King Penguins

King Penguin Books was a series of pocket-sized monographs published between 1939 and 1959. The books were the first Penguins to feature hardback covers as well as color printing.

K1 British Birds on Lake River and Stream Barclay-Smith, Phyllis 1939
K2 Book of Roses Ramsbottom, John 1939
K3 A Book of Ships Mitchell, Charles 1941
K4 Portraits of Christ Kitzinger, Ernst 1941
K5 Caricature Gombrich, E.H. 1941
K6 British Shells Duncan, F. Martin 1943
K7 Fashions and Fashion Plates Laver, James 1943
K8 Elizabethan Miniatures Winter, Carl 1943
K9 Microcosm of London Rowlandson, T. 1943
K10 Bayeux Tapestry MacLagen, Eric 1943
K11 Fishes of Britain’s Rivers and Lakes Norman, J.R. 1943
K12 Poets’ Corner Beerbohm, Max 1943
K13 Edible Fungi Ramsbottom, John 1943
K14 Book of Lilies Stoker, Fred 1944
K15 Seashore Life and Pattern Stephenson, T.A. 1944
K16 Children as Artists Tomlinson, R.R. 1945
K17 Leaves of Southwell Pevsner, Nikolaus 1945
K18 Some British Moths Riley, Norman 1945
K19 Garden Birds Barclay-Smith, Phyllis 1945
K20 English Ballet Leeper, Janet 1944
K21 Popular Art in Britain Carrington, Noel 1945
K22 Heraldry in England Wagner, Anthony 1946
K23 Poisonous Fungi Ramsbottom, John 1945
K24 Birds of the Sea Lockley, R.M. 1945
K25 Ur: The First Phases Woolley, Leonard 1947
K26 Book of Toys White, Gwen 1946
K27 Flowers of Marsh and Stream Williams, Iolo 1946
K28 Book of English Clocks Symonds, R.W. 1947
K29 Flowers of the Woods Salisbury, E.J. 1947
K30 Wood Engravings Berwick, Thomas 1947
K31 English Book Illustrations 1800-1900 James, Philip 1947
K32 A Christmas Carol Dickens, Charles 1946
K33 Russian Icons Rice, David Talbot 1947
K34 English Tradition in Design Gloag, John 1947
K35 Book of Spiders Bristowe, W.S. 1947
K36 Ballooning Gibbs-Smith, Charles 1948
K37 Wild Flowers of the Chalk Gilmour, John 1947
K38 Compliments of the Season Ettlinger, R.D. 1947
K39 Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer Barlow, T.D. 1948
K40 Edward Gordon Craig Leeper, Janet 1948
K41 British Butterflies Ford, E.B. 1951
K42 British Military Uniforms Laver, James 1948
K43 Prospect of Wales Rowntree, Kenneth 1948
K44 Tulipomania Blunt, Wilfred Jasper 1950
K45 Unknown Westminster Abbey Tanner, L.E. 1948
K46 Highland Dress Collie, George 1948
K47 British Reptiles and Amphibia Smith, Malcolm 1949
K48 Book of Scripts Fairbank, Alfred 1949
K49 Some British Beetles Taylor, Geoffrey 1949
K50 Popular art in the United States Christensen, Erwin O. 1949
K51 Life in English Village Edward Bawden 1949
K52 Isle of Wight Jones, Barbara 1950
K53 Flowers of the Meadow Grigson, Geoffrey 1950
K54 Greek Terracottas Webster, T.B.L. 1951
K55 Romney Marsh Piper, John Egerston 1950
K56 Early British Railways Barman, Christian 1950
K57 Book of Mosses Richards, Paul 1950
K58 Book of Ducks Barclay-Smith, Phyllis 1951
K59 Ackermann’s Cambridge Williamson, Reginald Ross 1951
K60 Crown Jewels Chadwick, Paxton 1951
K61 Atlas of Tudor England Speed, John 1951
K62 Medieval Carvings in Exeter Cave, C.J.P. 1953
K63 Book of Greek Coins Seltman, Charles 1952
K64 Magic Books from Mexico Burland, Cottie 1953
K65 Semi-Precious Stones Wooster, Nora 1953
K66 Birds of the Plata Hudson, W.H. 1952
K67 Mountain Birds Lodge, G.E. 1952
K68 Animals in Staffordshire Pottery Rackham, Bernard 1953
K69 Ackermann’s Oxford Colvin, H.M. 1954
K70 Diverting History of John Gilpin Cowper, William 1953
K71 Egyptian Paintings Davies, Nina 1954
K72 Misericords Anderson, M.D. 1954
K73 Picture of Cricket Arlott, John 1955
K74 Woodland Birds Shepheard, Peter 1955
K75 Monumental Brasses Mann, James 1957
K76 Sculpture of the Parthenon Corbett, P.E. 1959


4 comments on “King Penguins

  1. It’s good, but more authors’ names are needed, and more editorial detail – i.e., name of editor in each case, number of illustrations, name of artist, etc. All this data is easily available online.

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