Shakespeare Library

undefinedThis series is a collection of criticism and contextualization for Shakespeare’s work, published alongside the release of the New Shakespeare Library.

SL1Shakespeare and the Idea of the PlayAnne Righter1967
SL2Shakespeare’s ComediesLaurence Lerner1967
SL3Elizabethan Love StoriesTerence John Bew Spencer, ed.1968
SL4Shakespeare’s PlutarchTerence John Bew Spencer, ed.1968
SL5Life in Shakespeare’s EnglandJ. Dover Wilson1968
SL6Shakespare: The Poet and His BackgroundPeter Quennell1969
SL7Shakespare’s Plays in PerformanceJohn Russell Brown1969
SL8Shakespare’s TragediesLaurence Lerner1968
SL9Dr Johnson on ShakespeareW.K. Wimsatt1969
SL10Shakespeare’s Problem ComediesWilliam Witherle Lawrence1969
SL11A Shakespeare CompanionF.E. Halliday1969
SL12Shaw on ShakespareTerence John Bew Spencer, ed.1969
SL13Coleridge on ShakespeareTerence Hawkes, ed.1969
SL14Shakespeare’s History PlaysE.M.W. Tillyard1970
SL15Shakespeare’s Problem PlaysE.M.W. Tillyard1969
SL16Shakespare in EuropeOswald Le Winter1970
SL17Shakespeare’s Later ComediesD.J. Palmer, ed.1971
SL18Shakespeare’s HistoriesWilliam A. Armstrong, ed.1972

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