American Penguins (1942-1948)

Penguin had an American publishing house with its own independent line of books between the years of 1942 and 1948. At that point the company separated itself from Penguin and became an independent company, the New American Library, which published Signet and Mentor Library titles. Books 660 onward are denoted as “Penguin Signet,” and after 674 Penguin is dropped entirely. The cover art, much of which was illustrated by Robert Jonas, is very distinctive from the classic look of Penguin’s original line.

A note on Shaw: The 10 American Shaws actually look identical to the original British Penguin book covers, including the brown color. Their spines are simply numbered 1-10; they’re given the GBS prefix here to prevent (more) confusion.

60The Dark InvaderCaptain Von Rintelen
79The RaspPhillip MacDonald
239Stealthy TerrorJohn Ferguson
276The Case of the Late PigMargery Allingham
339High RisingAngela Thurkell
501Murder by an AristocratMignon G. Eberhart
502PygmalionBernard Shaw
503Death of a GhostMargery Allingham1946
504All Concerned NotifiedHelen Reilly
505The MotherPearl S. Buck
506Two SurvivedGuy P. Jones
507The Physiology of SexKenneth Walker
508WaldenHenry David Thoreau
509The Pastures of HeavenJohn Steinbeck
510Trent’s Own CaseH. Warner Allen & E.C. Bentley
511Cause for AlarmEric Ambler1945
512Miss Annie SpraggLouis Bromfield
513The Catalyst ClubGeorge Dyer
514TombstoneWalter Noble Burns1942
515The Confidential AgentGraham Greene
516Gehghis KhanHarold Lamb1944
517Philosopher’s HolidayIrwin Edman
518The Middle Temple MurderJ.S. Fletcher
519A Blunt InstrumentGeorgette Heyer1943
520The Saga of Billy the KidWalter Noble Burns
521The Ox-Bow IncidentWalter Van Tilburg Clark
522SabotageCleve F. Adams
523Leaves of GrassWalt Whitman
524Pencil Points to MurderW.A. Barber & R.F. Schabelitz
525The Penguin Book of SonnetsCarl Withers (ed.)
526My Own MurdererRichard Hull1943
527The Telephone Booth IndianA.J. Liebling1943
528The Blind BarberJohn Dickson Carr1945
529Kitty FoyleChristopher Morley1944
530The Ministry of FearGraham Greene
531Drawn ConclusionW.A. Barber & R.F. Schabelitz1943
532Hag’s NookJohn Dickson Carr
533The Purple Sickle MurdersFreeman Wills Crofts1943
534Black PlumesMargery Allingham
535The Old Dark HouseJ.B. Priestly
536In HazardRichard Hughes
537Out of this WorldJulius Fast1944
538The Laughing FoxFrank Gruber1946
539Laughing BoyOlive LaFarge1944
540My Name is AramWilliam Saroyan1945
541Mr. Pinkerton Grows a BeardDavid Frome
542Murder Enters the PictureW.A. Barber & R.F. Schabelitz
543Shell of DeathNicholas Blake1944
544The Ten Holy HorrorsFrancis Beeding
545The Talking ClockFrank Gruber1944
546O’Halloran’s Luck and Other StoriesStephen Vincent Benet
547Death of My AuntC.H.B. Kitchin
548Black-Out in GretleyJ.B. Priestly1944
549Murders in Volume 2Elizabeth Daly
550To Walk the NightWilliam Sloane1944
551Mr. LittlejohnMartin Flavin
552Murder in TrinidadJohn W. Vandercrook1944
553Nine Times NineH.H. Holmes1945
554Tales of Piracy, Crime and GhostsDaniel Defoe
555Mr. Toby Finds MurderSturges Mason Schley1945
556The MycenaidC. Everett Cooper
557McSorley’s Wonderful SaloonJoseph Mitchell
558PorgyDuBose Heyward
559Death of a SaboteurHulbert Footner1945
560Murder in FijiJohn W. Vandercrook1945
561Young Man with a HornDorothy Baker1945
562Simon Lash, Private DetectiveFrank Gruber
563Appointment in SamarraJohn O’Hara1945
564Maigret Travels SouthGeorges Simenon1945
565Step in the DarkEthel Lina White1945
566Say Yes to MurderW.T. Bollard1945
567Trouble in JulyErskine Caldwell1945
568Night FlightAntoine de Saint-Exupery1945
569Conceived in LibertyHoward Fast1945
570And Berry Came TooDornford Yates1945
