Iris Murdoch Orange
1771 Death in High Provence Bellairs G. Green
1772 Clicking of Cuthbert Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1773 Penguin 100 Best Crosswords Yellow 1962
1774 Death and the Visiting Firemen Keating H.R.F. Green
1775 Famous Trials 6 Hodge J.H. Green
1776 Chinese Gold Murders van Gulig R. Orange
1777 Have His Carcase Sayers, Dorothy L. Green
1778 Busman’s Holiday Sayers, Dorothy L. Green
1779 Lord Peter Views the Body Sayers, Dorothy L. Green
1780 Hangman’s Holiday Sayers, Dorothy L. Green
1781 Windows of Broome Upfield A. Green
1782 Member of the Wedding McCullers C. Orange
1783 Billy Liar Waterhouse K. Orange
1784 No Room in the Ark Moorehead, Alan Orange 1962
1785 End of the Affair Greene G. Orange
1786 Evidence of Love Jacobson D. Orange
1787 Goddam White Man Lytton D. Orange
1788 Just for the Record Price S. Orange
1789 The Heart of the Matter Greene Graeme Orange
1790 Our Man in Havana Greene Graeme Orange
1791 Power and the Glory Greene Graeme Orange
1792 Quiet American Greene Graeme Orange
1793 Soviet Short Stories Various Parallel Texts
1794 Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold Waugh E. Orange
1795 Courtroom U.S.A. 1 Furneaux R. Green
1796 Ha-Ha Dawson J. Orange
1797 Little World of Don Camillo Guareschi G. Orange
1798 Don Camillo and the Prodigal Son Guareschi G. Orange
1799 Don Camillo’s Dilemma Guareschi G. Orange
1800 Don Camillo and the Devil Guareschi G. Orange
1801 Crimson in the Purple Roth H. Orange
1802 Thrush Green Read ‘Miss’ Orange
1803 That Great Lucifer Irwin M. Orange
1804 Corpse Diplomatique Ames D. Green
1805 In Chancery Goldworthy J. Orange
1806 September Roses Maurois A. Orange
1807 No Grave for a Lady Bonett J & E Green
1808 Flowers on the Grass Dickens M. Orange
1809 A Case of Conscience Blish, James Orange
1810 Sir Alexander Fleming Maurois, Andre Orange
1811 The God Boy Ian Cross Orange
1812 Poison in the Pen Wentworth P. Orange
1813 Man Overboard Dickens M. Orange
1814 The Sleeping Bride Eden, Dorothy Green 1962
1815 Meet Mr. Mulliner Wodehouse P.G. Orange
1816 Earthly Paradise Forester C.S. Orange
1817 Be Ready With Bells and Drums Kata E. Orange
1818 Fresh From the Country Miss Read Orange
1819 Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal Bates, H.E. Orange
1820 Red Queen, White Queen Treece, Henry Orange
1821 Shorn Lamb Stroud J. Orange
1822 Silk Hats and No Breakfast Tracy, Honor Orange 1962
1823 The Reprieve Sartre J-P. Orange 1963
1824 Light and the Dark Snow C.P. Orange
1825 The Penguin Max Max Large 1962
1826 Gamesmanship Potter S. Orange
1827 Lifemanship Potter S. Orange
1828 One-Upmanship Potter S. Orange
1829 Supermanship Potter S. Orange
1830 Blood of Others de Beauvoir S. Orange
1831 Landscape with Dead Dons Robinson R. Orange
1832 Kiss Kiss Dahl R. Orange
1833 S-Men Caine M. Orange
1834 Unknown Sea Mauriac F. Orange
1835 Victorian Chaise Longue Laski M. Orange
1836 Weekend in Dimlock Sigal C. Orange
1837 Hear Me Talkin’ to Ya Shapiro N. Orange
1838 Picture Ross L. Orange
1839 The Age of Scandal White, T.H. Orange
1840 Agents and Patients Powell, Anthony Orange
1841 Aimez-Vous Brahms ? Sagan F. Orange
1842 Egyptian Cross Mystery Queen E. Green
1843 Flight Into Camden Storey D. Orange
1844 Heat of the Day Bowen E. Orange
1845 The Penguin Charles Addams Addams, Charles Large
1846 Princess of Cleves De Lafayette M. Orange
1847 A Rose by Any Other Name Anthony Carson Orange 1962
1848 Take a Girl Like You Kingsley Amis Orange
1849 The Tale of Beatrix Potter Lane, Margaret Orange
1850 The Taste of Fears Miller, Margaret Green
1851 Country Girls O’Brian E. Orange
