Plays began life in the regularly numbered Penguin Books series for quite a bit longer than some of its cousins, maintaining (in white, with a red “P” on the spine) its place well into the fifties. The series began with Shaw in 1958, then converted to the iconic “stage lights” cover design that took the series through the sixties and much of the seventies.

As far as numbering goes, there’s no way to be gentle: this series is a bit of a mess. Penguin has mined its own back catalog plenty of times, but rarely within its own series like here: Night of the Iguana, for example, shows up no fewer than three times, and Shaw keeps popping up as well (including a break in the ISBNS, what would be L100-L104, which are in no way branded as Penguin Plays, to my knowledge). The series continues after the list below, but we’ll get to that later: As with many series of the later 1970s, Penguin played increasingly fast and loose with the branding, with PL140 (An Enemy of the People), for example, looking exactly like a main-series Penguin. Everything comes full circle.

PL1The Doctor’s DilemmaGeorge Bernard Shaw19580140480013
PL2Three Plays for PuritansGeorge Bernard Shaw19580140480021
PL3PygmalionGeorge Bernard Shaw1959014048003X
PL4Plays PleasantGeorge Bernard Shaw19590140480048
PL5Saint JoanGeorge Bernard Shaw19590140480056
PL6Man and SupermanGeorge Bernard Shaw19590140480064
PL7Major BarbaraGeorge Bernard Shaw19590140480072
PL8The Apple CartGeorge Bernard Shaw19600140480080
PL9The MillionairessGeorge Bernard Shaw19600140480099
PL10Androcles and the LionGeorge Bernard Shaw19610140480102
PL11Back to MethuselahGeorge Bernard Shaw19610140480110
PL12Plays UnpleasantGeorge Bernard Shaw19590140480129
PL13Rhinoceros / The Chairs / The LessonEugene Ionesco19620140480137
PL14Altona / Men Without Shadows / The FliesJean-Paul Sartre19620140480145
PL15Sweet Bird of Youth / A Streetcar Named Desire / The Glass MenagerieTennessee Williams19620140480153
PL16PlaysOscar Wilde19540140480161
PL17Anna Christie / The Emperor Jones / Desire Under the ElmsEugene O’Neill1960014048017X
PL18Ah, Wilderness! / The Hairy Ape / All God’s Chillun Got WingsEugene O’Neill19600140480188
PL19RootsArnold Wesker19590140480196
PL20Three TragediesFrederico Garcia Lorca1961014048020X
PL21The Rose Tattoo / Camino RealTennessee Williams19580140480218
PL22Cat on a Hot Tin RoofTennessee Williams19570140480226
PL23A Streetcar Named Desire / The Glass MenagerieTennessee Williams19590140480234
PL24Orpheus Descending / Something Unspoken / Suddenly Last SummerTennessee Williams19610140480242
PL25I’m Talking About JerusalemArnold Wesker19600140480250
PL26The Dream of Peter MannBernard Kops19600140480269
PL27Our Town / The Skin of our Teeth / The MatchmakerThornton Wilder19620140480277
PL28Death of a SalesmanArthur Miller19610140480285
PL29A View from the Bridge / All My SonsArthur Miller19610140480293
PL30Right You Are! / All for the Best / Henry IVLuigi Pirandello19620140480307
PL31Gallows Glorious / Lady Precious Stream / Richard of BordeauxGow / Hsiung / Daviot19580140480315
PL32New English Dramatists 1Lessing / Kops / Wesker19590140480323
PL33Four English ComediesJonson / Congreve / Goldsmith / Sheridan19590140480331
PL34The Rules of the Game / The Life I Gave You / LazarusLuigi Pirandello1959014048034X
PL35Three Irish PlaysJohnston / O’Conor / MacDonagh19590140480358
PL36Three European PlaysAnouilh / Betti / Sartre19580140480366
PL37Four Modern Verse PlaysEliot / Fry / Williams / MacDonagh19570140480374
PL38New English Dramatists 2Osborne / Wesker / Simpson19600140480382
PL39New English Dramatists 3Hall / Arden / Pinter19610140480390
PL40New English Dramatists 4Shaffer / Arden / Hastings19620140480404
PL41Fairy Tales of New YorkJ.P. Donleavy19610140480412
PL42New English Dramatists 5Livings / Owen / Whiting19620140480420
PL43Selected PlaysW. Somerset Maugham19630140480439
PL44The Golden Boy / Awake and Sing / The Big KnifeClifford Odets19630140480447
PL45New English Dramatists 6Bolt / Whiting / Livings19630140480455
PL46The Three GermansBuchner / Hauptmann / Brecht19620140480463
PL47New English Dramatists 7Wesker / Rudkin / Cooper19630140480471
PL48The Wesker Trilogy?Arnold Wesker1964014048048X
PL49The Long and the Short and the Tall / The Dumb Waiter / A Resounding TinkleHall / Pinter / Simpson19640140480498
PL50Epitath for George Dillon / The Kitchen / The Hamlet of Stepney GreenOsborne / Wesker / Kops19640140480501
PL51Selected One-Act Plays 1George Bernard Shaw1965014048051X
PL52Selected One-Act Plays 2George Bernard Shaw19650140480528
PL53Heartbreak HouseGeorge Bernard Shaw19640140480536