571Death Down EastEleanor Blake1945
572The Good Soldier SchweikJaroslav Hasek
573The Turning WheelsStuart Cloete1946
574A Passage to IndiaE.M. Forster1946
575The CaskFreeman Wills Crofts
576The Lovely LadyD.H. Lawrence1946
577Manhattan TransferJohn Dos Passos1946
578Bread and WineIgnazio Silone1946
579The Patience of MaigretGeorges Simenon1946
580Pal JoeyJohn O’Hara1946
581God’s Little AcreErskine Caldwell1946
582Thunder on the LeftChristopher Morley1946
583Vein of IronEllen Glasgow1946
584Dead ReckoningFrancis Bonnamy1946
585Winesburg, OhioSherwood Anderson1946
586The RaspPhilip MacDonald1946
587Martin EdenJack London1946
588The UnvanquishedHoward Fast1946
589Back StreetFannie Hurst1946
590OrlandoVirginia Woolf1946
591Mildred PierceJames M. Cain1946
592Malice in WonderlandNicholas Blake1946
593Handbook of PoliticsLowell Mellett1946
594Heavenly DiscourseCharles Erskine Scott Wood1946
595Cabbages and KingsO. Henry1946
596The Heart is a Lonely HunterCarson McCullers1946
597The Summing UpW. Somerset Maugham1946
598Put out the LightEthel Lina White1946
599Tortilla FlatJohn Steinbeck1946
600Montana RidesEvan Evans1946
601JurgenJames Branch Cabell1946
602The New VeteranCharles G. Bolte1946
603Short StoriesJames T. Farrell1946
604TrioDorothy Baker1946
605CimarronEdna Ferber1946
606A Rope of SandFrancis Bonnamy1946
607PygmalionBernard Shaw1946
608Major BarbaraBernard Shaw1946
609Saint JoanBernard Shaw1946
610Lady Chatterly’s LoverD.H.Lawrence1946
611Messer Marco PoloDonn Byrne1946
612Christianity Takes a StandEd. William Scarlett1946
613The OdysseyHomer1946
614HoyleAlbert H. Morehead1946
615Lady into Fox & A Man in the ZooDavid Garnett1946
616The Eleven of DiamondsBaynard Kendrick1946
617Saratoga TrunkEdna Ferber1947
618The Perennial BoarderPhoebe Atwood1947
619Almayer’s FollyJoseph Conrad1947
620Lady Chatterley’s LoverD.H.Lawrence1947
621SerenadeJames M. Cain1947
622Looking for a BluebirdJoseph Wechsberg1947
623The Silver JackassFrank Gruber1947
624Velvet WellJohn Gearon1947
625Daisy MillerHenry James1947
626The Purple Onion MysteryH. Ashbrook1947
627Tobacco RoadErskine Caldwell1947
628The Innocent VoyageRichard Hughes1947
629The King is Dead on Queen StreetFrancis Bonnamy1947
630Mother Wore TightsMiriam Young1947
631A Funeral in EdenPaul McGuire1947
632SanctuaryWilliam Faulkner1947
633Great SonEdna Ferber1947
634The Unbearable BassingtonSaki1947
635Blood on Lake LouisaBaynard Kendrick1947
636The Voice of Bugle AnnMackinley Kantor1947
637Hotel SplendideBemelmans1947
638Portrait of JennieRobert Nathan1947
639So BigEdna Ferber1947
641Murder!Alan Wynd1947
642The Kiss of DeathEleazar Lipsky1947
643Young LaniganJames T. Farrell1947
644Short StoriesThomas Wolfe1947
645Sonf of the WhipEvan Evans1947
646JourneymanErskine Caldwell1947
647Uncle Tom’s ChildrenRichard Wright1947
648Deadly WeoponWade Miller1947
649The Tyranny of SexLudwig Lewisohn1947
650American BeautyEdna Ferber1947
651Market for MurderFrank Gruber1948
652The New Quiz BookAlbert H. Morehead1948
653Show BoatEdna Ferber1948
654Great Western StoriesAmerica’s Foremost Western Writers1948
655Great Murder StoriesAnon.1948
656Christ Stopped at EboliCarlo Levi1948
657Desire MeLeonhard Frank1948
658Death of a SwagmanArthur W. Upfield1948
659The Wild PalmsWilliam Faulkner1948
660 100 American PoemsSelden Rodman, ed.1948
661Tragic GroundErskine Caldwell1948
662Invitation to the WaltzRosamond Lehmann1948
663As Good As DeadThomas B. Dewey1948
664Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManJames Joyce1948
665Strange FruitLillian Smith1948
666Valley of Hunted MenPaul Evan Lehman1948
667The Pinkerton Case BookAlan Hynd1948
668The Dim ViewBasil Heater1948
669The CaballeroJohnston McCulley1948
