undefinedPenguin moved from inexpensive paperbacks to inexpensive textbooks with this edition, which takes the usual Pelican nonfiction catalog to the academic level. These books are B-format, larger than the mass market size of most Penguins, and sometimes in box sets.

That’s it. Seriously. The only reason to add more text here is to keep the image from messing up the table below in terms of the HTML. No one cares much about this series, which undoubtedly helped some folks get their M.A.s but have generally been forgotten. A few gaps in this list, which ends just before the ISBN era.

Y1The Common PursuitF.R. Leavis1962
Y2Seven Types of AmbiguityWilliam Empson1962
Y3The Seventeenth-Century BackgroundBasil Willey1962
Y4Shakespeare’s History PlaysE.M.W. Tillyard, ed.1962
Y5The Background of English LiteratureHerbert Grierson1962
Y6The Quest for ProustAndre Maurois1962
Y7The RebelAlbert Camus1962
Y8The Novel in FranceMartin Turnell1962
Y9Pagan Mysteries in the RenaissanceEdgar Wind1967
Y10Napoleon: For and AgainstPieter Geyl1965
Y11Aubrey’s Brief LivesAubrey1962
Y12MiltonE.M.W. Tillyard1968
Y13James Joyce’s UlyssesStuary Gilbert1963
Y14Old CalabriaNorman Douglas1962
Y15Drama and Society in the Age of JonsonL.C. Knights1962
Y16The Literature of the Spanish PeopleGerald Brenan1963
Y17Vanished SupremaciesLewis Namier1962
Y18A Critical History of English PoetryHerbert Grierson1962
Y19Jane Austen’s Novels – A Study in StructureAndrew H. Wright1962
Y20The Great TraditionsF.R. Leavis1962
Y21The Eighteenth-Century BackgroundBasil Willey1962
Y22Selected ProseT.S. Eliot1962
Y23Daily Life in Ancient RomeJerome Carcopino1962
Y24Man, Morals and SocietyJ.C. Flugel1962
Y25The Rise of the NovelIan Watt1963
Y26New Bearings in English PoetryF.R. Leavis1963
Y27The Elizabethan World PictureE.M. Tillyard1963
Y28Theory of LiteratureRene Wellek1963
Y29The Concept of MindGilbert Ryle1963
Y30The Growth in Structure of Elizabethan ComedyM.C. Bradbook1963
Y31The Origins of Love and HateDr. J.A. Hadfield1963
Y32Music Criticisms 1846-1899Eduard Hanslick1963
Y33The Merchant of PratoIris Origo1963
Y34Thomas MoreR.W. Chambers1963
Y35The Englishness of English ArtNikolaus Pevsner1964
Y36Evenings in the OrchestraHector Berlioz1963
Y37The Elizabethan House of CommonsJ.E. Neale1963
Y38Ruskin TodayKenneth Clark, ed.1967
Y39D.H. Lawrence: NovelistF.R. Leavis1964
Y40ExplorationsL.C. Knights1964
Y41The Hapsburg Monarchy 1809-1910A.J.P. Taylor1964
Y42Nineteenth-Century StudiesBasil Willey1964
Y43Shakespeare’s PlutarchT.B.J. Spencer, ed.1964
Y44Poetry and ExperienceArchibald MacLeish1965
Y45Renaissance DiplomacyGarrett Mattingly1965
Y46Drama: From Ibsen to EliotRaymond Williams1964
Y47The Diaries of Franz Kafka 1910-23Max Brod1964
Y48Shakespare and Elizabethan PoetryMuriel Bradbrook1964
Y49RevaluationF.R. Leavis1964
Y50A History of the Crusades Volume 1Steven Runciman1965
Y51A History of the Crusades Volume 2Steven Runciman1965
Y52A History of the Crusades Volume 3Steven Runciman1965
Y53Shakespeare’s Problem PlaysE.M.W. Tillyard1965
Y54Roman VergilW.F. Jackson Knight1966
Y55The Waning of the Middle AgesJ. Hiuzinga1965
Y56Some Versions of PastoralWilliam Empson1966
Y57London Life in the Eighteenth CenturyGeorge Dorothy1966
Y58Cross Currents in English Literature of the Seventeenth CenuryHerbert Grierson1966
Y59King John, 1167-1216W.L. Warren1966
Y60Some Shakespearean ThemesL.C. Knights1960
Y61The Use of ImaginationWilliam Walsh1966
Y62The Image of ChildhoodPeter Coveney1967
Y64Opinions and Pespectives  
Y66HobbesRichard Peters1967
Y68Milton’s Epic PoetryC.A. Patrides, ed.1967
Y69DostoevskyAndre Gide 
Y70Beyond CultureLionel Trilling1968
Y71Essays in Sociology and Social PhilosophyMorris Ginsberg1968
Y72The Romantic ExilesEdward Carr1968
Y73Selected Literary CriticismHenry James1968
Y74Augustine to Galilieo 1A.C. Crombie1969
Y75Augustine to Galilieo 2A.C. Crombie1969
Y76Waterloo to PeterlooR.J. White1968
Y77The Fiction of Henry James: A Reader’s FideS. Gorley1966
Y78The Primitive World and Its TransformationsRobert Redfield1965
Y79F.H. BradleyRichard Wollheim1969
Y80BerkeleyG.J. Warnock1970
Y81The Historical NovelGeorg Lukacs1969
Y82The Growth of Political Stability in England 1675-1725John Harold Plumb1969
Y83The World of the Shining PrinceIvan Morris1969

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