A niche series that fulfilled its role, the Penguin Scores series was well-regarded for its design and for the quality of publishing. It also got scuttled fairly quickly once it stopped making money. Composer Gordon Jacob edited and wrote introductions for the series, and designer Jan Rschichold is responsible for that lovely Garamond font, as well as the wallpaper designs that would see re-use in later Poets texts.

SC1Symphony No. 40 in G MinorWolfgang Amadeus Mozart1949
SC2Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in GJohann Sebastian Bach1949
SC3Overtures: Coriolan and EgmontLudwig van Beethoven1949
SC4Symphony No. 101 in D: The ClockJoseph Hadyn1950
SC5Overtures: A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Fingal’s CaveFelix Mendelssohn1950
SC6Symphony No. 8 in B Minor: The UnfinishedFranz Schubert1950
SC7Brandenburg Concertos No. 1 and 2 in FJohann Sebastian Bach1950
SC8Overtures: Freischutz and OberonCarl Maria von Weber1950
SC9Symphony No. 1 in C, Opus 21Ludwig van Beethoven1950
SC10Symphony No. 41 n C: The JupiterWolfgang Amadeus Mozart1951
SC11Fantasy-Overture: Romeo and JulietPeter Ilyich Tschaikovsky1951
SC12Symphony No. 5 in C MinorLudwig van Beethoven1951
SC13Siegfried IdyllWilhelm Richard Wagner1951
SC14Violin Concerto in E MinorFelix Mendelssohn1951
SC15Overtures: The Magic Flute and Don GiovanniWolfgang Amadeus Mozart1951
SC16Symphony No. 39 in E FlatWolfgang Amadeus Mozart1952
SC17Variations on a Theme of HaydnJohannes Brahms1952
SC18Symphony No. 7 in A, Opus 92Ludwig van Beethoven1953
SC19Piano Concerto in A MinorRobert Schumann1953
SC20Overture: Die MeistersingerWilhelm Richard Wagner1953
SC21Symphony No. 104 in D: The LondonJoseph Hadyn1953
SC22Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in GJohann Sebastian Bach1954
SC23Symphony No. 3 in E Flat: EroicaLudwig van Beethoven1954
SC24Symphony No. 2 in DLudwig van Beethoven1954
SC25ViolinConcerto in DJohannes Brahms1954
SC26Symphonic Variations for Piano and OrchestraCesar Franck1955
SC27Symphony No. 100 in G: The MilitaryJoseph Hadyn1955
SC28Symphony No. 9 in D Minor: The ChoralLudwig van Beethoven1955
SC29Brandebburg Concerto No. 5 in DJohann Sebastian Bach1956
SC30Symphony No. 94 in D: The SurpriseJoseph Hadyn1956

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