670They Shoot Horses Don’t TheyHorace McCoy1948
671Darkness at NoonArthur Koestler1948
672Cattle KingdomAlan LeMay1948
673Sons of the SaddleWilliam MacLeod Raine1948
674Mine Own ExecutionNigel Balchin1948
G1The Penguin Guide to CaliforniaCarl Maas1947
GBS1Caesar and CleopatraGeorge Bernard Shaw1951
GBS2PygmalionGeorge Bernard Shaw1951
GBS3Saint JoanGeorge Bernard Shaw1951
GBS4Major BarbaraGeorge Bernard Shaw1951
GBS5Androcles and the LionGeorge Bernard Shaw1951
GBS6Arms and the ManGeorge Bernard Shaw1952
GBS7CandidaGeorge Bernard Shaw1952
GBS8Man and SupermanGeorge Bernard Shaw1952
GBS9The Doctor’s DilemmaGeorge Bernard Shaw1954
GBS10The Devil’s DiscipleGeorge Bernard Shaw1955
P1Public OpinionWalter Lippmann1946
P2Patterns of CultureRuth Benedict1946
P3You and MusicChristian Darnton1946
P4The Birth and Death of the SunGeorge Gamow1946
P5An Enemy of the People: Anti-SemitismJames Parkes1946
P6What Happened in HistoryV. Gordon Childe1946
P7The Physiology of SexKenneth Walker1946
P8The Mathematician’s DelightW.W. Sawyer1946
P9The WeatherRaymond Bush & George Kindle1946
P10America’s Role in the World EconomyAlvin H. Hansen1946
P11Heredity, Race and SocietyTh. Dobzhansky & L.C. Dunn1946
P12The Story of Human BirthAlan F. Guttmacher1947
P13Thomas Jefferson on DemocracyThomas Jefferson1947
P14Introducing ShakespeareG.B. Harrison1947
P15Emerson: The Basic Writings of America’s SageRalph Waldo Emerson1947
P16The Personality of AnimalsH. Munro Fox1947
P17Human Breeding and SurvivalGuy Burch1947
P18Is Marriage Necessary?George H. Bartlett1947
P19Good ReadingThe Committee on College Reading1947
P20An Introduction to Modern ArchitectureElizabeth Mock & J.M. Richards1947
P21The OdysseyHomerus1947
P22Religion and the Rise of CapitalismR.H. Tawney1947
P23Heredity, Race and SocietyTh. Dobzhansky & L.C. Dunn1947
P24Sweden: The Middle WayMarquis Childs1948
P25Philosophy in a New KeySusanne Langer1948
S1New Ways of WarTom Wintringham1940
S81RussiaBernard Pares1943
S82Aircraft RecognitionR.A. Saville-Sneath1943
S201What’s That PlaneWalter Pitkin, Jr.1942
S202New Soldier’s Handbook1942
S203Guerilla Warfare“Yank” Levy1942
S204How the Jap Army FightsPaul Thompson1942
S206How Russia PreparedMaurice Edelman1942
S207Christianity and Social OrderWilliam Temple1942
S209Americans vs. Germans1942
S210Modern BattlePaul Thompson1942
S211The Good Soldier SchweikJaroslav Hasek1942
S212Psychology and the Fighting Man1943
S213Empire in the Changing WorldW.K. Hancock1943
S214Hitler’s Second ArmyAlfred Hancock1943
S215Handbook for Army Wives and MothersCatherine Redmond1943
S216A History of the WarRudolf Modley1943
S217The Next Germany1943
S218Shipyard Diary of a Woman WelderAugusta Clawson1943
S219The Moon is DownJohn Steinbeck1943
S220Guadacanal DiaryRichard Tregaskis1943
S221Thirty Seconds Over TokyoTed Lawson1944
S222The British Navy’s Air ArmOwen Rutter1944
S223They Were ExpendableW.L. White1944
S224A Short History of the Army and NavyFletcher Pratt1944
S225G.I. Sketch BookAimee Crane1944
S226The Battle is the Pay-offRalph Ingersoll1944
S227This is the NavyGilbert Cant1944
S229Psychology for the Returning ServicemanMarjorie van de Water1945
S230I Knew Your SoldierEleanor Stevenson & Peter Martin1945
S231Cartoons for FightersFrank Brandt1945
S237Pipeline to BattlePeter Rainier1945
S238StormGeorge Stewart1945
S239This is the NavyGilbert Cant1945
S240Island VictoryS.L.A. Marshall1945


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  1. I’d like to find number 501, Eberhart. I’ve got all the rest.
    A small handful came with dust jackets. Any info on them?
    Why the gaps? Especially in the 660s.

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