Picture Puffins

Successor to the popular Puffin Picture Books, Picture Puffins are a separate series because… well, it’s not obvious why it’s a separate series. The list here runs through the late seventies, though they continue on endlessly.

PX1The Story About PingMarjorie FleckKurt Wiese19680140500014
PX2The Happy LionLouise FatioRoger Duvoisin19680140500022
PX3Harry the Dirty DogGene ZionMargaret Bloy Graham19680140500030
PX4The Twelve Days of ChristmasRobert BroomfieldRobert Broomfield19680140500049
PX5The Story of the Three Little PigsWilliam StobbsWilliam Stobbs19680140500057
PX6The Baby Animal ABCRobert BroomfieldRobert Broomfield19680140500065
PX7AnatoleEve TitusPaul Galdone19690140500073
PX8Paul: The Hero of FireEdward ArdizzoneEdward Ardizzone19690140500081
PX9The Frog in the WellAlvin TresseltRoger Duvoisin1969014050009X
PX10Two Can ToucanDavid McKeeDavid McKee19690140500103
PX11Whistle for WillieEzra Jack KeatsEzra Jack Keats19690140500111
PX12Fee Fi Fo FumRaymond BriggsRaymond Briggs1969014050012X
PX13Captain PugwashJohn RyanJohn Ryan19690140500138
PX14Tin MouseJudy BrookJudy Brook19690140500146
PX15Sam Bangs and MoonshineEveline NessEveline Ness19690140500154
PX16No Roses for HarryGene ZionMargaret Bloy Graham19690140500162
PX17The Perfect PresentMichael ForemanMichael Foreman19690140500170
PX18The Snowy DayEzra Jack KeatsEzra Jack Keats19690140500189
PX19The Giant AlexanderFrank HerrmanGeorge Him19700140500197
PX20Anatole and the CatEve TitusPaul Galdone19700140500200
PX21PatrickQuentin BlakeQuentin Blake19700140500219
PX22The Elves and the ShoemakerThe Brothers GrimmKatrin Brandt19700140500227
PX23The Rain PuddleAdelaide HollRoger Duvoisin19700140500235
PX24Fly Away PeterFrank DickensRalph Steadman19700140500243
PX25Harry by the SeaGene ZionMargaret Bloy Graham19700140500251
PX26The Pirate’s TaleJanet AitchisonJill McDonald1970014050026X
PX27Pugwash AloftJohn RyanJohn Ryan19700140500278
PX28Mrs. Mopple’s Washing LineAnita HewettRobert Broomfield19700140500286
PX29Old Mother Hubbard and Her DogPaul GaldonePaul Galdone19700140500294
PX30The Happy Lion RoarsLouise FatioRoger Duvoisin19700140500308
PX31Where the Wild Things AreMaurice SendakMaurice Sendak19700140500316
PX32Rosies WalkPat HutchinsPat Hutchins19700140500324
PX33Mr Benn – Red KnightDavid McKeeDavid McKee19700140500332
PX34The Cow Who Fell in the CanalPhyllis KrasilovskyPeter Spier19700140500340
PX35Little Wooden FarmerAlice DalgleishAnita Lobel19700140500359
PX36Angus and the DucksMarjorie FlackMarjorie Flack19710140500367
PX37Mr Rabbit and the Lovely PresentMaurice SendakCharlotte Zolotow19730140500375
PX38The Story of the Three BearsWilliam StobbsWilliam Stobbs19730140500383
PX39Pugwash and the Ghost ShipJohn RyanJohn Ryan19710140500391
PX40Dear DustmanGene ZionMargaret Bloy Graham19710140500405
PX41The Hippo BoatEriko KishidaChiyoko Nakatani19710140500413
PX42Tom and SamPat HutchinsPat Hutchins19720140500421
PX43The Lion in the MeadowMargaret MahyMargaret Mahy 014050043X
PX44The House That Jack BuiltPaul GaldonePaul Galdone19710140500448
PX45The Three Happy LionsLouise FatioRoger Duvoisin19710140500456
PX46Anatole and the PianoEve TitusPaul Galdone19710140500464
PX47May I Bring a FriendBeatrice Schenk de RegniersBeni Montresor19720140500472
