African Library

This page actually encompasses two collections: the West African series and its spiritual successor, the geographically-unrestricted African Library. There’s oddly a little overlap between the two.

The Penguin African Library began in 1962 and ran until the mid-seventies. The majority of the titles are designed with the Marber grid, with a heavy brown headline, although some of the later titles from 1972 on lose the grid and move toward a white background. The prefix for this series is “AP”. Note: certain numbers (AP4, AP38, AP43, and AP45) were never issued.

WA1Local GovernmentR.E. Wraith1953
WA2Food and HealthS.D. Onabamiro1953
WA3Folk Tales and FablesP. Itayemi & P. Gurrey1953
WA4The Machinery of Self-GovernmentDavid Kimble1953
WA5Reptiles of West AfricaGeorge Cansdale1955
WA6Introduction to EconomicsWalter Burmingham1955
WA7West Africa and the CommonwealthDennis Austin1957
WA8Labour Problems in West AfricaJ.I. Roper1958
WA9Christianity and Politics in AfricaJohn V. Taylor1957
WA10Larger Birds of West AfricaDavid A. Bannerman1958
WA11Introducing ChristianityE.H. Pyle & S.G. Williamson1962
WA12African Political PartiesThomas Hodgkin1961
WA13White Settlers in Tropical AfricaL.H. Gann & Kenneth Astrop1962
WA14The Life of AzikiweK.A.B. Jones-Quartey1965
AP1African ProfilesRonald Segal1962
AP2A Short History of AfricaRoland Oliver & J.D. Fage1962
AP3Portugal in AfricaJames Duffy1962
AP4Not Issued
AP5The Politics of PartnershipPatrick Keatley1963
AP6The Arab Role in AfricaJacques Baulin1962
AP7Modern Poetry From AfricaGerald Moore1963
AP8South Africa’s HostagesJack Halpern1965
AP9South Africa: The Peasant’s RevoltGovan Mbeki1964
AP10South West AfricaRuth First1963
AP11East Africa: The Search for UnityA.J. Hughes1963
AP11East Africa (Revised)A.J. Hughes1969
AP12The Rise of the South African ReichBrian Percy Bunting1964
AP13Which Way Africa?Basil Davidson1964
AP14The New States of West AfricaKen Post1964
AP15Mau Mau’ DetaineeJosiah Mwangi Kariuki1964
AP16Nasser’s EgyptPeter Mansfield1964
AP17African OutlinePaul Bohannan1966
AP18South Africa: The Struggle for a BirthrightMary Benson1966
AP19African Trade UnionsIoan Davies1966
AP20The African PastBasil Davidson1966
AP21The Development of Modern NigeriaOkoi Arikpo1967
AP22Africa in Social ChangeP.C. Lloyd1967
AP23Unity or Poverty?Reginald Green & Ann Seidman1968
AP24Africa in ProseO.R. Dathorne & Willfried Feuser1969
AP25Class and Color in South AfricaH.J Simons & R.E. Simons1969
AP26Religion in AfricaGeoffrey Parrinder1969
AP27The Liberation of GuineBasil Davidson1969
AP28The Struggle for MozambiqueEduardo Mondlane1969
AP29The Maghreb in the Modern WorldSamir Amin1970
AP30Conflict in the CongoThomas Kanza1972
AP31Portuguese Africa and the WestWilliam Minter1972
AP32The Discarded PeopleCosmas Desmond1971
AP33The Barrel of a GunRuth First1972
AP34The High Price of PrinciplesRichard Hall1973
AP35Neo-Colonialism in West AfricaSamir Amin1973
AP36The AfricansBasil Davidson1973
AP37The South African ConnectionRuth First, Jonathan Steele & Christabel Gurney1973
AP38Not Issued
AP39In The Eye of the StormBasil Davidson1975
AP40LibyaRuth First1974
AP41RhodesiaMartin Loney1969
AP42Minding Their Own BusinessAnthony Martin1975
AP43Not Issued
AP44South AfricaTroup1969
AP45Not Issued
AP46MozambiqueJohn Paul1975

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