Baby Puffin Books

After the success of the Puffin line for children, the publisher logically moved toward an even younger market. It’s not exactly clear why the series was so short-lived, given the success of its big brother Penguin Picture Books.

BP1ABCDorothy Chapman1943
BP2123Dorothy Chapman1943
BP3Puffin RhymesJohn Harwood1944
BP4The Old Woman and Her PigJohn Harwood1944
BP5The Holiday TrainPeter Heaton1944
BP6The Holiday Train Goes to AmericaPeter Heaton1946
BP7Heads, Bodies and LegsRichard Chopping1946
BP8Dobbish: The Paper HorsePeter Heaton1946
BP9The Holiday Train Goes to the MoonPeter Heaton1948

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