1852 Summing Up Maugham W.S. Orange
1853 Striptease Georges Simenon Green
1854 Little Man From Archangel Georges Simenon Green
1855 Leaves of Grass/Not Issued Walt Whitman
1856 The Big City or The New Mahem Atkinson A. & Ronald Searle Large 1962
1857 Famous Trials VII Hyde H.M. Orange
1858 Nightmares of Eminent People Russell B. Orange
1859 Narrow Corner Maugham, W. Somerset Orange
1860 The Razor’s Edge Maugham W.S. Orange 1963
1861 Of Human Bondage Maugham W.S. Orange 1963
1862 Dangling Man Bellow S. Orange 1963
1863 Hatred Ridicule or Contempt Dean J. Orange 1963
1864 There Must Be a Pony Kirkwood J. Orange 1963
1865 Exile and the Kingdom Albert Camus Orange 1963
1866 Term of Trial Barlow J. Film 1962
1867 This Side of Paradise F. Scott Fitzgerald Orange 1963
1868 Case of the Smoking Chimney Gardner E.S. Green 1963
1869 Case of the Empty Tin Gardner E.S. Green 1963
1870 Two Clues Gardner E.S. Green 1963
1871 Short Stories 1 Maugham W.S. Orange 1963
1872 Short Stories 2 Maugham W.S. Orange 1963
1873 Short Stories 3 Maugham W.S. Orange 1963
1874 Short Stories 4 Maugham W.S. Orange 1963
1875 Last and First Men Stapleton O. Orange 1963
1876 I Thought of Daisy Wilson E. Orange 1963
1877 A Clergyman’s Daughter George Orwell 1964
1878 Day It Rained Forever Wyndham J. Orange 1963
1879 The Arena Haggard, William Green 1963
1880 A Touch of Stagefright Davey, Jocelyn Green 1963
1881 Run For Cover Welcome J. Green 1963
1882 Snows of Kilimanjaro Hemmingway E. Grey 1963
1883 At Lady Molly’s Powell, Anthony Orange 1963
1884 Day of the Locust West N. Orange 1963
1885 Wapshot Chronicle Cheever J. Orange 1963
1886 Dragon in the Sea Frank Herbert SF 1963
1887 Maltese Falcon Hammett D. Green 1963
1888 Red Harvest Hammett D. Green 1963
1889 The Greer Case Peck, David W. Green 1963
1890 Encounters with Animals Durrell, Gerald Orange 1963
1891 The Rock Pool Connolly C. Grey 1963
1892 Spring Song Cary J. Orange 1963
1893 Helena Waugh E. Orange 1963
1894 Burnt-out Case Greene G. Orange 1963
1895 Confidential Agent Greene G. Orange 1963
1896 A Gun for Sale:An Entertainment Greene G. Orange 1963
1897 Ministry of Fear Greene G. Orange 1963
1898 Stamboul Train Greene G. Orange 1963
1899 The Case of the Turning Tide Gardner E.S. Green 1963
1900 Maigret and the Trawlerman/Not Issued Georges Simenon 1963
1901 Maigret goes home Georges Simenon Green 1963
1902 Maigret in a Fog/Not Issued Georges Simenon 1963
1903 Maigret on the Frontier/Not Issued Georges Simenon 1963
1904 Maigret and the Trawlerman/Not Issued Georges Simenon 1963
1905 The Hugo Winners Isaac Asimov SF 1964
1906 Sammy Going South Canaway H.W. Orange 1963
1907 The Ballad of the Sad Cafe McCullers C. Orange 1963
1908 Adventures of Ellery Queen Queen E. Green 1963
1909 The Ballad of Peckham Rye Muriel Spark Orange 1963
1910 The Bachelors Muriel Spark Orange 1963
1911 The Comforters Muriel Spark Orange 1963
1912 Go-Away Bird Muriel Spark Orange 1963
1913 L-Shaped Room Banks, Lynne Reid Orange 1963
1914 Nurse on the District Jones J. Orange 1963
1915 South from Granada Brenan G. Orange 1963
1916 Summer Storm Hortelano J.G. Orange 1963
1917 The Winds of Heaven Dickens M. Orange 1963
1918 Wartercress Girl Bates H.E. Orange 1963
1919 Selected Short Stories Henry James Orange 1963
1920 Washington Square Henry James Grey 1963
1921 Portrait of a Lady Henry James Grey 1963
1922 Spoils of Poynton Henry James Grey 1963
1923 The Middle of the Journey Lionel Trilling Orange 1963
1924 Science Survey 1963 A Ed. Arthur Garratt 1963
1925 Science Survey 1963 B S.A.Barnett & Anne McLaren 1963
1926 A Sour Apple Tree Blackburn J. Green 1963