PX48The Elephant and the Bad BabyElfride VipointRaymond Briggs19710140500480
PX49Ferocious the Puppy DragonDavid PageDavid Page19720140500499
PX50The Animal’s LullabyTrude AlbertiTrude Alberti 0140500502
PX51GogglesEzra Jack KeatsEzra Jack Keats19720140500510
PX52The Bears Who Stayed IndoorsSusanna GretzAlison Sage19720140500529
PX53Henny-PennyWilliam StobbsWilliam Stobbs19700140500537
PX54Frog He Would A-Wooing GoWilliam StobbsWilliam Stobbs19720140500545
PX55The Surprise PartyPat HutchinsPat Hutchins19720140500553
PX56Angus and the CatMarjorie FlackMarjorie Flack19720140500561
PX57Drummer HoffBarbara EmberleyEd Emberley1972014050057X
PX58The Travels of HoratioMichael ForemanMichael Foreman19700140500588
PX59AngeloQuentin BlakeQuentin Blake 0140500596
PX60Zeralda’s OgreTomi UngererTomi Ungerer 014050060X
PX61Counting on an ElephantJill McDonaldJill McDonald19750140500618
PX62The Quangle Wangle’s HatEdward LearHelen Oxenbury19730140500626
PX63Peter’s ChairEzra Jack KeatsEzra Jack Keats19730140500634
PX64Poor Farmer and the Robber KnightsWalter KreyeDavid McKee19730140500642
PX65Angus & Wag-Tail BessMarjorie FlackMarjorie Flack19730140500650
PX66Changes, ChangesPat HutchinsPat Hutchins19730140500669
PX67The Town Mouse and the Country MousePaul GaldonePaul Galdone19730140500677
PX68Lucy and Tom’s DayShirley HughesShirley Hughes19730140500685
PX69The Cat Who Thought He Was a TigerPolly CameronPolly Cameron19730140500693
PX70Anatole and the Thirty ThievesEve TitusPaul Galdone19730140500707
PX71Jonathan JustBarry WilkinsonBarry Wilkinson19730140500715
PX72Mr. Cram’s Magic BubblesMichael BondGloria Flammenghi19750140500723
PX73MooseMichael ForemanMichael Foreman19730140500731
PX74How Santa Claus Had a Long and Difficult Journey Delivering His PresentsFernando KrahnFernando Krahn1970014050074X
PX75In the Night KitchenMaurice SendakMaurice Sendak19730140500758
PX76Hi, Cat!Ezra Jack KeatsEzra Jack Keats19730140500766
PX77Jim and the BeanstalkRaymond BriggsRaymond Briggs19730140500774
PX78The Sign on Rosie’s DoorMaurice SendakMaurice Sendak19760140500782
PX79The ToolboxAnna RockwellHarlow Rockwell 0140500790
PX80Harold and the Purple CrayonCrockett JohnsonCrockett Johnson 0140500804
PX81Egrin and the Painted WizardAmanda WalshAmanda Walsh19730140500812
PX82Anne, Bridget and CharlieJessie TownsendJan Pienkowski19730140500820
PX83The Wombles in DangerElisabeth BeresfordElisabeth Beresford19750140500839
PX84ObstreperousTed GreenwoodTed Greenwood19730140500847
PX85The Giant Alexander in AmericaFrank HerrmanGeorge Him19740140500855
PX86Mother Goose LostNicholas TuckerTrevor Stubley19710140500863
PX87The Very Hungry CaterpillarEric CarleEric Carle19740140500871
PX88The Mother Goose TreasuryRaymond BriggsRaymond Briggs 014050088X
PX89The Fat CatJack KentJack Kent19740140500898
PX90Fish is FishLeo LionniLeo Lionni19740140500901
PX91Clocks and More ClocksPat HutchinsPat Hutchins1974014050091X
PX92Whose Mouse Are You?Robert KrausJose Aruego19740140500928
PX93Mrs Cockle’s CatPhilippa PearceAnthony Maitland19740140500936
PX94Sailor Jack and the 20 OrphansMargaret MahyRobert Hartleef19740140500944
PX95Benjy and the Barking BirdMargaret Bloy GrahamMargaret Bloy Graham19740140500952
PX96TitchPat HutchinsPat Hutchins19740140500960
