Pelican Classics

undefinedPerhaps the secret best imprint in the Penguin catalog, Pelican’s answer to the New English Library met the same fate as its fiction counterpart, eventually being absorbed into the Penguin Classics line with its third edition. Still, for its short lifetime, this series contains a tremendous hit-to-miss ratio, and its spirit (and indeed many of its texts) would eventually be drawn into the successful Great Ideas series decades later.

A relatively easy set to compile, only AC21 and AC25 are missing; there are hints that AC21 was appointed to “Mutual Aid and the Conquest of Bread,” but no evidence of the title exists.

AC1The Origin of SpeciesCharles Darwin1968 
AC2LeviathanThomas Hobbes1968 
AC3Reflections on the Revolution in FranceEdmund Burke1969 
AC4On WarCarl von Clausewitz1968 
AC5The ABC of CommunismN. Bukharin1969 
AC6Complete WorksHalifax1969 
AC7A Treatise of Human NatureDavid Hume1969 
AC8Report to the County of Lanark / A New SocietyRobert Owen1970 
AC9The American DemocratJames Fenimore Cooper1969 
AC10Man Versus the StateHerbert Spencer1970 
AC11Rights of ManThomas Paine1969 
AC12The Wealth of NationsAdam Smith1970 
AC13The History of Great Britain, Books 1 and 3David Hume1970 
AC14The DiscoursesMachiavelli1970 
AC15The Theory of Political EconomyW. Stanley Jevons1970 
AC16The Fable of the BeesBernard Mandeville1970 
AC17Principals of Political EconomyJohn Stuart Mill1970 
AC18An Essay on the Principle of PopulationThomas Malthus1970 
AC19Priceiple of Political Economy and TaxationDavid Ricardo1971 
AC20Charles Booth’s LondonCharles Booth1971 
AC22City of GodAugustine1972140400229
AC23The Law of Freedom and Other WritingsGerrard Winstanley1973140400230
AC24The Unknown MayhewHenry Mayhew1973140400249
AC26The Poor Law Report of 1834S.G. & E.O.A. Checkland, eds.1974140400265
AC27An Essay on the Development of Christian DoctorineJohn Henry Newman1974140400273
AC28On LibertyJohn Stuart Mill1975140400281
AC29A Vindication of the Rights of WomenMary Wollstonecraft197514040029X
AC30Enquiry Concerning Political JusticeWilliam Godwin1976140400303
AC31Hippocratic WritingsHippocrates1978140400311
AC32Common SenseThomas Paine197614040032X

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