Puffin Picture Books

It’s strange to think that a children’s book about tank warfare started an eighty-year empire, but the success of the early Picture books led to the entire Puffin catalog.

Of special note here is PP116, which was not issued. Paxton Chadwick had nearly completed the book at the time of his untimely death. Thirty years later, the Penguin Collectors Society arranged for its completion and publication, capping off the series at long last.

PP1War on LandJames Holland1940
PP2War at SeaJames Holland1940
PP3War in the AirJames Gardner1940
PP4On the FarmJames Gardner1940
PP5A Book of InsectsJames Holland1941
PP6Flowers of the Field and HedgerowMartin Rivers-Moore1941
PP7Animals of the CountrysideAnrid Johnson1941
PP8Great Deeds of the WarRonald Davies1941
PP9Pond and River LifeBrynhild Parker1941
PP10A Book of TrainsW.J. Bassett-Lowke1941
PP11A Book of ShipsLaurence Dunn1942
PP12A Book of RigamarolesEnid Marx1945
PP13HamishJoanna Cannan1944
PP14Orlando’s Evening OutKathleen Hale1944
PP15Lo Cheng: The Who Wouldn’t Keep StillChiang Yee1942
PP16Village and TownS.R. Badmin1942
PP1715 Nursery RhymesClarke Hutton1941
PP18Animals of IndiaArnrid Johnson1942
PP19Marvellou Models and Models to MakeW.J. Bassett-Lowke1945
PP20Marvelous ModelsW.J. Bassett-Lowke1947
PP21Birds of the VillageRP.F. Millard1944
PP22The Battle of BritainDavid Garnett1941
PP23A Book of FablesAesop1942
PP24U.S.A. – The Story of AmericaJames Holland1942
PP25Alexander the Circus PonyPhyllis Ginger1943
PP26Misha Learns EnglishPearl Binder1942
PP27Orlando’s Home LifeKathleen Hale1942
PP28Punch and Judy: An Acting BookClarke Hutton1942
PP29Animals of North AmericaArnrid Johnson1942
PP30Butterflies in BritainRichard Chopping1943
PP31Pantomime StoriesHilary Stebbing1943
PP32Waterways of the WorldW.J. Bassett-Lowke1944
PP33Contry HolidayMargaret Scott-Brown1944
PP34Brer RabbitJoel Chandler Harris1945
PP35The Story of LouisaDiana Ross1944
PP36The Story of MingChiang Yee1944
PP37A History of the CountrysideMargaret & Alexander Potter1944
PP38About a Motor CarPhyllis Ladyman1946
PP39Famous ShipsFrank Bowen1946
PP40Make Your Own Zoo 1Trix1945
PP41Make Your Own Farm 1Trix1945
PP42The Building of LondonMargaret & Alexander Potter1945
PP43Our HorsesLionel Edwards1945
PP44Wonders of Animal-LifeErna Pinner1945
PP45Animals of AustraliaSheila Hawkins1947
PP46A Child’s AlphabetGrace Gabler1945
PP47The Story of ChinaTsui Chi1945
PP48A Book of SwimmingJanet Basset-Lowke1945
PP49The Magic of CoalPeggy Hart1945
PP50The Story of FurnitureGordon Russell1947
PP51Wonders of Sea LifeE.G. Boulenger1947
PP52Paper BirdsR.B. Talbot Kelly1947
PP53Fish and FishingBernard Venables1948
PP54The Tale of Noah and the FloodClarke Hutton1946
PP55Extinct AnimalsHilary Stebbing1946
PP56DogsMaurice Wilson1946
PP57Woodworking for Children / BeginnersJohn Dumayne1945
PP58The Story of Plant LifeIsabel Alexander1946
PP59Our CattleLionel Edwards1948
PP60Building a HouseRichard Leacroft1949
PP61The ArabsR.B. Serjeant1947
PP62Fireworks and FetesAlan St. H. Brock1946
PP63Living PicturesJohn Maddison1950
PP64The Clothes We WearJack Townsend1947
PP65Mountain and Moorland BirdsR.B. Talbot Kelly1947
PP66Insect LifeArthur Smith1950
PP67About MapsPeter Hood1950
PP68Zoo BirdsDavid Seth Smith1951
PP69Postage StampL.N. & M. Williams1950
PP70PrinterHarold Curwen1948
PP71Pottery and its MakingJohn Thomas1950
PP72A Tea-Time Story (or) The Story of TeaAnne Skibulits1948
PP73Zoo AnimalsE.G. Boulenger1948
PP74LocomotivesW.J. Bassett-Lowke1947
PP75The Theatre at WorkJames Cleaver1947
PP76English FashionVictor Ross1947
PP77Spelling BookGrace Gabler1948
PP78Our PoniesAllen W. Seaby1949
PP79The Story of IronJ.B. Fortune1948
PP80Music TimePrudence Hamelryk1947
PP81Wild FlowersPaxton Chadwick1949
PP82Riding for ChildrenHenry Wynmalen1948
PP83Electrical Models from Odds and EndsD.C. Gohm1949
PP84Animals on the FarmEileen Mayo1951
PP85Mitla and LupeJose Sancha1948
PP86AirlinersJohn Stroud1949
PP87Early ManDina Dobson1950
PP88Sailing ShipsArchie White1951
PP89Signs and SymbolsG.E. Pallant Sidaway1953
PP90Birds of the EstuaryC.F. Tunnicliffe1952
PP91Mary Had a Little LambH.A. Rey1951
PP92The Sky and HeavensPeter Hood1953
PP93Pond LifePaxton Chadwick1952
PP94How Planes FlySydney E. Veale1953
PP95SailingLaurence Sandy1953
PP96Better HandwritingGeorge L. Thomson1954
PP97A Book of ArmourPatrick Nicolle1954
PP98Farm Crops in BritainSir George Stapledon1955
PP99A Story of a Thread of CottonHarry Ballam1952
PP100Everest is ClimbedWilfrid Noyce1954
PP101The Building of Ancient EgyptHelen Leacroft1955
PP102The Human BodyCyril Bibby1955
PP103A Christmas MangerJohn Harwood1954
PP104Binding Your Own BooksJohn Woodcock1956
PP105Wild Animals in BritainPaxton Chadwick1958
PP106Bird Study in a GardenE.A.R. Ennion1958
PP107The Yuletide CottageJohn Harwood1955
PP108Churches and CathedralsHelen Leacroft1957
PP109How to Play CricketAlf Grover1957
PP110A Counting BookGrace Gabler1957
PP111Discovery of the PolesQuintin Riley1957
PP112PuppetsGordon Murray1958
PP113About RailwaysHerbert Simon1957
PP114The Puffin Noah’s ArkJohn Miles1958
PP115ButterfliesArthur Smith1961
PP116Life HistoriesPaxton Chadwick & Shiela Fisher1996
PP117The Puffin Book of LetteringTom Gourdie1961
PP118The Historic Houses of Great BritainRichard Leacroft1962
PP119The Story of BreadH.J. Deverson1964
PP120Seashore LifeGillian Matthews1965

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