PX97Pet Show!Ezra Jack KeatsEzra Jack Keats19740140500979
PX98Dinosaurs and All That RubbishMichael ForemanMichael Foreman19740140500987
PX99Jack and NancyQuentin BlakeQuentin Blake19740140500995
PX100The Caterpillar’s StoryAchim BrogerKatrin Brandt19760140501002
PX101Sir Gawain and the Loathly DamselJoanna TroughtonJoanna Troughton19760140501010
PX102The HatTomi UngererTomi Ungerer 0140501029
PX103The Fairy Tale TreasuryVirginia HavilandRaymond Briggs19740140501037
PX104HumbertJohn BurninghamJohn Burningham19740140501045
PX105Sir Lance-a-Little and the Knights of the Kitchen TableJon Chalon 19750140501053
PX106Tim Mouse Visits the FarmJudy BrookJudy Brook19750140501061
PX107Peek-A-Boo!Janet AhlbergAllan Ahlberg1984014050107X
PX108Humpty DumptyRodney PeppeRodney Peppe19770140501088
PX109Leo the Late BloomerRobert KrausJose Aruego19710140501096
PX110123456789 BennDavid McKeeDavid McKee 014050110X
PX111The Bears Who Went to the SeasideSusanna GretzSusanna Gretz19750140501118
PX112Mrs Pepperpot’s Busy DayAlf ProysenBjorn Berg19750140501126
PX113Who Says Moo?Ruth YoungLise Campbell Ernst 0140501134
PX114Mr. MeeblesJack KentJack Kent19760140501142
PX115Jumping MouseMary MooreBrian Patten19770140501150
PX116Pugwash In the PacificJohn RyanJohn Ryan19750140501169
PX117Meg and MogHelen NicollJan Pienkowski19760140501177
PX118Meg’s EggsHelen NicollJan Pienkowski19760140501185
PX119Meg at SeaHelen NicollJan Pienkowski19780140501193
PX120Meg on the MoonHelen NicollJan Pienkowski19780140501207
PX121Good-night, Owl!Pat HutchinsPat Hutchins19750140501215
PX122A Mini Called ZakWilliam StobbsWilliam Stobbs19750140501223
PX123The Man Whose Mother Was a PirateMargaret MahyMargaret Chamberlain 0140501231
PX124The Beast of Monsieur RacineTomi UngererTomi Ungerer1975014050124X
PX125Father ChristmasRaymond BriggsRaymond Briggs19750140501258
PX126The Bunyip of Berkeley’s CreekHjenny WagnerRon Brooks19800140501266
PX127V.I.P.: Very Important PlantTed GreenwoodTed Greenwood 0140501274
PX128Mouse TroubleJohn YeomanQuentin Blake19760140501282
PX129The Wombles Make a Clean SweepElisabeth BeresfordElisabeth Beresford19750140501290
PX130Hubert Hunts His HumSue LockJack Newnham19750140501304
PX132Little Red Riding HoodCharles PerraultWilliam Stobbs19750140501320
PX133Bedtime for FrancesRussell HobanGarth Williams19760140501339
PX134Spotter PuffPatricia Drew 19760140501347
PX136The Chick and the DucklingMirra GinsburgJose Aruego19760140501363
PX137Cinderella or the Little Glass SlipperCharles PerraultErrol Le Cain19770140501371
PX138Picture StoriesRodney Peppe 1976014050138X
PX139Butterfly ChaseHelen Cresswell 19750140501398
PX140Trouble in the ArkGerald RoseGerald Rose19750140501401
PX142Snuffle to the RescueElisabeth BeresfordGunvor Edwards19750140501428
PX143Hazy MountainDonald BissetShirley Hughes19750140501436
PX144Ten Green BottlesSusanna GretzSusanna Gretz19760140501444
PX145The Colour FactoryJohn DentonPeter Edwards19760140501452
PX146Olga Makes a WishMichael BondMichael Bond19750140501460
PX147Olga’s New HomeMichael BondMichael Bond19750140501479
PX148Olga Counts Her BlessingsMichael BondMichael Bond19750140501487
PX149Olga Makes Her MarkMichael BondMichael Bond19750140501495
PX150Olga Takes a BiteMichael BondMichael Bond19770140501509