1927 The Hireling Hartley L.P. Orange 1963
1928 The Fig Tree Menin A. Orange 1963
1929 To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee 1964
1930 A Travelling Woman Wain, John Orange 1963
1931 The Goshawk White T.H. Grey 1963
1932 Laughter in the Dark Vladimir Nabakov Film 1963
1933 White Nile Moorhead A. Orange 1963
1934 Death in Covert Willock C. Green 1963
1935 Boy in the Bush D.H.Lawrence Orange 1963
1936 Mackerel Plaza De Vraes P. Orange 1963
1937 The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway US Only
1938 Memories of a Catholic Girlhood McCarthy , Mary Orange bn 4.99
1939 Portrait of Hemingway Lilian Ross Orange 1962
1940 As I Lay Dying Faulkner, William 1963
1941 The Birds & Other Stories Daphne Du Maurier Orange
1942 Jeannie Gallico P. Orange
1943 Mrs. Harris goes to New York Gallico P. Orange
1944 Flowers for Mrs. Harris Gallico P. Orange
1945 Love of Seven Dolls Gallico P. Orange
1946 Through the Fields of Clover De Vries 1969
1947 Murder’s Little Sister Branch P. Green
1948 List of Adrian Messanger MacDonald P. Green
1949 Murder Plan Six Bingham, John Green
1950 La Symphonie Pastorale & Isabelle Andre Gide MC 1963
1951 White-Maa’s Saga Linklater E. Orange 1963
1952 Seven Gothic Tales Dineson I. MC
1953 Death under Sail Snow C.P. Green 1963
1954 The Free Fishers Buchan J. Orange 1963
1955 Sard Harker Masefield J. Orange 1963
1956 My Oedipus Complex O’Connor F. Orange 1963
1957 Living Past Lissner I. Orange 1963
1958 Live Now, Pay Later Story, Jack Trevor Orange 1963
1959 The Hammersmith Maggot Mole, William Green 1963
1960 A Use of Riches Stewart, J.I.M. Orange 1963
1961 The Grey Flannel Shroud Slesar H. Orange 1963
1962 Watcher in the Shadows Household G. Orange 1963
1963 More Penguin Science Fiction Aldiss B ed. Orange 1964
1964 Afternoon Men Powell A. Orange 1963
1965 Zen there was Murder Keating H.R.F. Orange 1963
1966 Bump in the Night Watson C. Orange 1963
1967 Conversations with Stalin Milovan Djilas Orange 1963
1968 Cop Hater Ed McBain Green 1963
1969 The Mugger Ed McBain Green 1963
1970 The Pusher Ed McBain Green 1963
1971 Con Man Ed McBain Green 1963
1972 Killer’s Choice Ed McBain Green 1963
1973 Bachelors deMontverlant H. Orange 1963
1974 On the Loose Stroud J. Orange 1963
1975 When the Green Woods Laugh Bates H.E. Orange 1963
1976 Don’t Tell Alfred Mitford N. Orange 1964
1977 Absence of a Cello Wallach I. Orange 1963
1978 Mission of Gravity Clement H. Orange 1963
1979 Courtroom U.S.A. 2 Furneaux, Rupert Green 1963
1980 My Friend Jadas Sinclair, Andrew Orange 1963
1981 Daughters of Mulberry Longrigg R. Orange 1963
1982 Short Happy Life of Francis M Hemmingway E. Grey 1963
1983 A Ballad of Love Prokosch F. Orange 1963
1984 Invitation to a Beheading Nabakov V. Orange 1963
1985 The slide area:, scenes of hollywood life Lambert G. Orange 1963
1986 Trouble with Lichen Wyndham J. Orange 1963
1987 Golk Stern R.G. Orange 1963
1988 Free Fall Golding W. Orange 1963
1989 The Light of Common Day Cooper, Diana Orange 1963
1990 Settled out of Court Cecil, Henry Orange 1963
1991 Daughters-in-Law Cecil, Henry Orange 1963
1992 Alibi for a Judge Cecil, Henry Orange 1963
1993 Ways and Means Cecil, Henry Orange 1963
1994 The Years with Ross Thurber J. Orange 1963
1995 The American Way of Death Jessica Mitford Orange 1963
1996 The Kon-Tiki Expedition Heyerdahl T. Orange 1963
1997 The Penguin Brockbank Brockbank 1963
1998 Limits of Love Raphael F. Orange 1963
1999 Sirius:A Fantasy of Love and Discord Stapledon, Olaf Orange 1963
2000 The New English Bible God 1963

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