PL54Classic Irish DramaSean O’Casey19640140480544
PL55Caligula / Cross PurposeAlbert Camus19650140480552
PL56The Night of the IguanaTennessee Williams19640140480560
PL57Three PlaysJohn Arden19640140480579
PL58Absurd DramaIonesco / Adamov / Albee19650140480587
PL59New English Dramatists 8Wood / Lynne / Orton19650140480595
PL60Two PlaysJean-Paul Sartre19650140480609
PL61Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Edward Albee19650140480617
PL62Three Soviet PlaysMayakovsky / Babel / Schwartz19660140480625
PL63Parables for the TheatreBertolt Brecht19660140480633
PL64The Fifth ColumnErnest Hemingway19660140480641
PL65Novelists’ TheatreWilson / Dennis / Spark1966014048065X
PL66New American DramaAlbee / Richardson / Schisgal / Miller19660140480668
PL67Five PlaysEugene O’Neill19660140480676
PL68New English Dramatists 9Wesker / Howarth / Reckord19660140480684
PL69Traverse PlaysBellow / Pinget / Duras / Mishima / Taylor / Mully / Williams19660140480692
PL70New English Dramatists 10Wesker / Pinner / Taylor19680140480706
PL71New English Dramatists 11Cooper / Terson / Wood19670140480714
PL72Theatre of WarSchehade / Vian / Montherlant19670140480722
PL73Cat on a Hot Tin Roof / The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Any MoreTennessee Williams19690140480730
PL74Three PlaysWesker / Kops / Shaffer19680140480749
PL75New English Dramatists 12: Radio PlaysCooper / Bermange / Churchill / Sandford / Sharp / Taylor19680140480757
PL76New English Dramatists 13Fugard / Orton / Pinner19680140480765
PL77New English Dramatists 14Storey / Terson / Macbeth / Finley / Johnson / Conn19700140480773
PL78The CrucibleArthur Miller19680140480781
PL79After the FallArthur Miller1968014048079X
PL80Three PlaysHall / Lessing / Hastings19680140480803
PL81The Night of the Iguana / Orpheus DescendingTennessee Williams19680140480811
PL82Three PlaysTennessee Williams1968014048082X
PL83Keen / Nekrassov / The Trojan WomenJean-Paul Sartre19690140480838
PL84Three Negro PlaysHughes / Jones / Hansberry19690140480846
PL85The Rules of the Game / Right You Are! / Henry IVLuigi Pirandello19690140480854
PL86Three PlaysD.H. Lawrence19690140480862
PL87The RepresentativeTrolf Hochhuth19690140480870
PL88Five PlaysFrederico Lorca19700140480889
PL89Three East European PlaysHay / Mrozek / Havel19700140480897
PL90The Marowitz Hamlet / The Tragical History of Doctor FaustusCharles Marowitz19700140480900
PL91A Delicate BalanceEdward Albee19690140480919
PL92The Long Christmas Dinner and Other Plays in One ActThronton Wilder19690140480927
PL93When We Are Married and Other PlaysJ.B. Priestly19690140480935
PL94Time and the Conways and Other PlaysJ.B. Priestly19690140480943
PL95Broken GlassArthur Miller19940140480951
PL96The Play of Hardian VIIPeter Luke1969014048096X
PL97The Living RoomGraham Greene19700140480978
PL98The PriceArthur Miller19700140480986
PL99The Boys in the BandMart Crowley19700140480994
PL105The Just / The PossessedAlbert Camus19700140481052
PL106Four Austrailian PlaysBuzo / Hibbard / Romeril19730140481060
PL107Off-Broadway Plays 1Kopit / Horovitz / Guare / Dizenzo19710140481079
PL108The Complaisant LoverGraham Greene19710140481087
PL109The Love-Girl and the InnocentAlexander Solzhenitsyn19710140481095
PL110Tiny Alice Box / Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tungEdward Albee19720140481109
PL111We Bombed in New HavenJoseph Heller19710140481117
PL112Four PlaysJames Saunders19710140481125
PL113The Potting ShedGraham Greene19710140481133
PL114Find Your Way HomeJohn Hopkins19710140481141
PL115Son of ManDennis Potter1971014048115X
PL116In Celebration / The ContractorDavid Storey19710140481168
PL117Off-Broadway Plays 2Shepard / McNally / Peluso / Welker19720140481176
PL118Little MurdersJules Feiffer19710140481184
PL119Four PlaysGunter Grass19720140481192
PL120The Plebians Rehearse the UprisingGunter Grass19720140481206
PL121Carving a StatueGraham Greene19720140481214
PL122Zigger Zagger / Mooney and His CaravansPeter Terson19720140481222
PL123Selected One-Act PlaysGeorge Bernard Shaw19760140481230
PL124HomeDavid Storey19720140481249
PL125The Changing RoomDavid Storey19730140481257
PL126ExilesJames Joyce19730140481265
PL127Open Space PlaysHerbert / Burgess / Burns / Marowitz19740140481273
PL128Three PlaysPeter Shaffer19760140481281
PL129New American DramaAlbee / Richardson / Schisgal / Miller 014048129X
PL130Cat on a Hot Tin Roof / The Milk Train / Night of the IguanaTennessee Williams19760140481303
PL131The Rose Tattoo / Camino Real / Orpheus DescendingTennessee Williams19760140481311

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