Modern Playwrights

This short-lived series served as the dramatic equivalent to Penguin’s Modern Painters and Modern Poets lines. The ISBNs following this run reveal a return to the company’s one true love: the Shaw library.

NP1StaircaseCharles Dyer19660140450017
NP2FanghornDavid Pinner1966 
NP3Lee Harvey OswaldMichael Hastings1966 
NP4MacBird!Barbara Garson1967 
NP5Talking to a StrangerJohn Hopkins1967014045005X
NP6The Nigel Barton PlaysDennis Potter1968 
NP7America HurrahJean-Claude Van Itallie19670140450076
NP8DingoCharles Wood1969 
NP9Zigger Zagger / Mooney and His CaravansPeter Terson19700140450092
NP10This Story is YoursJohn Hopkins19690140450106
NP11The ApprenticePeter Terson19700140450114